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be a good girl by ddlgava321
be a good girlby ddlgava321
Peter and Ava have been together for a while. What happens when all Ava's stress causes Peter's daddy side to come out? Will Ava enjoy the change? Or will she resist bei...
BABY BATHTIME by spiritofalbatross
BABY BATHTIMEby Spirit of Albatross
Baby bathtime for the Divit triplets. When your Mama makes scents and perfumes and your daddy is, a world famous photographer expect a bathtime Photoshoot.
Hunterxhunter Smuts by Kyliemowery20
Hunterxhunter Smutsby Kylie
So ummm ima have more but if you want smuts of other people just comment
Ddlg pictures  by Xx_FluffyUnicorn_xX
Ddlg pictures by You Don't Know Me :)
This is a book full of ddlg pictures. I'm a little so I really like these images and thought I would share them with you littles/doms :)
Target (Reader x Levi fanfiction) by Keylimeananaz
Target (Reader x Levi fanfiction)by Keylimeananaz
Levi asks you to go Target for him while he punished Eren...things to an unexpected turn
Bath Time And Chill by CreatureChanLixQueen
Bath Time And Chillby Madz
Just a cute lil one shot about myself and a certain special someone 😏😉
Diluc's silly little water heater by RaspberryUnderscore
Diluc's silly little water heaterby AngelCookie1#Stan
I decided to use this account to post my unbetad fanfic so here have a story about Diluc in a modern setting wanting to take a bubble bath but his water heater breaks...
Bubbles! - A Chop Chop Ninja Story by RaiIsInTheAir17
Bubbles! - A Chop Chop Ninja Storyby ToonMania!
After Iro Accidentally Ordered A Robot Girl, He Starts Freaking Out Because Tetsuo Thinks She's Her Waifu (Or A Robot Slave) Then He Ends The Panic By Taking His Relaxin...
Bubble Fun by really_sis
Bubble Funby really_sis
Eren decides to skip out on a cleaning session unfortunately, it doesnt sit well with the captain. Levi decides it time to show Eren the importance of cleanining he plan...
In The Realm by ShojoMojo
In The Realmby ShojoMojo
When lured in, can you escape the Realm?
A Diva's Guide to DIY by TimeForTee
A Diva's Guide to DIYby TimeForTee
Do you love the idea of up-cycling your old clothes or decorating your room on a budget, but don't know where to start? Then you are in the right place! This book will t...
Nikki's bath time story by SarahThuotte
Nikki's bath time storyby Sarah Thuotte
Nikki's mother reads him his favorite Halloween bath time story while he interrupts her on every page. (Cover picture is not mine)
bath time by -solochaos
bath timeby solochaos
short oneshot 273 words
Courage by Vyruslik
Courageby Naphina
A personal memoir imagined and real. A leap into the past. An examination of the most unlikely of safe spaces.
To bathe or not to bathe by ArtemisNefertiti
To bathe or not to batheby ArtemisNefertiti
Fandom: Ikemen Sengoku (Visual Novel) Disclaimer: I do not own any of those characters. They are based on Otome game Ikemen Sengoku (as per Fandom). Any media (music/vid...
A dogs love for his human by LitLibrary
A dogs love for his humanby Lily And Morgan
a dog that is in love with the human; Lilac, but cannot tell or show his love that he wants to give to her. until one day everything changes he has feet.. and arms.. no...