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I Provide Protection || BNHA OC by PuffedGill
I Provide Protection || BNHA OCby PuffedGill
Hitomi Kanetsukabe was ecstatic to find she'd been admitted to UA's hero course. Her high school life was just beginning, and she'd soon find out she'd be getting more t...
Izuocha one-shot by AfamaBeker
Izuocha one-shotby Dreamer
"you're my star but when you fade away what can i do to keep your shine?" ------------- Just A bunch of Izuocha oneshot create by me
Living the Life |BNHA/MHA| by TrashForWebtoons
Living the Life |BNHA/MHA|by Shige-chan
'I guess that's what being reborn does to you, huh?' Meet Leah, a twenty years old young woman who had received the chance of her life. After dying due to her sickness...
The Tale of Stoicheia || BNHA OC by baozi1212
The Tale of Stoicheia || BNHA OCby baozi1212
Since the tragedy that happened to her 5 years ago, Kaneko Nozomi had been dreaming to become a hero. She had been accepted into the UA hero course. With a burning pass...
Here With Me |Todoroki Shoto x reader| by lennyaesthetic
Here With Me |Todoroki Shoto x rea...by ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*( ͡ꈍ ͜ʖ̫ ͡ꈍ )*:・゚✧...
(Todoroki Shoto x reader) Y/n is a girl with a bad past. But that doesn't keep her down. She's powerful, friendly and confident in herself. So what...
Nutricula by ChrysanthosAO3
Nutriculaby Vice
"Why don't you take a swan dive off the roof? Maybe you'll get a Quirk then!" So he did. And he did. -- Cross-posted from my AO3, Chrysanthos. It's com...
cutie . uraraka ochako ✔︎ by DDEATHWISH-
cutie . uraraka ochako ✔︎by RUSSELL.
❝ we 'd have to hold hands though ! ❞ ✧ in which you, mienai y/n, fall head over heels for the sweetest girl you've ever met, your best friend, uraraka ochako! 𝐔𝐑𝐀𝐑...
Just my Cup of Tea! «Iideku Fanfic» by Xiel__
Just my Cup of Tea! «Iideku Fanfic»by XielWasHere
Story made by: Xiel__ ___________________________________________ During a casual family dinner with the Iida family. Tensei, Tenya's older brother, kept looking at him...
[BNHA GIRLS] Girlfriend Scenarios by Girl_Stuff_xox
[BNHA GIRLS] Girlfriend Scenariosby 𝔾𝕚𝕣𝕝𝕫
The character included in this book are: > Uraraka Ochaco > Momo Yaoyorozu > Jiro Kyoka > Mina Ashido > Tsuyu Asui > Toga Himiko
Story 1: Little Nightmares x My Hero Academia Crossover. by TLK9999
Story 1: Little Nightmares x My He...by TLK9999
The loops repeated itself once again for the poor little boy, Mono, to suffer the betrayal yet again. However, something, or someone, made the hell cracked, leaving him...
Wish You Well by MysticalMeasures
Wish You Wellby Megan
Uraraka Ochako is looking for a new band due to a rather messy breakup. Both in relationship and band. After auditioning for a few groups that she just didn't mesh with...
Apoteosis by Oga2109
Apoteosisby Oga Nightmare
La apoteosis, el punto más alto en el desarrollo de algo o, si lo prefiere, la elevación de alguien al estado divino. "La diversión no es algo que uno considera cua...
Two Months by RsyShiro
Two Monthsby RsyShiro
A car accident changed everything in Izuku's life. His parents died while Izuku was hospitalized and forced to be bedridden. With no parents and no ability to distract h...
I Provide Protection: Side Story Specials! || BNHA OC by PuffedGill
I Provide Protection: Side Story S...by PuffedGill
Cover is a commission from a different artist!! A compilation of one-shots or short stories based off my MHA OC Fanfic, "I Provide Protection". The extra tidbi...
My Saviour (Izuku Midoriya × Reader) by escentrixa
My Saviour (Izuku Midoriya × Reade...by Esha
"Sure, I am aspiring to be a hero myself but we all need to be saved by someone else sometimes. No one is strong enough to be all on their own. And for all I can ga...
My Hero Academia: Izuku the Ultimate Saiyajin Vigilante (Izuku x Momo) by TevinMoore92
My Hero Academia: Izuku the Ultima...by Tevin Lashawn Moore
Inspired by @Son_Izuku and the awesome hit series Saiyan Vigilante.
My Demons ( Katsuki Bakugou x OC My Hero Academia ) by Poyaay
My Demons ( Katsuki Bakugou x OC M...by Poyaay
This is not your typical bad boy falls for the good girl kind of story. Its somewhat a little more.. fucked up than that. I mean why not? One is a short-tempered embodim...
BNHA One shots x Reader by datscrunchybooty
BNHA One shots x Readerby fanficlover
[REQUESTS ARE CLOSED] Well, hello there! As you can read by the title, this book is all about our children from BNHA/MHA (however you like to call it)! Sorry to say this...
It Started With Truth or Dare (Dekubowl) by BooksByReed
It Started With Truth or Dare (Dek...by Reed ✝︎
Prequel to 'It Ended With Unity' (being written) This is a story that focuses on the love life of the future #1 hero; Midoriya Izuku. He strives to be #1 and nothing els...
My #1 Heroes |Boku No Hero Academia x Male!Reader| One-Shots✔️ by -Anime-Fan
My #1 Heroes |Boku No Hero Academi...by Anime Fan
Just what the title says. I swore it was really stressful making requests in Haikyuu, so...yeah, let's do this shit! Hope you enjoy! REQUESTS CLOSED! ►Cover: made by me...