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♥💀I LOVE YOU!💀♥ by Redwoulfe
♥💀I LOVE YOU!💀♥by Red
You are my senpai, my only senpai, you make me happy, with shades of gray. you never notice me, but I still love you.....YOU... BELONG...TO ME ♥💀💀♥
My Angel - [[Rui Kamishiro x Fem Reader]] by tabrizmain
My Angel - [[Rui Kamishiro x Fem R...by tabris
your boyfriend broke up with you at random, and it led to a disaster of events. but there was one person there with you through it all... rui.
Give Me A Chance by MxHatsune
Give Me A Chanceby Ray Hatsune
Megurine Luka a popular girl at school. She has everything, friends, a boy friend, and a stable job. One party ruins Luka, leaving her questioning. This is a mikuxluka...
Project Sekai group chat  by Stinkyfeet24
Project Sekai group chat by Stinkyfeet24
I will make a cover tomorrow 😴 When Miku decides to make a group chat for everyone who's visited the Sekais, things go horribly, horribly wrong. Contains~ (I will add...
Vocaloid (+ others) Lyrics- English by PikamelDeviantart
Vocaloid (+ others) Lyrics- Englishby Melody/Mel
{Ranked #1 in Lyrics!} **Updating whenever I remember!** Vocaloid lyrics in English (as well as other songs made by similar producers) that I happen to be a fan of. No...
👗 True Feelings 👗 (pjsekai x reader) by Cozmo4
👗 True Feelings 👗 (pjsekai x rea...by Stardust 2.4
Y/n Shikoname is a young fashion prodigy that is transferring from the US to Japan to attend highschool and to further her career. During her school life she meets many...
The Author Traveling The Multiverse With Hatsune Miku As His Wife by ShadowKatake
The Author Traveling The Multivers...by Katake Kage Zenchi
Read the title. It says it all. No? Then I might as well give a short synopsis. A wish-fulfillment fanfiction filled with wholesome love and fluff with none other than t...
soda popped heart ☆ by moiyaaaaaaaa
soda popped heart ☆by Nix
ruikasa - rui is in the courtyard, enjoying his soda candies, waiting for lunch to end.....well that didn't last long until he heard someone scream from the other side...
A Flawless Star You Say? | Ruikasa by draconia_leus
A Flawless Star You Say? | Ruikasaby writerforfun
Three, two, one! ◽️◽️◽️? ◽◽️! Again! One, two, three! ◽️◽️! ◽️◽️◽️? AGAIN! #%*+&?! No no no! He should've memorized the entirety of the script at this point! Emu, Nene a...
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ Undo - Ruikasa🎈🌟˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ by LazuliIsLazy
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ Undo - Ruikasa🎈🌟˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆by Lucas
💜*♡∞:。.。  Ruikasa yehh。.。:∞♡*💛 Rui Kamishiro a new transferee to Kamiyama high, there he was reunited with an old friend back from middle school Tsukasa Tenma who seem...
PJSK ONESHOTS ! || project sekai by Makuseii
PJSK ONESHOTS ! || project sekaiby hu tao ! ☆
I pretty much joined the fandom around two weeks ago at this time, and I decided to make a oneshot book as I haven't seen many of them. The rules page will be the first;...
Mega by Populous21
Megaby Populous21
Izuku Yagi was quirkless but her sister Izumi yagi was not as they headed home. Izuku wanted to be a hero but his sister and her friends are worried about losing him so...
Cupid  (len x miku/miku x len) *COMPLETE* by forever6oodbye4
Cupid (len x miku/miku x len) *CO...by silly
What happens when the two most popular students meet? Hatsune Miku has a "talent". People think she can make others fall in love with each other, they call her...
Ego.  by 1FuckY0urM0mD41ly
Ego. by Silver Silk
I'm addicted to tsukasa angst, so here you go luvs <3 IG you can read this while you wait for my akitoya fic to update. Desc; {Meteors are rocks that become big balls...
❎🚫 ERROR 121❎🚫 by Redwoulfe
❎🚫 ERROR 121❎🚫by Red
Y/N, a young engineer has been granted a Vocaloid Prototype from his company. Hatsune Miku Model 1, will he fall head over heels with a pop star or simply discard her as...
SCIENCE PROJECT. | Ruikasa by loveforuikasa
SCIENCE PROJECT. | Ruikasaby tsukasa / toya
There is a school, specifically called "Kamiyama High School", where two gentlemen go to learn about their specific interests. Those gentlemen go by the names:...
Never Meant To Be | Ruikasa by I_Write_Stories12356
Never Meant To Be | Ruikasaby I_Write_Stories12356
Hanahaki Disease is a disease in which the victim coughs up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. It ends when the beloved returns their feelings (only rom...
Project Sekai and vocaloid oneshots and headcannons! <REQUESTS CLOSED!> by Stinkyfeet24
Project Sekai and vocaloid oneshot...by Stinkyfeet24
Project Sekai oneshots! Requests for Halloween or normal oneshots are open!! Art by https://pin.it/70lfb4q
Promised Love // ruikasa 🥀♡ by GayForYouMommy
Promised Love // ruikasa 🥀♡by Seiiq
Childhood friends that are in love. That's it. Read more to know
The World's Greatest Detective [ L x Reader ] by Electropop777
The World's Greatest Detective [ L...by Excelsior
You are the world's greatest detective, even above L. Your abilities were only reserved if the world was to have another World War so, as a hobby, you are the top pop Id...