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7 days in limbo [Billie Eilish] by droidinavoid
7 days in limbo [Billie Eilish]by droid
(COMPLETED) Mara, intern at a venue in London, learns a lot can change in just 7 days. Mara is used to crossing paths with bands and musicians. What she is not used to h...
Disney Channel One Shots by feistyprincess1
Disney Channel One Shotsby –CLOUD NINE
Disney Channel One Shots. Pretty much explains it all, to Jessie all the way to Stuck in the Middle. Experience life as a part in one of these shows. Have fun! Cover Ma...
Backstage Romance (Aaron Tveit) by StylishTveit
Backstage Romance (Aaron Tveit)by StylishTveit
Being offered a job as understudy and swing in Moulin Rouge! The Musical on Broadway is an opportunity many would envy and Olivia's dream come true. Portraying the bohem...
Allegro (Beckett Bradstreet) by neighbourhoodscrew
Allegro (Beckett Bradstreet)by neighbourhoodscrewup
After her first year at Keaton being ended by being in a car accident, Talia Marlowe is solely focused on recovering so she can dance again. But when new boy Beckett Bra...
Backstage by harrystylesno1fann
Backstageby harrystylesno1fann
She goes to a Harry Styles concert even though she's never really liked him. He notices her and calls her backstage...
Bangchan as your Boyfriend || Skz bangchan by mimmi81
Bangchan as your Boyfriend || mimmi81
It's just you x bangchan one shots cause I need followers 🤞
Turn My Page | Led Zeppelin by CoyoteQueen
Turn My Page | Led Zeppelinby Jenni
[This story takes place in 1972, when Led Zeppelin was touring in North America]. Vicky loves Led Zeppelin. Especially Jimmy Page. She's obsessed with him... all she wan...
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My TNS by _Joah_Shipper_
My TNSby Blue
This is my version of: The Next Step This is where I will put my random headcanons/scenes I have made up.
I'm Innocent, I swear! by gerri_lights
I'm Innocent, I swear!by gerri_lights
Babel was arrested and turns out she has quiet the rap sheet, but did she really commit all those crimes? is it true that she's young, beautiful, but deadly? Will the th...
Backstage (One Direction) by MeggieEggie
Backstage (One Direction)by MeggieEggie
I glanced up from my iPhone to see a girl with straight black hair throwing herself on Harry Styles. He stumbled back as a security guard grabbed her and pulled her away...
Showmance by tangles-
Showmanceby Emma
Showmance: a romance/relationship that is started during the production of a play or musical. Very common in, but not limited to, high school shows. Len (short for Lenno...
Of Tin Hearts and Point Shoes (Book 1) by GoodVibes0nly
Of Tin Hearts and Point Shoes ( GoodVibes0nly
Vanessa and Beckett are finally going into their junior year. They're finally upper classman and everything seems to be turning up V. But this is Keaton we're talking ab...
Sunset's Backstage Pass Continuation by RavenQueenfangirl
Sunset's Backstage Pass RavenQueenfangirl
Hi! I wrote a fanfiction about What If The Dazzlings Had A Sister, and decided to write a continuation of it using the MLP episode Sunset's Backstage Pass. Hope you like...
MY WORLD TOUR: The ultimate backstage of how it all started by jjbiebresmash
What will happen when Ryan Good's little sister needs to live on tour with her brother after her mom got a job offer in another country? hop on the backstage of the My W...
famous {one.direction fanfic} by sophisticatedstylesx
famous {one.direction fanfic}by emily
❝you don't have to apologise for something you're not in control of❞
Backstage: Third Time's the Charm by sophiespruce1
Backstage: Third Time's the Charmby sophiespruce1
This is a fan fiction of the series "Backstage". I was so bummed that this show was cancelled, so here's what I think/hope would have happened in season three...
Backstage Junior Year by veehood
Backstage Junior Yearby Val
Keaton got saved! This is mainly through the POV of the dancer. This is what I think season 3 should be like. I do NOT own any of the characters. This is based of a tv...
101 Facts About Brittany Raymond by JileyForever_love
101 Facts About Brittany Raymondby jamesxriley
Just 101 facts about the one and only Brittany Raymond
Behind the bright lights, the dedication, and the touching lyrics Justin decided to take you all with him along his off-stage tour's reality Being sick while touring is...