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The Liar Diaries- Kolena by anonymouswriting17
The Liar Diaries- Kolenaby anonymous writing
Tvd Pll crossover Its present/Flashback style Couples broke up after giving away there kids. The kids who are now returning
Reformation by Alib2022
Reformationby Fanfiction❤️Queen👑
Bonnie Bennet realizes her life is shitty and its because she lets people walk over her. She slowly finds her way to the strong, fiery Bonnie Bennet she once was. On the...
How Bamon Came To Be by BamonSalvatore
How Bamon Came To Beby BamonLovesEvery1
Basically, this is a story all about Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett and their journey on becoming Bamon. Sequels in the Story
Alone without you by Deipotent_Daisy
Alone without youby Daisy
"She's gorgeous, exquisite, extraordinary Damon thought, as he looked at Bonnie. He looked into her eyes, into those gorgeous chocolate brown eyes, and He knew. He...
Another love (Bamon) by -ELEJAH
Another love (Bamon)by -ELEJAH
Bonnie is still in the fake world, Damon is back and desperate to help her return. Bamon love story, featurning Steroline and Elejah a little. Written in autumn -winter2...
The Salvatore Family by by_anavi
The Salvatore Familyby writer.
After the wedding and becoming a queen her life changes completely. Since she's in the castle, nothing good happens. Mysterious person begins to threaten her and she's v...
No More Blood to Spare: Vampire Diaries Fanfiction by movie-crazie
No More Blood to Spare: Vampire movie-crazie
NOTE: Spoiler Alert if you didn't watch seasons 6 of Vampire Diaries Kai ruined Alaric's wedding, killed his fiancé and his own sister Jo. He killed everybody at the rec...
Soul mates - Bonnie/Damon fanfiction TVD (2015) - COMPLETE by Kayluska06
Soul mates - Bonnie/Damon Kayluska06
Elena and Jeremy moved away from Mystic Falls, where they left their partners, Damon and Bonnie. Loneliness brings these two together, and a brand new kind of relationsh...
Shattered Hearts: A Journey Beyond Loss by SARah_Blessed
Shattered Hearts: A Journey Saz
Damon and Bonnie come back from the other side, with a few secrets.
Non-Forsaking Love (Stefonnie) by HollywoodA
Non-Forsaking Love (Stefonnie)by HollywoodA
Stefan and Bonnie had been divorced for years when one day they decide to let the word divorce be nothing but a silly name and start the physical part of their relations...
Black Heart by thenovavida
Black Heartby thenovavida
"I wasn't always like this."
Another Time [Klaroline] by poeticintrovrt
Another Time [Klaroline]by poeticintrovrt
She was my beginning, and I refused to let the ending catch up to her; even if she didn't quite remember our beginning yet. Klaroline.
Blood, Sex, Magic by baihaoxue
Blood, Sex, Magicby 白浩学
A Bamon Fanfiction. SMUT warning
Originals (Klaroline) by anella08
Originals (Klaroline)by Gossip Girl ;)
Caroline is getting the chance to live with her mom in Mystic Falls. Little did she know about the dark creatures that roam this town, vampires. Another thing she didn't...
An Original Vampire and A Sleeping Beauty by -ELEJAH
An Original Vampire and A -ELEJAH
Elena was laid to a magic sleep in May, 2015. Some 24 years later Elijah wakes her up with a little help of a witch. With Bamon and Carenzo!!!! My version of tvd 7- writ...
Our Future by cami-ramirez03
Our Futureby cami ramirez
A Stelena AU Stefan and Elena have had their ups and downs. Being in a human/vampire relationship wasn't easy at first, but their love is one to surpass any obstacle. Fo...
Release Me by brias_interlude
Release Meby Loser Bri
Everyone else got their fairy tale ending so why can't she have hers? For Bonnie her chances diminished three years ago and she's starting to give up. sometimes even the...
Klayley & Stelena oneshots by letterstomylqver
Klayley & Stelena oneshotsby 𝙼𝚒𝚏♔︎
"If I didn't know any better, love, I'd say you were jealous." "Don't be ridiculous, Klaus." She spat - "You're not going to go get your girl...
My Heart is Yours by elejah12
My Heart is Yoursby Jacinta Kenny
My heart is yours follows the lives of Elejah, Klaroline, Bamon and Stebekah. before they got together... Elena dated both Salvatore Brothers... but she didn't love the...
The Future by elejah12
The Futureby Jacinta Kenny
Klaus kills Elena at the ritual. but he felt guilty. he didn't want to do. but he couldn't wait another five hundred years. Elena had vampire blood in her system. what...