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Bane by sweetchoclate9
Baneby rose
How far can an Alpha go far his mate? Anna is an innocent, beautiful seventeen year werewolf waiting for her mate. But never did she expect him to be the every werewol...
My Mate Is Gay....Wait WHAT?!?! by meganmk96
My Mate Is Gay....Wait WHAT?!?!by meganmk96
It's about a girl who's best friend is gay and brings his new boyfriend over which so happens to be her mate...what will happen?will she get her fairy tale ending or wil...
His abused mate by chickenwing1235
His abused mateby chickenwing1235
This story is about a girl named Daisy that's abused by her pack until one day she finds her mate which is a ruthless and cold hearted alpha named xander What will happe...
Her Insanity ✔ by nienachanse
Her Insanity ✔by Tuanette Fianshi
(BOOK #1) Faith was a rogue but she wasn't by choice, she was forced to be one. To live on her own in the wild for years since she was 16 years old. She got captured by...
Alpha Of Blood by radleyswriter
Alpha Of Bloodby Becca🧃
Alexia wanted a mate, but what happens when her Mate doesn't want her. Every year, The Red-Moon pack would host a Party, for the unmated wolves. Little does Lexi Know is...
King of the Alphas  by damaged-
King of the Alphas by Brooke
* "It is finally time for me, King of the Alphas, to come out of the darkness of my misery and awaken. For she is calling for me." * Description in book.
The King ( Jikook) by Tigerlillya
The King ( Jikook)by 🐰🐣𝓴𝓸𝓸𝓴𝓶𝓲𝓷◕ ‿ ◕❀🐰🐣
I hate him.... I hate so much that I wanted to burn my skin were he touch.
i won't let you leave me【Yandere!Sans x Reader】 by otomonmon
i won't let you leave me【Yandere! monmon
It wasn't fair. Sans had finally saved you, did it the right way without breaking any moral code. And yet, it wasn't enough. So, he decided to play by the rules the worl...
Dangerous Territory by Whynotagain
Dangerous Territoryby Jade
If there's one thing Malandra Bates knows, it's that nothing good can ever come out of Irongate Penitentiary. Especially not a mate.
Heart of a rogue by DHKwriting
Heart of a rogueby DHwriting
The caged bird sings with a fearful trill, of things unknown, but longed for still. And her tune is heard on the distant hill, for the caged bird sings for freedom. His...
Melody's mate by MellowRosey
Melody's mateby Melissa🌹
Melody Prince is a seventeen-year-old girl. She has abusive step parents. Her real parents sadly died. Or so she thinks. She has never known what love feels like and she...
You've Got to be Kidding me by ShelbyWinds
You've Got to be Kidding meby ShelbyWinds
Sky Burnett was just looking for answers about her past. The only one that could answer them refused to talk about it and then she died. Finding a clue she gathered her...
The Alpha King by ShatteredMind
The Alpha Kingby It's a secret
A girl and her brother named Paisley and Mark running away city by city, state by state. Both avoiding the same thing, a dangerous person that wants nothing but their bl...
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Minsang • I want you with me by luna_Plise9793
Minsang • I want you with meby Luna Plise
Yeosang is drunk Mingi is Yeosang's dance teacher Mingi helps drunk Yeosang Yeosang kisses Mingi Mingi x Yeosang Not enough Minsang in the world so I thought I shou...
Runner (OneShot) by CelesteMason
Runner (OneShot)by Celeste Mason
Runner is a werewolf one-shot. Trigger warning.. Please read tags before reading. Theme not suitable for young audiences. Reader discretion is advised. Third person PO...
The White Alpha  by lunarshewolf01
The White Alpha by Alejandra Rivera
Robert 'Bobby' Nash is the captain of the 118 fire house. Everything seems to be going well, until the random wolf attack. Only as he soon finds out it was not so random...
Resistentiam by wallflowermadness
Resistentiamby WanderingThroughLife
For as long as Emery could recall werewolves had controlled the world. They were wicked beasts, repressing humans in every way possible. Their contact with humans had be...
Hannigram smut by Animesimpbitch12
Hannigram smutby ✨️gayfanficwriter✨️
this is going to be mainly smut between hannibal lecter and will Graham from the series, they are gay murder husbands and I will not accept anything less, so this is for...
Bound To You by IIJayIILovesBooks
Bound To Youby Bella Esther
"And in the mystification they realized that they were mates." Arabella Gardenia carries the world on her shoulders. As a young child, she was expected nothing...