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i loveyou endlessly by bbmliza
i loveyou endlesslyby bbmliza
the love never forget
Arrange Marriage  by Iloveyou-BBM
Arrange Marriage by Baby M
Bong and Sara forced them to get married Will Bong accept Sara as his wife Matututunan kayang mahalin ni bong si sara Or maybe he will just let sara suffer because of t...
This Love by succour
This Loveby ferdie
Two ex-lovers would reunite. Their love is good, bad and their love would come back from the dead. Sara and Bongbong would seek comfort and love in each other again tha...
The Youngest Marcos by dxynarya
The Youngest Marcosby siyaaa
Lou is the youngest Marcos and the only grandaughter of Imelda Marcos. She is Sandro's favorite sibling and She's a prankster like Vinny and Her dad. She is sweet, kind...
Escape the Reality [Sandro Marcos Fan-fiction] by Celestales
Escape the Reality [Sandro Celeste
Georgina Luna Davis accidentally sent a message to a stranger who turns out to be Sandro Marcos. Having lowkey feeling toward each other, reality will be the hinder betw...
The President's Son. by smnmrcs7
The President's yogirlshorty
Both are Introverts. They are basically stubborn when it come's to their lovelife. That's when they met eachother. The President's Son and Adrianna. A Japanese/American...
The day we met. (BBM&Liza) by Clstnnnn
The day we met. (BBM&Liza)by Louise Fondevilla-Marcos
Nang dahil sa friend ni Bong nakita niya ang taong mamahalin siya hanggang dulo. ❤️ FAN FICTION LANG PO ITO. And sana magustohan niyo ❤️
Kept Hidden (Marcos Fam) by Luckily0896
Kept Hidden (Marcos Fam)by Luckily0896
A story of a well-known family of politicians who has kept their biggest secret. Find out more to know what it is about and the reason behind it. © All Rights Reserved...
after we? TOGETHER  by keistynramona
after we? TOGETHER by keistynramona
when the alpha meets the sigma.. Sigma males prefer stable, lasting and trustful relationships instead of hookups. If you're dating one, in all likelihood, he told you t...
My Sugar Daddy  by Ferdiijrrrr07
My Sugar Daddy by Feridand_65
Hanggang pwede kita hilingin kay god hihilingin kita ng paulit ulit
The Leaders Dirty Secrets  by ferdimeldsabong
The Leaders Dirty Secrets by jai
Ano nga ba ang itinatago ng Presidente at Bise Presidente ng Pilipinas?
My Sister's Fiance is In love with me  by sandwomarcos7
My Sister's Fiance is In love Sandromarcos_28
Eloise sister's fiance is in love with her and she doesn't know what to do. Eloise is a simple yet elegant girl living her best life in New York city she has older sis...
The Cold Boss by lessandromrxs
The Cold Bossby ᴍᴀᴄᴏʏ.
Imagine nyo nalng na Si bonget yun sa cover pic 😪
Book 2: Always Forever,Kim(Season 1&2 Completed) by MariacarlotaAlonzo
Book 2: Always Forever,Kim( MariaCarlota_A
A story of love and Sacrifice. Dropout!spoiled brat! bobo!yan ang malimit na itawag kay Kimberly, kaya lumayas siya sa kanila para makalayo sa panghuhusga ng mga tao. N...
babe♡ by TheUnknownChild_20
babe♡by chxry.17
hindi ito story, love letter ito!!! parang compilation hehe :)
Until i found you by xrenebae
Until i found youby irenearaneta
This story is about the daughter of Irene Marcos named Victoria Llorine, who longs to feel the love of a father. one day she became close to greggy araneta who was her m...
La Douleur Exquise: Imee Marcos by burntsmoree
La Douleur Exquise: Imee Marcosby Belle
La Douleur Exquise is a rollercoaster of a family drama, mostly from the eyes of the rose among the thorns, the unica hija of Ms. Imee Marcos, and watch as she goes thro...
Office Romance is a NO-NO! (JSAM) by Luckily0896
Office Romance is a NO-NO! (JSAM)by Luckily0896
Story of two people with different personalities who met each other accidentally (?) What would be their reaction if they found out they were in the same arranged marria...
My Willow Man (A Sandro Marcos FanFiction Story)  by MariaMaxiene
My Willow Man (A Sandro Marcos Maxiene
Althea has always had a huge crush on Simon Marcos first. Hoping to be noticed by him, she did everything. Pero ibang Marcos ata ang nakapansin sa kanya. Find out how...
Book 3: Always&Forever,Jack by MariacarlotaAlonzo
Book 3: Always&Forever,Jackby MariaCarlota_A
A story of love and sacrifice. Umiikot ang mundo ni Jack Marasigan sa pagtatanggol ng mga taong naaapi. Wala siyang ginawa kundi ang maging tapat sa tungkulin niya at sa...