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Little Daiya( Soukoku child) Omegaverse fanfic♡~♡ by tanmichaela
Little Daiya( Soukoku child) ※R_Tann※
Unknown to Dazai, Chuuya gave birth to a little girl when he left the mafia. The ginger haired male was clueless of what to do. thank goodness he has the support of his...
Baby executive  by BlowingYourMind
Baby executive by BlowingYourMind
Dazai's normally boring morning was shattered when a small pair of arms wrapped themselves around his knees and big azure eyes blinked up at him partnered with a stupidl...
Chuuya-san turned into a girl?!  by Ch1biko
Chuuya-san turned into a girl?! by Soukoku
(( OLD STORY)) soukoku Story Where chuya turns into a girl by a ability user! Or is it..?
Soukoku relationship reveals oneshots by erenssocksxoxo
Soukoku relationship reveals heheh
dazai x chuuya oneshots *contains bad language* *characters are not mine, they belong to the creator of bungo stray dogs. cover art also not mine*
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I love you.. by Ven1II
I love Ven1II
Normal day at work.. until they receive a mission, and they end up doing that together just like in the old times. It bought them close again as friends, and eventually...
Nerd Or Sexy? {Soukoku} by OmegaRh1no
Nerd Or Sexy? {Soukoku}by ・✧weird ass weeb✧・
Osamu Dazai bullies Nakahara Chuuya a old childhood friend for being a nerd. Chuuya gets pissed at his actions so over summer break something incredible happens.
Just Passing By (Soukoku) by Lisa_Doublewhite
Just Passing By (Soukoku)by DoubleWhite_Lisa
"Excuse me sir can I have my wallet back?" The ginger's eyes widened. "S-sorry, I don't understand what you're talking about." The brunette smirked b...
Beautiful lies by Apexzandra73
Beautiful liesby Lyrik!
Dazai and Kunikida have been in a long term relationship ever since dazai joined the ADA. The two hit it off pretty quickly, or so everyone thought The truth was, Dazai...
Bungou stray dogs ship text memes!! by MeiHalo
Bungou stray dogs ship text memes!!by saturn
Ship text memes! There are multiple every chapter and you get some funny scoops on different AUs and situations!! The ships supported in this are: Soukoku/Dachuu, Ranpoe...
BSD react by Lynxvega
BSD reactby Lynxvega
BSD reacts to random stuff. BSD belongs to Kafka Asagiri (writer) Kadokawa Shoten (publisher) Yen Press (English publisher)
Brown and Orange - Soukoku by curseof21
Brown and Orange - Soukokuby curseof21
Dazai and Chuuya, 15 year old teenagers working in the Port Mafia with a little twist of the future. TW: contains drinking, cursing, sh, slight nsfw (kissing) Credits: M...
Withering moon lit rose by Anzu1103
Withering moon lit roseby Anzu
Ryuunosuke Akutagawa was spending the early evening with his sister Gin in their shared apartment. Ryuunosuke was slowly nursing a cup of fig tea, while Gin had almost f...
The Grey Heroes (MHA x BSD) by Gr8Username1
The Grey Heroes (MHA x BSD)by Gr8Username1
It's Bungo Stray dogs and My Hero Academia. What could go wrong? In MHA it goes up to the Overhaul Arc, then I throw it to the side. Hooray! Bungo before the Hunting...
Wanna come over? (Atsushi x Akutagawa- fanfic) 18+ smut/lemon by afuckingweeb8
Wanna come over? (Atsushi x afuckingweeb
After finishing a job set by Dazai, both Atsushi and Akutagawa return to Akutagawa's apartment. The unexpecting Atsushi is met by quite the surprise as the night advance...
Soukoku in hogwarts by Crispycantalope
Soukoku in hogwartsby Sophie
An au where Chuuya and Dazai are assigned the job of learning magic for the PM benefits, and to do so, they go to the school of Hogwarts ||Slowburn, angst, and plot that...
Messy Stray Dogs by BlueManul
Messy Stray Dogsby Pallas' Cat
The agency had a lot of problems. Hunting Dogs were after them, Dazai was with Fyodor, Lucy and Atsushi just got back from the Sky Casino, Ranpo rescued everyone from th...
Bungo Stray Dogs Pictures and Memes by Katsumii_st4r
Bungo Stray Dogs Pictures and Memesby Katsumii
just bsd pics- 10 per page ig?? None of the pics are mine. Most of them are from Pinterest
dear freaking jerk. by lulu_hosho
dear freaking Luke <3
Where Chuuya writes a letter and it ends up on top of the port mafia bosses desk
Sugar sweet (soukoku) by onyxthebestbat
Sugar sweet (soukoku)by Cricket !!
The Armed detective agency was asked to fill out a form, but what will happen when people find out Dazai is married? (Not my characters all rights reserved!) ⚠️HEAVILY I...
Soukoku are what and have a what now?! by ilikestarsyey
Soukoku are what and have a what STAR_
Relationship reveal + child reveal! (Cover is not mine!!)