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When Black And White Created Grey ✔️ by justasleepygirl99
When Black And White Created Mesh
Bethany Richard, a 17 year old loner wolf posing in the small town of Abraxas as a "human", finds herself caught in a whirlwind of rejection, growth, and acce...
Alpha Of Blood by radleyswriter
Alpha Of Bloodby Becca🧃
Alexia wanted a mate, but what happens when her Mate doesn't want her. Every year, The Red-Moon pack would host a Party, for the unmated wolves. Little does Lexi Know is...
The Red Wolf by sweetchoclate9
The Red Wolfby rose
Red wolves are the most strong, powerful and dominant wolves. They are the superior wolves. Decades ago they have all been hunted down and killed for the deaths they com...
The Werewolf And The Shapeshifter by mysterious_mischief
The Werewolf And The Shapeshifterby River
Lucy Parker Your average eighteen-year-old girl right? Wrong. When Lucy was eleven she shifted into a huge red fox. When she shifted she got this 'voice' in her head cal...
ALPHA is my  roommate  by kayla_katzke
ALPHA is my roommate by kayla_katzke
hi im a normal teen age girl I don't know if normal is the right word but who cares....its my eight teen birth day and we get roommate's "can't wait " ....... ...
The Beta's Young Warrior (Book 2 of Young Mate Series) by RissaleWriter
The Beta's Young Warrior (Book 2 Rissa, Rissy, Riss
She was the Beta's young mate, but she was something more. She knew it, her father knew it, and maybe her mate knew it. She was a fighter, a warrior, born to serve and t...
The betas abused mate by Hhydrated_cactus
The betas abused mateby Hhydrated_cactus
Complete. When Valerie runs away from her old pack, straight into the hands of a new alpha and a beta for a mate, her life takes a drastic change. Read to find out what...
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Their little Luna by KaiaSkya
Their little Lunaby 👑Kai👑
"I am a King May!" "And I am a Queen Bradley! Does that mean so little to you?" I gasped, holding back the tears. He raised an eyebrow and began movi...
The Packs Weaknesses by XxPumpkin_PiexX
The Packs Weaknessesby A L E X I S
Alexis Chute was what many called a "Badass" but what many don't see is her sweetheart attitude. Which nobody sees as she wouldn't let anyone harm her nor her...
THE ABUSED LUNA by _stories_adict
Avy is just a third in commands daughter who has to become an omega because everyone thinks that her parents were traitors. Because of this she is also abused by the fut...
The Mating Bond by M0randa
The Mating Bondby Moe
Every year, the Crescent Moon pack's Luna hosts a gathering known as The Mating Bond. Single wolves from all over North America and even the rest of the world come to th...
High School Wolfing by jungkooksringfinger
High School Wolfingby swaaa
Popular, pretty, smart, confident, strong and a bold wolf: these are the words used to describe Blair, the future beta of the Crescent Rock Pack, the biggest pack in Nor...
Abused Moon Goddess' Daughter by Deadpoole45
Abused Moon Goddess' Daughterby Deadpoole45
Meet DAE. She 16 years old. The shifting age is 15. And She is abused by her own pack (The Bloodlake Pack)and her brother because she hasnt turned yet and her parents di...
Beyond the Red Roses | Slow Updates by KittyStarrReaper
Beyond the Red Roses | Slow Updatesby Ellandrea Rose
She ran with all her might, wounded and tired. She could feel the form loosening beneath her but she fought hard against her other side because she wasn't ready to turn...
Miss Beta Is Fine Being A Beta by Khaizera
Miss Beta Is Fine Being A Betaby Khaizera
Erebus Freida, a female rouge Beta that likes peace and quietness with her older sister as rouge in the city. If there's a problem that had nothing to do with her but go...
My Silver Fang by CursedCyborg88
My Silver Fangby Sherree Alston
Moving away from a toxic family environment, Selina and her parents settle in Galville, where her uncle lives. As they settle in they quickly learn one of the town's sec...
The Realities of Love by mjorgensen5
The Realities of Loveby mjorgensen5
How long would you be willing to search for your soulmate? That's a question that Cara James had to answer. When she was young she thought she would be willing to wait f...
Against the Odds by Ruby2902
Against the Oddsby Tris
Diana Ravenwood is fiercely loyal to her pack and takes her Beta responsibilities very seriously. She doesn't focus on finding a mate, she'd rather discuss attack strate...
OF LUNAS PAST by thisPagehasIssues
OF LUNAS PASTby ThisPagehasIssues
Mari Davis is many things, but an Alpha Female is not one of them. Can one girl be more than all the previous? Throwing politics, family, mates and more into the mix onl...
Luna The Luna  by DKSHJL
Luna The Luna by Lu
The Strongest Packs Allies Join The Fight But What Happens When The Luna Appears