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Cry-Baby by braycriss
Cry-Babyby Criss
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
Beginner's Guide To Witchcraft  by cosmoswitchyvibes
Beginner's Guide To Witchcraft by cosmoswitchyvibes
Welcome Beginner Witches ✨ This book is all about starting off with witchcraft. It's a guide designed to help you on your path. If your starting to get interested in wi...
VegasPete (The Flower That Blooms Alone) by YukiGrayAbueme
VegasPete (The Flower That Martin A.
Although this is a fan-made story, all of the characters are based on the novel and the story's beginning. This portion takes place after Pete has escaped the horrors of...
||Zombies 3 x Reader one shots & Preferences|| by Abbyj1280
||Zombies 3 x Reader one shots & Abby😵‍💫
I'm bored and recently watched zombies 3 so here y'all go!!
The Cupid Complex by 4everSherlocked
The Cupid Complexby Sherly Holmes
Once a year on Valentine's Day, Jeon Jungkook is allowed to be among the humans to watch love in action. As the immortal son of Cupid, he is tasked with doing so until h...
𝔸 𝔸𝕞𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕔𝕒𝕟 𝔻𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕞 by urmentalillness
𝔸 𝔸𝕞𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕔𝕒𝕟 𝔻𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕞by j ✌︎︎
This is a story of where Todoroki and Izuku are dating for 2 months but as he is going home he get Todoroki his favorite food (aka cold soba) and he hears noises but ign...
New Beginning! by background21
New Beginning!by Neetha Sai
She started her new life with a heart full of hopes and lots of dreams to be fulfilled by her life partner, but got to know later that he will be the one who shatters th...
Fangs and Roses by SNNair
Fangs and Rosesby S.N Nair
{Sequel to Smoke & Mirrors} 10 months since Sapphire lost her family. 8 months since she escaped the clutches of a monster. She might have escaped, but she did not leave...
Gojo Satoru in the TBATE World: IF I HAD A CHANCE by DaoistnrF2Xb
Gojo Satoru in the TBATE World: McLaren
Gojo Satoru the strongest magician of mankind dies and is reborn in the world of TBATE, will he be able to live a happy life or will he follow the path of war?
I Am The Alpha (Part 1/2) by EllaCharlotte
I Am The Alpha (Part 1/2)by Ella Charlotte
Erin Daniels is part of the East Forest Pack, not only that but she's the Alpha. In a male dominant race this makes her one of a kind. She was born with the Alpha imprin...
The King's Mate | Starkys Series #1 by Kamoyrocks
The King's Mate | Starkys Series #1by Amateur Dreamer
"Don't you see?" she asked him, looking at him with tears in her eyes. The look made his heart hurt. He hated seeing her sad. "I do not." He says cal...
Mal and Ben: Bad at Love by illikeme
Mal and Ben: Bad at Loveby xxmalandbenxx
【UNDER EDITING】 At the age of 16, Mal and Evie were obligated to leave each of their kids on the isle of the lost and go to Auradon. Before Mal's son and Evie's daughte...
What I Deserve by Dumbled0resArmy
What I Deserveby Dumbled0resArmy
He got up, and took off his shirt, revealing his abs. "W-What are you doing?" He smirked. "I thought I'd get changing," He replied. "Why? Does...
More Than Gold [Book Two] by jupiterscript
More Than Gold [Book Two]by JUPITERSCRIPT
Highest Ranking #1 in Chicklit Book Two. "Forget what you feel and remember what you deserve" Golden and Jayceon are still together going strong years later. A...
The Reason (Logan Henderson Story) by My_Little_Space
The Reason (Logan Henderson Story)by P.F.G.
Out of all the men on Earth, it had to be him? I know you don't get to choose the person you fall in love with, but COME ON! Hi! My name is Samantha Leary, and I fell fo...
Through space and time (Loki x reader) by HannahLikesSpiderman
Through space and time (Loki x Hannah
I've had this story in my head for awhile and so here it is! Oh my god my awesome description didn't save. Well fine here we go: there might be smut if so I will warn yo...
Jackpot baby: Devil May Cry 3 (Dante x reader)  Book 1: Rewrite by chasy2804
Jackpot baby: Devil May Cry 3 ( chasy2804
Even though Devil May cry was the first game but I thought it make sense because the begin of Devil May cry 3 was when Vergil was still in the human world and how Lady w...
💥Love is an Explosion of emotions 💥  by Sabaku_no_Hide19
💥Love is an Explosion of Hideyoshi
This will be DeiNaru! (DeidaraXNaruto) . . . . ⛔Warning ⛔ ⚠️ BoyXboy ⚠️ (but not Yaoi XD) . . . . . . One day, when Naruto was asleep in his room, Akatsuki kidnapped hi...
Shaping Dido by _whiteships_
Shaping Didoby august miller
Dido frowned at his persistence. He wasn't supposed to be here in the first place, and now he's asking she join? Absolutely not. She couldn't. She had school to think of...
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Hidden knight (male reader x rwby) by Genuinenovelty
Hidden knight (male reader x rwby)by Genuinenovelty
Y/n grew up being bullied by almost everyone but he still wants to protect them. What he was given a power to do so but had to keep it a secret? Well let's find out!