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45" ▪︎ a.i. by PunkRock_Freedom
45" ▪︎ bloomingscar
Hazel works at her uncle's record store, while trying to get good enough at photography to eventually apply for jobs. One day Ashton walks into the store... - I do not o...
concert band by 4547817f
concert bandby 4547817f
This book will be about my experiences in concert band and what i learned. Their will be facts and stories about my concert band and how it all it went down for me. This...
The Life of a Band Nerd by reyjedi16
The Life of a Band Nerdby //^
So...yeah. I'm a band nerd. This is my book of band randomness.
Everyone Hates The Band Kids by CorgiMom119
Everyone Hates The Band Kidsby AwkwardAuthor
Are you thinking about joining band? Prepare yourself with 100% true stories of my band career.
The Afterlife of a Band Nerd by reyjedi16
The Afterlife of a Band Nerdby //^
This is the sequel to The Life of a Band Nerd. This is basically a book about my band experiences, however, I will add other band-related stuff. Enjoy! 😊
Anything for u baby gurl by EmilyReynolds478
Anything for u baby gurlby aspen
girl boss drummer (BTW I update every friday)
Warped Tour (A Shannon Leto Story) by a5ginger
Warped Tour (A Shannon Leto Story)by S. Grimsley
Follow the adventures and possibly misadventures of Sydney and the rest of Grace of the Fallen as they take on their first tour mixed with love, lust and drama. Disclaim...
***READ UPDATED VERSION NOT THIS VERSION of Love Squared  by HeyAngel2194
"When I fell for you, you weren't there to catch me. But I fell anyway." "When I fell for you, you didn't want me anymore. But I fell anyway." "...
My Addiction to You is a Chemical Romance: a Frerard Fanfic (boyxboy) by xXcyberletteXx
My Addiction to You is a xXcyberletteXx
the epic journey of my most loved band
concert band part 2 by 4547817f
concert band part 2by 4547817f
this will be my 8th grade year band expirence. hope u like it. i wrote a book on my 6&7th grade band expirence.
Soul Song by Hogwartspotter07
Soul Songby FHS Tuba Kid
Just when she thought she had everything, Allie was thrown off course. Everyone saw the end coming near, but no one ever could have guessed what that end could be.
Roger Taylor x OC Follows the break-up of Smile and student Ophelia who gets carried away in the whirlwind success of Queen, the boys become her life but as time passes...
The Sun-Blinded Life by CaptainAmberC
The Sun-Blinded Lifeby Amberly
You think being in a five piece band with my older brother and his three friends, who I've known for practically ten years of my life, would be a walk in the park but sa...
Love Squared by HeyAngel2194
Love Squaredby HeyAngel2194
"When I fell for you, you weren't there to catch me. But I fell anyway." "When I fell for you, you didn't want me anymore. But I fell anyway." "...
Sacred Dreams. by AskingAlexandria1999
Sacred Kristen
This is what happens when you meet your best friends favourite band. Trigger warning: may contain thoughts, actions and arguments on self-harm!
Marching Band Rants & More by RyleeTheBlackCat
Marching Band Rants & Moreby RyleeOnWattpad
Let's Rant and Talk about Marching Band
For Our King | fkac  ✓ by -faith-and-soul
For Our King | fkac ✓by ⚔️ faith ⚔️
❝let all that I do be in love, for our king.❞ Joanna was the third vocalist of for KING & COUNTRY, and it was dream come true. She was doing what she loved; pursuing Jes...
Society Killed The Band by millenniumStargazer
Society Killed The Bandby Lynn
Marlee and Mike Orin and their friends; Kai, Kamil, Lillian, Aaryn, and Colton all make up the band: Society's Survivors. Life as band mates couldn't be any better until...