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Ruikasa (Rui Kamishiro x Tsukasa Tenma) Project sekai Colorful Stage by TuffyTundra
Ruikasa (Rui Kamishiro x Tsukasa TuffyTundra
mature audience warning, new fanfic, sorry if things are rushed, sexual fanfiction
"I'm... annoying..?" by I_Write_Stories12356
"I'm... annoying..?"by I_Write_Stories12356
Tsukasa angst 😈😈😈 Picture from catboy>:3 on pinterest
•~Night Classes-Ena Shinonome x Reader~• by lovelyenanan
•~Night Classes-Ena Shinonome x Star
•~Night Classes-Ena Shinonome x Reader~• You have been friends with Ena since childhood. You met through Akito, Ena's younger brother, and went from there. You and Ena...
Producer | MoreMoreJump! x Male Reader | Project Sekai by _ProjectSekai_
Producer | MoreMoreJump! x Male _ProjectSekai_
Y/N is the son of a well-known entertainment agency in the US. He lived in America briefly because of his parent's work but came back to Japan to return to his life in J...
For You! [ Rui Kamishiro x F!Reader] by Lunarstars12
For You! [ Rui Kamishiro x F! Lunarstars12
Rui Kamishiro has been considered as an outcast for most of his life. He never had many friends except for his two childhood friends Nene and Y/N. Nene and Y/N never tre...
With Me? \\ Tsukasa Tenma x FEM!Reader by maipies
With Me? \\ Tsukasa Tenma x FEM! maipies
16 year old Y/N is attending Kamiyama High School. She's moved schools in hopes for better grades by her overwhelming mother. As time progresses, she joins a troupe and...
Normal Day As A Parent. /RUIKASA by Alice_lolz123
Normal Day As A Parent. /RUIKASAby Alicewtnow??
Previously known as 'literally just aged up.' this is my 5th book someone get me help. but anyways!!! CW : children, ship children, child, kid, moody teenager, teenager...
Fall to Fly | Toya x Fem y/n by k0pyc4t
Fall to Fly | Toya x Fem y/nby k0pyc4t
y/n's mother died after giving birth to her, and her father at 14. Now a year has passed since her father's death, and she just can't take it anymore. She stood on her b...
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ prsk oneshots by rnafuyu
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ prsk oneshotsby rnafuyu
basically my fanfic story ideas but idk how to write them story length so i spit them out here <3 marked as complete bcuz i'll just keep adding on chps
To Dissapear, To Fade Away by ThatOneOddShipper
To Dissapear, To Fade Awayby That_One_Odd_Shipper
"I AM TSUKASA TENMA!!! WORLD FUTURE STAR" Even stars eventually fade away into the endless night. _____________________________________________________________...
Crossed The Line ☆ Project Sekai ☆ Ruikasa Fanfic by Aikayimi
Crossed The Line ☆ Project Sekai ☆ Aika
A Ruikasa fanfic about Rui bullying Tsukasa but eventually... Falling in love. ☆ I was getting my hopes up until I saw the final name I didn't want to see. Kamishiro Rui...
[✓] ✨The Star✨ [Tenma Tsukasa x Reader] by Rinxx_xdd
[✓] ✨The Star✨ [Tenma Tsukasa x Nightcord fan
[COMPLETED]✓ A broken girl who study in Miyamasuzaka with an avarage grade and boring life. that day you got into an argument with your mother and ran away and you bump...
Project Sekai x Reader by 0fficialYushiroNene
Project Sekai x Readerby Michelle
This is exactly as what the title says. Unlike most Project Sekai stories where it's only one band, this will be all of them. That will include Virtual Singer, Leo Need...
⌗﹕𝐆𝐎𝐎𝐃𝐁𝐘𝐄 𝐓𝐎 𝐀 𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐋𝐈𝐓𝐘 . ıllı ʷˣˢ ˣ ʳᵉᵃᵈᵉʳ ੭ by parfaitcereal
ıllı . ❝ hello there, this is rui! welcome to wonderlands×showtime! ❞ ⵌ , ━━ ☆❝ THIS THEATRE TROPE is filled with 4 different types of people! emu with her cheerful, bu...
Project SEKAI Oneshots I Wrote (Mostly Ruikasa) (Requests open!) by Sorakokomi
Project SEKAI Oneshots I Wrote ( Sora
I wrote Ruikasa oneshots cuz I got really bored, so here goes nothing Please for you own sanity don't read the first one it's so bad help why did i write it
games. project sekai by yukomp4
games. project sekaiby 𓆩♡𓆪
[also on quotev] ━━━ ♡ losing yourself in the emptiness of thoughtlessness, you lead to your grave. pjsekai/reader !!yandere themes 052022 [bad writing]
zephyr - pjsekai x reader. by RENO-SIDE
zephyr - pjsekai x ʾ 。 ゚ ʚ ♰ ɞ ゚ 。 `
zephyr [ DISCONTINUED. ] /ˈzɛfə/ · noun , a soft, gentle breeze. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © RENO-SIDE . reposting / copying is highly prohibited.
【Love is  war】|| Mafia! Rui Kamishiro X reader by Aesthetically_Teka
【Love is war】|| Mafia! Rui Aesthetically_Teka
This is a mafia Rui AU, a story of two mafia gangs going against one another, you're caught in the crossfire and are dragged down the rabbit hole. Will Rui be your savio...
"Nice and wet" ~ Ruikasa Pjsekai~⚠️(13+!) by BunnyLuvr74sfanfics
"Nice and wet" ~ Ruikasa Pjsekai~⚠ BunnyLuvr74
Credits to the artist for this amazing piece of art!
Project Sekai group chat  by Stinkyfeet24
Project Sekai group chat by Stinkyfeet24
I will make a cover tomorrow 😴 When Miku decides to make a group chat for everyone who's visited the Sekais, things go horribly, horribly wrong. Contains~ (I will add...