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Rio X OC by ZennaSuison
Rio X OCby Zenna Suison
A written story of the movie Rio.Following the journey of Tyler Blu Gunderson and his fictional sister Maria Dew Gunderson. In honour and dedication to the reintroduced...
Crave You ♕♛ 【Good Girls】 by Marsmosa
Crave You ♕♛ 【Good Girls】by Marsmosa
"I crave you as if I've already had you before, that scares and excites me all at once" « In which Adriana Narvaez, a mother of two, finds herself falling de...
Survival  by briibaby_x0
Survival by briibaby_x0
Bianca is a 22 year old mother to a 1 year old little boy and wife to a seemingly successful businessman. She seems to have the perfect life on the outside, but her husb...
Chaotic Order // Rio fic by retired27
Chaotic Order // Rio ficby retired27
Violetta Boland was a businesswoman, she kept her business and family life as seperate as possible but when she's forced to clean up her brother's mess it seems like bus...
Rio - Fly Love (Nico x reader/OC) by Potter_Hanna
Rio - Fly Love (Nico x reader/OC)by Potter_Hanna
Ok, so I this is the beginning of my Rio 2 book. This is how it all started: the bonds, the music, and the romance!
Romeo & Juliet • Rio by AngelicStilinski
Romeo & Juliet • Rioby AngelicStilinski
In which Carmella and her friends decide to rob a store but it all goes wrong or In which Carmella finds her true love after a money incident
Mr.Big Shot // Rio (Good Girls) by Felixity--
Mr.Big Shot // Rio (Good Girls)by Felixity
Lighthearted Alexa Clarke thinks she can settle down in Florida after retiring from a previous life of crime. But when her best friend, Annie, is in trouble with a gang...
~Nico Fanfiction~ by rossella_4_chan
~Nico Fanfiction~by Donnie's nerd
This story is about a purple Cannery. She was little when she was friends with Blu as well as grew up together. They've been best friends since with their friend Linda...
girls (rio) by RESTING_FACE
girls (rio)by Jay🐈‍⬛️
[rio x oc ] season 1 -?? "I know that you feel the adrenaline focused like I was on Ritalin" - rico nasty! [editing will be done if/ when the story is complet...
Heartless》Good Girls by lovethebreeze
Heartless》Good Girlsby lovethebreeze
"You shot him in the fucking foot!" [Disclaimer: I only own Perrie and her plot. I also own any other characters I might create along the way.] [Season 1.]
His good girl || rio  by Yara-chi
His good girl || rio by Luv
"Tell them I was hitting it" "Excuse me??" "Oh I'm sorry sweetheart tell them we were making love"
Bad Girls [slow updates] by boyss_
Bad Girls [slow updates]by boyss_
Lana and Annie were always the handful twins that Beth and Ruby had to take care of. Now with a gang involved it's harder to keep Lana from putting herself in danger, es...
Attention x GoodGirls by Fannggirl4903
Attention x GoodGirlsby Fannggirl4903
His attention was all hers and for reasons she didn't understand he was all she wanted. ~~ I DO NOT OWN ANY GOOD GIRLS CHARACTERS OR SCENES Story will continue when Seas...
Vienna's Heist {Money Heist/Casa de Papel} by weirdo-101
Vienna's Heist {Money Heist/Casa weirdo-101
Vienna. The city of dreams. Quiet during the off-season of tourism. The perfect alias for Elena Delgado, who is selectively mute and has pretty big dreams. Not for herse...
His Kingdom Come by babekay_love
His Kingdom Comeby Kiershaun Johnson
In a world where you can buy your wife.
Wings by Shugar_Skullz
Wingsby IWantGummyWorms
(Y/n) is a young scarlet macaw who lives with her friends Blu and Linda, her life as a 'companion' is simple, and honestly kinda boring. But soon all will change when th...
Treacherous. by CEsquivel1999
#17 Mo
She was a good girl, he could see that. She did her taxes. He laundered money. She paid her school loans. He shoots people for fun. She had a good job. He uses good peop...
GOOD GIRLS, rio  by jade_7xx
GOOD GIRLS, rio by ♡
Isabelle and her three friends are going through a financial crisis, plan a heist. Wherein they decide to rob a supermarket. However, what they don't know is that things...
The unique Macaw by Sashathegraite
The unique Macawby
Blu flies to Rio to meet two female macaws in hopes of mating with one of them and saving their species.
Jewels's fear (Blu and Jewel fanfiction) by Danny_Duong_SS
Jewels's fear (Blu and Jewel Danny Duong SS
Rio fan fiction, I never though I would do this but I want expand and not make only WOT fan fictions, I am into a lot of ships(Hollow Knight, Blend S, Plant vs zombies...