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The Ending That Brought Us Back Together  by BenleysHeartThr0b
The Ending That Brought Us Back BenleysHeartThr0b
Miranda and Ben have been divorced for 3 years now. An unexpected magnitude 9 earthquake changed there world . - - - - - - - This is based off of the San Andreas but n...
Ours by luvdarkstars
Oursby jyka
the story of an army surgeon named ben warren and a surgical resident named miranda bailey. ×+×+×+× "Don't you worry your pretty little mind, People throw rocks at...
This Love  by luvdarkstars
This Love by jyka
miranda bailey and benjamin warren bump into each other, and fall into a whirlwind romance neither of them has expected.
I Still Want You  by benandmirandalover
I Still Want You by Love
It seemed as if Miranda moved on so Ben did too.
Make it last forever by TheDutchess0920
Make it last foreverby Dutchess King
When Benjamin Warren gets the call that his baby brother was killed. Him and his family put together a plan to get revenge. Benjamin preys on the beautiful Miranda Ba...
Surprise, Surprise  by theijxx
Surprise, Surprise by theijxx
Ben and Miranda encounter a surprise that'll test their marriage, and expose true personalities.
Valentine's Date by luvdarkstars
Valentine's Dateby jyka
Valentine's Day. For couples, the date is marked. For single people, it is avoided. At all costs. Miranda Bailey is alone, and she asks her best friend, Benjamin Warren...
Benley 🔥 by bailey_babies_
Benley 🔥by bailey babies
Cute benley 😉(mostly smut)💦
(Not) All For Show by luvdarkstars
(Not) All For Showby jyka
Miranda Bailey, an actress known for her mystery and sci-fi movies, is now getting ready for a chance at romance. Not a lot of people have faith in her skills in this ge...
The Mistakes We Made by fantasiesz
The Mistakes We Madeby t
Ben and Mirandas relationship takes a turn for the worse after one stupid mistake that Changed.Everything. This story is based 2 years into the future (after season 16) ...
Beyond the Music  by BenandMiranda_M2B
Beyond the Music by BenandMiranda_M2B
The famous singer Miranda Bailey tries to live a normal life outside of the media and fame, will she finally find herself when she meets the hard working Ben Warren? *we...
Family Adventures: Grey's Anatomy ✨ by drxpsofjupitxr
Family Adventures: Grey's Anatomy ✨by Fer 🌙
The adventures of the reader being the oldest child/youngest sibling of a surgeon from Grey's Anatomy. ✨ Weekly updates. ✨ Requests temporarily closed
Ingnited by Diorxfanasty
Ingnitedby izogieluvr
Miranda and Ben meet again years after a messy break up. Will the past repeat itself or will they let love reign? *I don't own the rights to the grey's anatomy character...
Secret Lovers by Benleylove12
Secret Loversby
Miranda is making it work in her marriage of almost 30 years. She is grateful but desires more for her life and career. She never saw herself stepping out of her marriag...
only for you (Greys Anatomy) by theyluvvivianna
only for you (Greys Anatomy)by VIVI🩷
"Only for you" this story is about Relationship in greys anatomy. This story will be 50 chapters long it more. The Main ships are Meradd and Tedstina but there...
Your Forever Love by DElleTee
Your Forever Loveby DElleTee
This is the story of Ben Warren, who has loved his neighbor, Miranda Bailey, for as long as he remembers. Their love story starts way before they graced the earth. Foll...
Crowned Royalty by BenleyFicWriter
Crowned Royaltyby BenleyFicWriter
Set in the fictional historical lands of two kingdoms. Crowned Princess Miranda Bailey of the Kingdom of Seattle-Grace is married to Lord Tucker but when a new King vis...
With Time by BenandBailey
With Timeby BenandBailey
Miranda and Ben have a beautiful prom night...which results in a beautiful baby girl. Brielle Ezra Nichols, 16 years later. Brielle and Her mom come back to celebrate he...
Benley M2B by BenandMiranda_M2B
Benley M2Bby BenandMiranda_M2B
I wanted to try my hand at these one shots *sorry for any mistakes* ‼️Enjoy‼️