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Hurt  - Story Complete by ScarWinters
Hurt - Story Completeby Winters Scar
Steele tries to make Jenna fall for him, even though she seems to start liking Balto. You are in love with Steele, but your also half dog half wolf like Balto, and Steel...
𝑮𝑯𝑶𝑺𝑻 | paused for the time being  by GabriellaPalm
𝑮𝑯𝑶𝑺𝑻 | paused for the time 🎧Sapphire 🎧
Ghost is a wolf who lives in Nome, Alaska. She has feared the people of Nome and the dogs there. Balto meets her once and feels a strong bond with her. Can they be frie...
Wild Spirit At Heart Balto Kodi X OC Alexis by destinycopley13
Wild Spirit At Heart Balto Kodi destinycopley13
Alexis was always gifted ever since her birth. For Alexis her life has never been easy. Always running from different places due to her not being accepted by humans or h...
Areu's Journey by Ember_Frost456
Areu's Journeyby Ember Frost
Areu is the daughter of Balto and Jenna and is also a twin of Aleu. Before Aleu left Areu went on a journey no one knew about until Aleu ran away as well. When Balto and...
Balto's Sister (Unlikely to be Updated) by JokerHorse
Balto's Sister (Unlikely to be JokerHorse
Most of the Balto stories are crap, so I decided to write one in hopes that it gives readers what they were hoping to read. This story obviously will take place in Nome...
Your Pet Husky (Steele x Human!Owner!Reader) by KawaiiNeko1999
Your Pet Husky (Steele x Human! Blue Cat
Imagine having a husky name Steele as your own pet (this character is based on the animated movie called Balto as the main antagonist) and how you two interact with each...
Steele X Reader by ShadowRose1234
Steele X Readerby Cartoon Lover!!
hey guys if you know Balto as much as I do, then your on the right place, when I haven't find any of Steele X reader online then I couldn't find any... so I decided to r...
Male Reader Oc x MyStreet Males by ShiroHiragana
Male Reader Oc x MyStreet Malesby Shiro
I don't own anything but my Oc's!
Balto's half sister  by ajmellor
Balto's half sister by ajmellor
Loki is balto's half sister and Jenna's best friend what happens when she falls in love with the sled dog Steele, will Steele love her back....? Find out in this story ...
Road To Revenge by UncannyCircularCoast
Road To Revengeby UncannyCircularCoast
(Sequel to Tracker and Marshall with the Sentinels.) Humdinger is back and ready for round two. The Sentinels are scattered all over the place. Each one has become a tar...
Green Arrow: Arrow Wolf by Flashbolt157ninja
Green Arrow: Arrow Wolfby Flasheart Wolf 157
What if Balto lived In the 21st-century in Star City. Balto lived there as a stray with Boris there by his side and the local dogs and Steele bullying him. One night w...
Black Cat by NiraElice
Black Catby N. Elice
You've heard of Were-wolves right? Vampires, Pixies, witches and wizards. Maybe even read a few on Were-beasts, you know the wide spectrum of furry people, sorry people...
Silver Cat{Black Cat Sequel} by NiraElice
Silver Cat{Black Cat Sequel}by N. Elice
{Sequel to Black Cat: You need to read Black Cat to understand This one!} There is a reason the Feral's are the forgotten Immortals. They're monsters, ferocious blood cr...
Favorite Characters from my childhood and My OC react to: by ShinzaGodWarrior
Favorite Characters from my TechnoGodSaga
Just a random idea I came up with that was inspired by my friend Powerpup97 on Deviantart. Hope you enjoy it. I don't own anything, except my OC.
Aleu and Estelle's Wolf Quest by PerkyGoth14
Aleu and Estelle's Wolf Questby PerkyGoth14
summary: The Fudo and Forte family decide to go to Alaska again, curious of what Balto and Jenna had been up to since they all last saw each other. Balto and Jenna surpr...
Kingdom Hearts: Paths of Destiny by sambamhaw
Kingdom Hearts: Paths of Destinyby sambamhaw
(Taking place at Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance) A Year has pass since the disbanded of Fairy Tail and the battle against Cronos with the help of Arcturus. To prepar...
Yarichin Blue (Kashima x Reader) by BlackLavay
Yarichin Blue (Kashima x Reader)by Black Lavay
An adorable, over-friendly blueberry has fallen from the sky as a freshman transferred from an all-boys boarding school, and he's just your type. His name, well, that's...
Cherry and Atticus Meet Balto by PerkyGoth14
Cherry and Atticus Meet Baltoby PerkyGoth14
First story of 2015: Cherry, Atticus, and Mo decide to take their kids out to Nome, Alaska and along the way, they meet a disgraced wolf-dog hybrid named Balto who makes...
Prince Darkness meets Balto by PrinceDarkness_74
Prince Darkness meets Baltoby 🐺𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓦𝓸𝓵𝓯 𝓟𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓬�...
After Prince Darkness goes back in time to the year 1925, he comes across a town in Nome, Alaska, that has been effected by the diphtheria disease, plus he meets a furry...
Balto x oc by Leilagas
Balto x ocby Leilagas
this is a story of me as a wolf getting kicked out of my pack because of another pack took over and I was a threat being the alpha pairs only child, Balto found me when...