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Mea again by marysezoran
Mea againby Maryse Zoran
"No matter your problems, face them with a bright smile and a bucket of chocolate ice-cream," nana once wisely told me. At the time, I was barely twelve and th...
Frida by julesNI
Fridaby julesNI
She was the light of the family! Everyone loved her. But what happened to her? Come with Frida on her journey of finding out what happened to her that cold November eve...
•♡•Into A Different World•♡• by lightlord360
•♡•Into A Different World•♡•by Kiki...Kiki
Y/N goes to sleep and is all of a sudden... Falling from the sky?! Y/N falls into the Cloud Recesses. And that starts Y/N's crazy story on how they met their favorite ch...
It's always been you! by Evangelia257
It's always been you!by Evangelia257
Finally, I'm back home in Fork with my friends and family. It seems like forever since I been home but, what happens when I see my best friend again? What happens when h...
Midnight goes Home by MidnightTheTurtle
Midnight goes Homeby Midnight
Uhh just a quick info: In this Story Midnight comes back to his real home! Enjoy!
Back home • boyxboy by overthinkinglester
Back home • boyxboyby Cait
Sequel to summer camp Benji and Jorge have drifted apart since their summer romance. After trying long distance, Jorge blocked him on everything, deciding to end the re...
Way Back Home by brownwolf08
Way Back Homeby Francis
A lost girl who don't know anything even her own name accidentally went to a lapuz city with her bag and phone inside. With a phone in her hand, can she find a way? A w...
Twins Lovato (Demi Lovato fanfiction) by missonthecover
Twins Lovato (Demi Lovato missonthecover
Twins Lovato Arabella Lovato is the left twin when her sister dies. Bella refuses to show any emotion and slowly got in a lot of trouble. She moves to her aunt's. After...
Harry Potter and the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel 2 : More Chaos  by DaltonPsomas
Harry Potter and the Secrets of Dalton Psomas
After Josh and Sophie send their children to Hogwarts (Ill add them getting their letters don't worry) things seem a little odd at Hogwarts. Some things don't feel right...
The Young Alpha Who Kidnapped me by Alexandria122
The Young Alpha Who Kidnapped meby Alexandria122
Hey all , I am going to start writing my new story right now People who are playing the people Lucy Hale : May Jake T Austin:Jason Jennifer Lopez: Mays mom , Lizzy ...
I love you. DUH! by freshassembly
I love you. DUH!by freshassembly
"And you know what, you can go off to Boston with the kid, you can wear his fucking varsity jacket, you can even marry him and have perfect mixed babies. But you're...
Way Back Home (Completed) by SvShri
Way Back Home (Completed)by Bunny Krish
She followed the shadow and ended up in no where. She wanted a break but never thought she would get one. She made a step of chasing that shadow and lost her way back h...
Back Home by jenna2348
Back Homeby Jenna Dubinski
"I can't do this anymore," Xander says, his green eyes staring at me with so much intensity. "Me neither," I say back, closing my eyes waiting for th...
Cute Glamorous and Back by nomfundo9
Cute Glamorous and Backby Queen diva
Nelly was born in the country and later on she moved to the city with her mom. There she became famous as a gymnast. She made friends and enjoyed her life. Then suddenly...
Back home by Aphrodite_Manoban
Back homeby Aphrodite_Manoban
A Jenlisa One shot full credits to owner of the pic on my cover
Feels Like A New Life by Nicole_Diver1030
Feels Like A New Lifeby Nicole❤️💛💙💜💚
Alaina Smallwood was so excited to be going into high school..she finally getting some freedom and continuing life at her home town...then Alaina's parents drops the bom...
Hyde, Jeykill and Me and.... by aliyahsjournal
Hyde, Jeykill and Me aliyah
Alex, an extraordinary girl with 3personalities and including her, or what you people would call it 'bipolar'. She's a good girl at first then a few seconds later a bada...
~Meeting u all~ [PLANNING TO REDOING] by saruwatari-miharu
~Meeting u all~ [PLANNING TO m1haru._.
Luffy became the king of pirates and had peace with the marine people. What if he decided to go back home and saw shanks, his 2 older brother, his father and grandpa. Re...