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The Cold Boss by lessandromrxs
The Cold Bossby Alessandro
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Mahal ko ang Daddy ng Bestfriend ko by marcosjr_3
Mahal ko ang Daddy ng Bestfriend koby marcosjr_3
A fan fiction story of Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr.
Loving You Was a Dream (A Bongbong Marcos Fanfic) by ferdieeeeejr
Loving You Was a Dream (A kay bonget lang
"Loving you was a dream and always be a dream" (Prequel/Book 1 of STA) (A Bongbong Marcos fanfic) Date Started: May 2022 Date Finished: 08/01/22
Fell in Love with the President by BBMsLove
Fell in Love with the Presidentby JD Bear
Jade is just an ordinary girl. Until she met this presidential aspirant, Bongbong Marcos. She sworn that she will never ever fall in love again. Will her fate change?
Sandro my Love by Mayodeep
Sandro my Loveby Mayodeep
"Sandro Marcos, one of the top and famous bachelors in the Philippines, son of the President and a Congressman in Ilocos. despite being famous Sandro's lovelife wa...
Met by Fate by xxclarey_
Met by Fateby xxclarey_
Fate was being really playful. An unexpected came - she was not prepared. That made her quiet life a mess again. Until - no one knows... their worlds met by fate.
DAMSEL IN DISTRESS by keistynramona
DAMSEL IN DISTRESSby keistynramona
Baka Sakali by lunawritees
Baka Sakaliby Luna
Athena, a Pre-Med student from UST who just wanted to finish college and enter med school as soon as possible. While Sandro on the other hand, is still hoping that someo...
Silent Hearts (A Sandro Marcos fan-fiction)  by beeterfly_
Silent Hearts (A Sandro Marcos beeterfly
I had no idea it was even possible to fall in love with someone who is completely unaware of your entire existence until it happened to me. Sandro, could you hear my si...
Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional and the plot is not to be associated with actual records just pure of my wild imagination lang This is my first time story th...
Amando Familia by Emanuelleeee17
Amando Familiaby Gemmm_17
"She loves you so much that she's willing to accept me, your biggest mistake. Just to make you happy" It's a story about Gianna Louise Araneta, daughter of Nad...
SaBong Fanfic A doctor and A widower with 3 Kids crossed their paths one day, is it fate or something else? Please do read the story and follow me ☺️
Fated to Love You by vmommy
Fated to Love Youby vmommy
Bongbong Marcos and Leni Robredo's collection of kilig short stories 💛✌🏻
My Simon Marcos by smnmrcs7
My Simon Marcosby pshmrbfkd
Meet Liliana Stephanie Rodriguez, She was only 13 when she met Simon Marcos. They became friends for 11 years. They obviously fell in love but.. What if they didn't las...
Arrange Marriage  by Tinemrcsssss
Arrange Marriage by Mrcsssss
Bong and Sara forced them to get married Will Bong accept Sara as his wife Matututunan kayang mahalin ni bong si sara Or maybe he will just let sara suffer because of t...
OUR SECRET LOVE STORY by keistynramona
OUR SECRET LOVE STORYby keistynramona
another story of alam nyo na their family was very close they didn't know, that the two was having a secret affair!
Broken Promises by Kalistam__Eclispe
Broken Promisesby Kali
What will happen if a family broken their promise to their world....their joy...their little girl...would Celestine still forgive them or would she break her promises to...
Arranged Marriage Turns Into Unexpected Love (Sandro marcos fanfic) by sandrodalisay01
Arranged Marriage Turns Into ELLE
Y/N Hudson is a Doctor, Atty., and a former miss universe his dad is friend with bongbong marcos they had an agreement of having sandro and Y/n be wife and husband, but...
Lorthew by Nic_ckyyy
Lorthewby Ms.Nicky
'Lorthew' is a medieval word for 'teacher'.