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The Bad Boy's Game And Me by LouieGaGa
The Bad Boy's Game And Meby LouieAfricaaa
"You know we could end this . . . " He whispered again kissing my neck "What d-d-do y-you me-a-an?" I was completely stuttering nervously. Stacy Hami...
Bad Boy's Game by beautifultragedies
Bad Boy's Gameby bree
He lit his cigarette, I lit nothing. He drank alcohol, I drank water. He smirked, I smiled. He didn't love me, I didn't love him. He...
Where Hearts Lie by beautifultragedies
Where Hearts Lieby bree
Goodbyes aren't forever unless someone stops saying hello. With every problem, there comes a solution. For Elliot Grey, the solution to dealing with her hectic college l...
French Kisses by beautifultragedies
French Kissesby bree
In hope of reconnecting with her ethnic ties, Arden Michaelson sets off for France to study abroad during her junior year of college for a semester, leaving her best fri...
Almost too perfect. by Ariaozukum
Almost too Aria
This story is about how Dylan ,with his almost too perfect features cast a spell on Aria. The good boy has no flaws, Aria in search of his flaws rather finds out somethi...
Best friends brother ?? by mijiza2322
Best friends brother ??by Mijiza
"You're just a player and my friends brother, why would I ever even consider liking you?" I said bluntly "Because sweet-heart, every girl wants me at one...
After Bad Boy's  Game #Btoneshot by colleen011
After Bad Boy's Game #Btoneshotby Colleen:)
colleen011 Bad Boy's Game After Bad Boy's Game epilogue 6-2-15 I hope you like it. This is what happened after two maon characters in the book by beautifultragedies call...
Not what she seems by user64147444
Not what she seemsby
A bad boy A nerd Some secrets Some bets Some heartbreaks Some friends along the way And what do we have A rollercoaster ride And a little twist
Playing the Players Game by kangaroo0228
Playing the Players Gameby kangaroo0228
Clara found herself on the outside looking in to the popular crowd. Of course she used to be one of them, Back when she was in middle school before puberty hit and peopl...
Silently Falling by itsmeelenadelgado
Silently Fallingby ♛𝖤𝗅𝗅𝖾♛
Jane Lucíana Mitchell, a outcast, a nerd, and is in love. She has Jet black hair, green eyes that shine in the dark, pink full lips, the perfect body for an seventeen ye...
Bad Boy's Games#BTONESHOT by flower1327
Bad Boy's Games#BTONESHOTby Lyss Leveille
It's been four years since Elliot grey left to New York for collage of fashion, but some one will surprise her on the day of her collage graduate but who could it be?
The Dare by Nakayla16
The Dareby Nct_btz
He drove a motorcycle, I walked to campus. He slept around, I studied. He was popular, I was invisible. He drank wine, I drank water. He didn't like me, I could care les...
Double the trouble by MorbidBookworm
Double the troubleby MorbidBookworm
Liz is the type that like to stay in and read, write, or do other boring stuff. Luke on the other hand is the school bad boy. He will do anything to get a thrill.
Bad boy's game by daze_superg
Bad boy's gameby daze_superg
Kylie is a 17 year old girl she is not a nerd neither popular she is a beautiful cute and pure hearted girl she has 2 bestfriend they're names are Lucy and Rose. Lucy is...
Bad Boys Game by kutiefan
Bad Boys Gameby DNA
Describing Scarlett:She's a smart and cute girl.She is 15 years old.Scarlett goes to a popular school.Her family are kind.Shes popular and the kindness girl.She always g...
The Bad Days by Kate2017br
The Bad Daysby Kate2017br
Katie is trying to get through her life without anyone seeing she has scars on her wrists and her legs can she make it through the obstacles of life?
Teach me how to love by Megs_2702
Teach me how to loveby Megs
Skye is single, and that's just the way she likes it. Suffering from commitment issues, she can't seem to settle down with anyone. She hadn't had a relationship since s...
Sick And Tired  by me1856
Sick And Tired by me1856
This is something I feel strongly about so you should read it
Bad Boys Game (On Hold) by imfromhell_
Bad Boys Game (On Hold)by BINGBONG
Hunter Reynolds is a typical bad boy at sage high, he is always picking fights and there is this new girl Maddy Smith that transferred from her old highschool because of...
Wrong Answer #wattys2018 by _cutiepiepewds_
Wrong Answer #wattys2018by Tasnim Islam Juha
***WARNING:Read at your own risk because you'll get addicted to it*** ☠☠☠☠☠⚠️⚠️⚠️ "Secret! A small word with a deep meaning.How long can you keep a secret? 1 week,1...