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Mirror Image by cbOU2LA
Mirror Imageby cbOU2LA
Beckett and Castle take a foster girl into protective custody after she witnesses her foster mom's murder. What they didn't expect is the girl being a lot like the both...
Before Beckett by daydreamer_115
Before Beckettby Mel
Before the series even began, before she even became a cop, Kate Beckett gave birth to a girl. She'd been depressed after her mother's murder, she didn't know what she w...
Sixth Wheel by mxgicxltrxgedy
Sixth Wheelby mxgicxltrxgedy
Esposito's the odd man out after Ryan's wedding and Castle & Beckett hook up. Now it's his turn to get the girl. Esposito/OC.
Alpha Black | Pacific Rim | (ON HOLD) by sukunasxvessel
Alpha Black | Pacific Rim | (ON AKAZA BUT BETTER
The life of a single pilot, Gipsy Danger. It's a crazy one.
What if we kissed? by les_beaux
What if we kissed?by Leo
(Completed) It's right after shooting the last episode of season four when Nathan does something that could change his and Stana's life forever.
Back and Forth (A Castle Fanfiction) by stana_lover
Back and Forth (A Castle stana_lover
First version of the sequel to Lost and Found. After Katherine Beckett met Richard Castle at the Old Haunt at the age of nineteen, their lives were turned upside down. N...
Lost and found by ohkatebeckett
Lost and foundby ohkatebeckett
Kate is learning to cope with her mothers death, but when she discovers a little girl under a clothing rail she finds happiness for the first time since. Will the little...
Radio Interview (Louis Tomlinson) by BelWatson
Radio Interview (Louis Tomlinson)by Bel Watson
{completed} ✓ - He lost the woman he once loved due to his fame, since then he promised he would never do such a thing to a normal girl again. He would never ruin anothe...
The Devil's Temptress: At World's End || Jack Sparrow by houseofflies
The Devil's Temptress: At World' houseofflies
Nicolette is Captain, Barbossa has returned and Jack is gone. Trust must be repaired and must now work together to get Jack back, retrieve the Pearl and defeat all thos...
A Siren's Song (On Hold) by MissStuffie
A Siren's Song (On Hold)by Miss Stuffie
You are the daughter of a merchant who left you at Port Royal under the care of Governor Weatherby Swann, to keep you away from the dangerous sea after you had come of a...
Sparrow's sister: A new Beginning by AceQueen7
Sparrow's sister: A new Beginningby AceQueen7
Depression feelings of severe despondency and dejection. Jack Sparrow has been depressed ever since his sister has gotten swallowed up by the Kraken. He hasn't been the...
Lillianne Barbossa: POTC by BiancaEvans2
Lillianne Barbossa: POTCby LegolasG5*
Lillianne was born into a world of pirates. Her father the captain of the fastest ship in the Caribbean. Though he was not always captain, until he lead a mutiny against...
A Family Affair by cbOU2LA
A Family Affairby cbOU2LA
A continuation of Mirror Image...a year and a half later....I highly suggest reading that before this
Lost and Found (A Castle Fanfiction) by stana_lover
Lost and Found (A Castle stana_lover
Katherine Beckett's life completely shattered before her when her mother was brutally slain in an alley way when Kate was nineteen. Two months later, her father has been...
A Familiar Face by _Bluelyncs_
A Familiar Faceby Blue/Narrator
Lila has managed to turn everyone against Marinette, and I mean everyone (except Zoe and Chloe, who are in New york and became Actors and Lawyers. She also has Alix and...
Inside Your Heaven by Castle_Coffee3
Inside Your Heavenby Castle_Coffee3
"I've been down, now I'm blessed. I felt a revelation coming around. I guess it's right, it's so amazing. Every time I see you I'm alive. You're all I've got. You l...
Castle one shots by lisawestman24
Castle one shotsby lisawestman24
Hello! This is my first story on here, so I hope it's worth reading! Please comment and vote! It's a stories based on Castle and Beckett from ABC'S Castle. If you have...
Woman in White by ShefaniCaskett41319
Woman in Whiteby ShefaniCaskett41319
What if Kate was never offered the job in DC and Castle proposed the way he'd always thought of?
Caskett: FALLING IN LOVE AT SCHOOL by Alwaysbeckett41319
Caskett: FALLING IN LOVE AT SCHOOLby Kate Beckett
Young Katherine Beckett is a principal at Marlowe Prep academy, a prestigious school for wealthy families. One day a student gets herself into trouble causing her father...
We Stuck Together by EmmmyBeans
We Stuck Togetherby EmmmyBeans
When Castle and Beckett pretend to be separated, Beckett gets pregnant and is worried she won't catch loksat in time before Esposito and Ryan find out. Castle Fanfiction...