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The Force That Connects Us All {Kai x OC} by AussieWallabyFanfics
The Force That Connects Us All {Ka...by Aussie
This book goes from the 1st movie to the 3rd. This IS a Kung Fu Panda Fan-Fic. Plz enjoy! May the Lord bless and guide your way! X3 Aussie, OUT! *signs off* Rated: PG ~...
Blind Wolf a Kung Fu Panda Fan fiction by MarcelaLeni
Blind Wolf a Kung Fu Panda Fan fic...by Marcela Leni
Follow Aleksei's story, a blind wolf with white fur like snow and a will so powerful that it makes him unstoppable. (first work so need help) Only own my original charac...
The Phoenix Warrior - Crane x Crane!Reader by Salamiwrites
The Phoenix Warrior - Crane x Cran...by helo
Y/n, a crane working in a noodle shop alongside her adoptive father, and her brother Po, has been destined to be the Phoenix Warrior, one who will fight alongside The Dr...
The Lion and the Leopard by MissFirefly227
The Lion and the Leopardby Miss HoneyBee
Leo Lung and Tai Lung were best brothers growing up. They trained together, competing for who could be the best warrior ever. But when the Dragon Scroll title is on the...
The Princess and the Warrior- Kung Fu Panda by T-otaku
The Princess and the Warrior- Kung...by T-otaku💕
Kung Fu Panda Fanfic: Po x OC story Tai Lee is the daughter of Tai Lung, but she is also known as Princess of Peace. Training along with the Furious Five, the citizens...
The 2 Dragon Warriors (Kung Fu Panda Fanfic) by FlamingRiver06
The 2 Dragon Warriors (Kung Fu Pan...by FlamingRiver06
Hana is Po's older sister. They're not related of course. Po is a panda and Hana is a crane. Hana wasn't always blind but when Mr.Ping found her she was. She grew up wit...
Kung Fu Panda:  The Hunt For The Heir (OC x Tigress fanfic) by The_Joeker
Kung Fu Panda: The Hunt For The H...by The Joeker
Hunter is an outsider. He always has been and as far as he's concerned, he always will be. Even his name is more of a title than an actual name. Abandoned as an infant i...
The Panda and the Fox: Kung Fu Panda  by IcliannaFlorallante
The Panda and the Fox: Kung Fu Pan...by Katheryn orozco
Fei Yue Ping is Po's Adopted sister. While she is loved by her Adopted Brother and Father, it's not the same case for most people, as they see her Deceiving and untrustw...
Persistent🌺 by spacejam123
Persistent🌺by juicy plums
" I never stopped thinking about what happened what I did to you I never forgave myself for it and you probably will never forgive me...Y/n"
Your interesting (Tigress x fem) by Wolfwriter1020
Your interesting (Tigress x fem)by wolffer2020
Your the only pure white wolf alive now. Your clan was killed when you were a cub. when a pair of tiger assassin's took you and raised you. They send you to the Jade Pal...
The Three Tailed Warrior by SkylarKeeney
The Three Tailed Warriorby Skye Vixen 💞
Kung Fu Panda Crane x Oc
naruto: master of the Shadow Fox fist by AaronHansell
naruto: master of the Shadow Fox f...by professor fox
naruto dies in his battle against Sasuke but instead of continuing to fight naruto and the kyuubi are reincarnated into a whole new world. one where the powers of chakra...
My Assassin (Kung Fu Panda fanfic - Tigress x OC) [REVISED✅] by Grace_ShadowWolf
My Assassin (Kung Fu Panda fanfic...by Grace Phoenix
Long after Fang was rejected by Tigress, he became China's greatest assassin. As an assassin, they are known to be sneaky troublemakers. But him, he was loyal, but not f...
Kung Fu Panda: The Umbral warrior of the Jade Palace by Cloudreign67
Kung Fu Panda: The Umbral warrior...by Cloudreign67
Kung Fu Panda x Warframe story. The Furious Five were not the only legendary warriors in the Jade Palace. There was warrior, far more agile and ferocious than them. Wi...
Life at the Jade Palace [A Kung Fu Panda Fan-fiction] [TigressxOC] by TaikixWolf
Life at the Jade Palace [A Kung Fu...by TaikixWolf
Back, when Tai Lung was still training at the jade palace and was at the age of sixteen, a cub showed up in the Valley of Peace. Shifu brings this cub to the Jade Palace...
A trip to the jade palace by isvivu
A trip to the jade palaceby isvivu
Serafina a 10-year-old girl ran away from her home, the place where she is not wanted by everyone except her little brother, lands in the world of Kung Fu, and funnily m...
The Lion and the Peacock by MissFirefly227
The Lion and the Peacockby Miss HoneyBee
After the Battle for the Dragon Scroll, Leo Lung is finally at peace. That is, until a mad peacock takes over Gongmen City one year later. Leo Lung, along with Po, Tig...
The Lullaby (Crane x Oc) by Mariana4190
The Lullaby (Crane x Oc)by JustASadPerson
Avis is Po's sister, who had left to explore the world. On her journey she learnes Kung Fu and the art of music. After years of exploring she had deemed it time to retur...
Beast Of Justice (kny x Reader) by CasualGeo
Beast Of Justice (kny x Reader)by Mr.Dolphin
Kai, The Beast of Vengence, Maker of Widows, was A being whose only goal was to take the chi of the pandas but was stopped by the Dragon Warrior. But Kai was given a 2nd...