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Beauty ~ Prince Adam by jessie_bell2001
Beauty ~ Prince Adamby Slytherin Queen
Amara was much like her sister, Belle, she loved reading and inventing. Yet, she was very talented in the fine arts, Music, Dancing and singing. It's strange that she h...
Mending Promises [Park Jimin ff]  by Bts_Internation_Army
Mending Promises [Park Jimin ff] by EVIL
Jimin and Y/n try to stitch their broken hearts and mend their promises. Its a highschool love story... I don't own any pics or videos...(wish I did but of course I don...
Thick Beauty [SAMPLE] by DarkRoyallty
Thick Beauty [SAMPLE]by DarkRoyalty Books™
Jalynn Neffin has always been an overweight girl from a young age. She's tried losing the extra pounds through exercising many times but usually gives up before she even...
Once Upon a City (#OnceUponNow Top 25) by Lightning_Stryker
Once Upon a City (#OnceUponNow Jay 👑
#OnceUponNow Cindy was a girl who worked hard and got little recognition. When faced with an amazing opportunity in the modeling industry, she is shut down because she s...
The Mirror by darlingdrizzle
The Mirrorby A Poole
She never looked in the mirror. She never liked her reflection. Each day more and more of her beauty withered away and died. What was left underneath was a broken,brui...
The Girl in the Bay window by ashcatgirl101
The Girl in the Bay windowby ashcatgirl101
All it takes is just one look, and you are in love. Eric Foster was just a 20 year old guy who thought that this world was a huge mystery,a mystery he didn't want to be...
Beauty Vlogger That You Must Subscribe! by LOONVTICS
Beauty Vlogger That You Must Mutia Kartika Kinanti
All the girls are beauty! but we need to know how to be beautiful, it is not an instant process. Let's follow these beauty vloggers and become beautiful. They talk not o...
Kelly: A Beauty Within by DaaBest
Kelly: A Beauty Withinby Jammy Jam
They say everything in life is not meant to be handed to you, but some things aren't. Somethings are given to you. Some good, and some... not so good. Things like a beau...
The heart of a jewel by thejass_min
The heart of a jewelby rothiat lawal
Jewel was never really like other people so they called her different names. They said she was a freak who didn't have emotions. None of these really bothered jewel bec...
Random Poems or Writing Pieces Deemed Worthy by thisisadrarryfanacc
Random Poems or Writing Pieces Meredith
Whatever's on my mind, songs, poems, essays, etc. All this stuff is personal, so if you know me irl, please don't bring any attention to it. This is for me, not you. Wel...
I'm Just Like You (#LoveSimon contest) by PercabethMudblood2
I'm Just Like You (#LoveSimon Harley Petty
Have you ever felt unwanted, bullied, self-conscious, ugly, hurt, etc.? If you have well I may have a story for you. #LoveSimon
The Bird Conductor's Reflection Weekendwriteindisguise by DebbAnn
The Bird Conductor's Reflection DebbAnn
Weekend Write-In for 2 June 2017 "disguise": In 500 words, tell what happens when a disguise affects the outcome
Deep Wounds by twixbaby15
Deep Woundsby twixbaby15
One phone call changes Hayley's life forever. Hayley has known nothing, but grief in her life. She's always experinced hate instead of love, fighting instead of gentle...
Charlie by ErinEvergreen
Charlieby red flowerpots
Charlie is a poor girl to begin with, but as she starts he work, she wonders if she will ever really see her family again. A story filled with true love.
The Blackhole Within Me by meseri21
The Blackhole Within Meby AteKz2019
When the emptiness within us find its ways to our mind and overwhelming feelings find its way to be written. A collection of your thoughts expressed in words. Poetry. ...
good girls by allaboutthatfunk
good girlsby allaboutthatfunk
Over worked, trudging through endless case law. Law school was NOT what I expected. Life at university isn't as fun and glamorous as people make it out to be, take it fr...
The Diary of Chic-Chic by LadyBeccasblog
The Diary of Chic-Chicby Akindele Becky
The Diary of Chic-Chic is a story of a girl who is THE BIG DEAL in her sub-urban area and now, she has gotten a job in the comes different drama which she ha...