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My Terror Boss (Sandro Marcos) by nyherga_01
My Terror Boss (Sandro Marcos)by nyherga_01
Claire Diaz is a strong and kind girl. She works hard for herself and her sister's future. What if she finds out that the person she loves is just playing her feelings...
 lo siento si tienes una vida como esta, celestine by irenemarcos_1
lo siento si tienes una vida gillian
this is the life of irene and celestine.
|•My little_Irene° by Celestine_marcos
|•My little_Irene°by Ma.irene_Marcos
Irene Marcos. araneta have a daughter. but a man took it away!' Pano. nya makilala ang nag iisang Anak na Babae. Kung baby palang inilayo. Nato Sakanya. eto'y chariz c...
Why Can't you love me, Mommy? by EstarEncantada
Why Can't you love me, Mommy?by Nixxyy_
Disclaimer!! This story is fully fanfiction. So please don't take it seriously. What will you do if you found out the real reason why your mom hasn't love you since your...
The Hidden Daughter by AnikkaCapua
The Hidden Daughterby Anikka Capua
Maria Louise Josefina Celestine Araneta Marcos also known as "Izabelle" She is the hidden daughter of President Bongbong Marcos. Izabelle is the only princess...
My Ferdinand | Sandro Marcos (ON GOING) by SRNDMRCS
My Ferdinand | Sandro Marcos (ON sandromarcos7
A doctor have a son in political man, what happen if someone against in thier love story
Against All Odds  by wittgensteyn
Against All Odds by futurenisandro
Are you willing to go against all the odds? After a disheleved start of their romance, she have come to found out about the existence of the fruit of their love, howeve...
Untold : Imee Marcos by dcpcess
Untold : Imee Marcosby Cess
"i get tired of hiding myself,how can i be free to do things like you do?? why would u disown me in public why??"
Favouritism Daughter (Completed) by Imeemarcos111255
Favouritism Daughter (Completed)by Imeemarcos111255
Your Mother(Imee) has a Favourite in her two daughters
Gift From God by niichooleelunar
Gift From Godby Nichole
Huli na nga ba ang lahat para maayos ang pamilyang sinaktan at winasak mo? Alamin natin kung paano mabubuo ang pag-mamahalan ng dalawang taong palaging lalaki ang nasusu...
I fell in love To my secretary (Sandro Marcos) by CasseyGuevarra
I fell in love To my secretary ( Cassey Guevarra
Story of I fell in love with my secretary
Politician meet his Co Politician Daughter (Sandro Marcos Fanfiction)  by frgb_marcos20
Politician meet his Co reabnvdz
Felicity Rhialyn Gutierrez Benavidez is a woman who also came from rich family her Dad is mayor's in Ilocos Norte while her mother is a famous a fashion designer, profes...
The Unexpected Blessing / Sandro Marcos FanFic by dgdanico
The Unexpected Blessing / Sandro dgdanico
Athena Jane Leal Argel or AJ a Graduating College student who has a huge crush on Ferdinand Alexander "Sandro" Araneta Marcos III, eldest son of Vice President...
Only Daughter  by Marcos121316
Only Daughter by Marcos fam
Tumultuous Love by scorpionstarchy
Tumultuous Loveby scorpionstarchy
This story is about a mother and daughter's relationship. what will happen if your mother, your strength, will be the one cause the pain that you carry for a long time...
MY SANDRO by AvisaHope
MY SANDROby AvisaHope
Fan Made Story "Sandro Marcos"
Regretting for Letting You Go (Sandro Marcos) by rhufa1y_23
Regretting for Letting You Go ( rhufa1y_23
Lauren Fayereen De Lacosta Smith She's almost perfect she has everything brain, beauty, body, and bravenest but there's one thing she really wants but she can't have...
Choice Of Love ( Sandro Marcos) by NICSYM07
Choice Of Love ( Sandro Marcos)by NICSYM
Celestina is a full blooded of a Chinese conservative family will they allow celestina to marry her lover or not ? While Sandro is a son of A president Bong bong Marcos...