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Wild Thing (Lesbian Story) (GirlxGirl) by taylenking
Wild Thing (Lesbian Story) ( taylen
After the death of her last living parent and getting known by an American modeling company, Hungarian Mira Caspari sets off to move to the United States with her older...
The Doctor's Gangster (BOOK ONE) by NotShiela
The Doctor's Gangster (BOOK ONE)by Shiela ♥
(Completed 02|12|17) Highest Rank: #98 in Romance (April 15, 2017) Kennedy Eaton is an excellent surgeon. Her younger sister suffered from leukemia and requires expensi...
The Guy Next Door (COMPLETED) by Percabeth5599
The Guy Next Door (COMPLETED)by Percabeth5599
"Every good girl wants a bad boy who is good only for her." "Every bad boy wants a good girl who is bad only for him." "Whenever you are lo...
His Blind Mate by CE_Kingsley
His Blind Mateby C.E. Kingsley
Even as an orphan with an autoimmune disease, Rylee Grey wasn't always this shy. But the fun-loving girl she used to be was wiped out years ago when a horrible accident...
Breaking Free by anna_rose01
Breaking Freeby Anna Rose
*** Second Book of the Release Me Series. Do not read if you have not read the first book. Also this blurb contains spoilers, so do not read the blurb if you don't want...
BLACK (H.S) by jetaimediox
BLACK (H.S)by Nes🖤
I stood there, watching, as she ran her fingers through the knots of my soul.
Gangster (boyxboy) by _craveyou
Gangster (boyxboy)by *On Hiatus*
Ricardo. Aiden. Ones a Hispanic gangster, the other used to be his best friend. Years later, when they meet again, it all comes crashing down. My entry for the Badas...
Stupid Favours - Favours Series #2 by australianchic
Stupid Favours - Favours Series #2by Ava Skye
One stupid favour leads to another... -*-*-*-*-*- It might have been a stupid deal, a stupid favour we've asked of each other. But if this worked, at least they come out...
The Boss's Secret by LemonNavyBlue
The Boss's Secretby Sunny
"Don't be afraid, fear is weakness and men prey on weakness" His breath fanned her ear.She never expected it to be him he was warning her about. When Juliet go...
COF 1: The Fairy Legacy by Exequinne
COF 1: The Fairy Legacyby Caeran
FIRST BOOK OF THE CHRONICLES OF FANTASILIA SERIES An age-old rivalry. A tyrant queen. A battle that started the war. Xanthiene Vivenca's life drones on in a cycle of...
Man Of Steel #1 by RomeAleron
Man Of Steel #1by RomeAleron
Jennifer Marley is working her ass off to get into college . She has no time for her heart thudding at the slightest mention of. .him. Jonathan is a man who has tasted t...
MOFM 1: The Heir of Death by Exequinne
MOFM 1: The Heir of Deathby Caeran
THE FIRST BOOK OF THE MEMOIRS OF MAYHEM NOVELLA SERIES June Zeilran has known one thing: he is destined to live a quiet life in the servant's quarters as a half-blood in...
Here We Go Again ✓ by CatMint5
Here We Go Again ✓by Dilyana K.
Tyson Williams has demons to battle with. Growing up in a run-down neighborhood, he learned to rely only on himself. The sole person he enjoys talking to is his childhoo...
Inheritance - The Dark Sorcerers: Book 1 by IromaVP
Inheritance - The Dark Moira McGregor
As a Dark Sorceress who has lived a lie her entire life, Kenna will have to decide whether the world she is desperately trying to save hasn't been doomed all along. *** ...
Flame in the Veins | Book 1 | Complete by Kiahni_C
Flame in the Veins | Book 1 | Kiahni Chae
❝ Pain was my fuel, until the fire began bleeding from my veins. ❞ The girl without a name. The black-haired fiend devoid of fear. The sharp-tongued scoundrel always rea...
Girl Tips(Completed) by dreamergurl2018
Girl Tips(Completed)by dreamer_gurl💕
GIRL TIPS 2 and Haircare tips is available right now please check it out you won't regret it 💜 Hey thanks for stopping by! So this book will have loads of tips and giv...
Letting Go by anna_rose01
Letting Goby Anna Rose
*** Third and Final book of the Release Me Series. Do not read if you have not read the first book. Also this blurb contains spoilers, so do not read the blurb if you d...
My Undercover Life | ✓ by angellover254
My Undercover Life | ✓by Angel
(The third installment in the 'My Life' series. Can be read alone.) Being the face of the Ace's fortune and an ex-child star, Lily Ace had everything she could ever dre...
The Faerie Curses by August_Blue
The Faerie Cursesby August
A war is brewing in The Faerie Realm; it's up to a knight, a prince, and an outcast to stop it. When a sinister and mysterious master takes control of a group of curs...
The Gilbert Sisters(Damon Salvatore Fanfic) Book One by LoudlyCasualStranger
The Gilbert Sisters(Damon LoudlyCasualStranger
A sister bond is something unbreakable...right? Not for the Gilbert sisters. Elena is the perfect straight A student, while being a cheerleader. But Chastity on the othe...