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The one who came back... by ShanayaGupta03
The one who came Shanaya Gupta
Its been 10 years since HE died. And now Voldemort rules the wizarding world freely without anyone being able to stop him. Every rebel has been beaten into submission. S...
Harry Potter and His Twin Sister by froggiedaggers
Harry Potter and His Twin Sisterby Rebecca
Rebecca Lily Potter and her older twin brother Hadrian James Potter are both betrayed by those that they thought were friends, family, and eventually end up being murd...
Not your usual Veela mate by ohgodendme
Not your usual Veela mateby ohgodendme
Draco Malfoy is a dominant Veela, finding out he's mated to the Gryffindor Golden Boy, how will he go about it? Does harry have creature blood too? Don't judge my ships...
My Hades by Marauders1504
My Hadesby Sirius Black
After the second wizardring war Harry finds out about the betrayal of his friends. He also finds about his family history which may help him get things back straight. Co...
Strange Lovers by cutebaby_panda200
Strange Loversby Violet Daisy
Harry finds out who he really is and has been lied to and what happened when his crush turns out to be his mate? And will his mate except him???
Hogwarts Steps in by fanfictionreadervek
Hogwarts Steps inby fanfictionreadervek
If you think Hogwarts is going to let her Founders' heirs be tricked by Dumbledore you are freaking dead wrong. Soon three men are trapped in room of Hogwarts. I DONT OW...
Not your usual Veela mate [Chapters 39-69] by jinddori
Not your usual Veela mate [ 🌙
Draco Malfoy is a dominant Veela, finding out he's mated to the Gryffindor Golden Boy, how will he go about it? Does Harry have a creature blood too? This is a Veela!Dra...
Triple Trouble  by blue_butterfly1284
Triple Trouble by blue_butterfly1284
There was a prophecy that there would be a child destined to ether be the Dark Lords equal or his downfall. It was determined to be one of the potter triplets. There was...
Back in Time by FalguniBorikar
Back in Timeby Falguni Borikar
I do not own Harry Potter. It belongs to JK Rowling. The ocs are same as my other story 'Iris Potter watching the movies': Iris Potter Aires Black This story is similar...
Darkness Darkness*Drarry* by SilverWolfBLUE123
Darkness Darkness*Drarry*by SILVER WOLF
Harry Potters sixth year at Hogwarts and he's different.....hes dark. And with Umbridge back things are bound to get worse. She now sees that many of the students aren...
Tous les mêmes ? (Haphne fanfiction)  by LuckarKio
Tous les mêmes ? (Haphne Lucas_Greengrass
4éme année: Harry Potter sort d'un nouvel été avec les Dursley et se dirige, grâce a la famille Weasley, vers un événement international, la coupe du monde de Quidditch...
The choices we make by Silentscream125
The choices we makeby lavender quill
dun dun dun n no description for dis one. Your gonna have to read to find outttt
Protection from the enemy by angelalavorgna200
Protection from the enemyby angelalavorgna200
harry potter a famous boy for only surviving one killing curse, although his mother protected him from it, because Voldermort wanted to kill the Potter family but harry...
Little Harry by AS1mp3venInSeptember
Little Harryby Kai Llewellyn
*story cover not mine* Harry was a little and was abused.He felt like he couldn't tell anyone because of the fear of someone turning against him. *First ever story so pl...
Regresando al inicio by SimpDelAnime_06
Regresando al inicioby La Simp
-Persephone Potter, la heroína traicionada por quienes más confiaba, torturada en el Tártaro y asesinada a manos de su supuesto amigo Ron. -Artemis Ross, la media herman...
The boy who was not as expected by CanISlytherin6209
The boy who was not as expectedby E & A
The is a Hufflepuff harry story, he is going to not really be like canon harry at all. I do not know which ship I will do so that is up to you! You may even not want a s...
The Only true friend I had... by kai_cake
The Only true friend I kai_cake
Harry told his friends that he was gay but then they all left him. But Draco... You got to read to know what happens in this Drarry story I also do not own any character...
I'm So Sorry by aubbiie_101
I'm So Sorryby aubbiie_101
Harry goes through his creature inheritance and finds out that Dumbledor has been lying to him about who he is the. And is also paying his so called friends to be his &q...
ME HAWWY 2.0 ( Harry Potter Fanfiction)  ( Drarry)  by annaprinsloo
ME HAWWY 2.0 ( Harry Potter Angelique
In 7th year at Hogwarts Harry and Draco work together on a Potion in class and Harry accidentally turns into a toddler and Draco chooses to look after him.
Cut It Deeper 2.0 ( Harry Potter Fanfiction)  ( Snarry)  by annaprinsloo
Cut It Deeper 2.0 ( Harry Potter Angelique
Harry Potter's life was ruined by the 4th year of school when his so called friends find out he is gay - that isn't what is bothering them, it was Who he was in love wit...