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Seeing Fred by Chapter1991
Seeing Fredby Chapter1991
Why could Leah Derijker, a muggle, suddenly see the ghost of one Fred Weasley? 21-year-old Leah, a girl in the muggle world met the ghost Fred Weasley, a fallen hero fro...
Hinny Forever Bonded by CamdenMcCollaugh
Hinny Forever Bondedby CamMac
Harry and Ginny Fanfiction All characters belong to Jk Rowling and the idea of soul bonding I got from CaptainMercy I tried to make it original but if anything I say has...
WORTHLESS (BL) by SleepyKola
WORTHLESS (BL)by SleepyKola
Jian Yu had always been a perfectionist, maybe he also bit of OCD-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He liked everything clean and in order. He needed to recheck everything...
Heir to the Moon (V2) by luciaaponte1
Heir to the Moon (V2)by lucia aponte
Harry Potter is a child where strange things always happen around him, and his aunt and uncle hate him for it. One day his aunt and uncle punish him too far and a great...
His Dark Queen ✅ by LiliacViolet_97
His Dark Queen ✅by LiliacViolet_97
Harry Potter Fanfiction starts at the start of summer before the fifth year. In the story, Harry Potter is a Female who goes by the name Azalea Lyra Lilith Potter-Black...
The Chambers doing by HinnyStoriesForEver
The Chambers doingby Hinny For Life
Imagine Being Tied To Someone In An Eternal Bond Of Love.How Would You Over Come This Shocking Revelation.
It's OK Not To Be OK (But I Promise, I'm Trying) by startrek007
It's OK Not To Be OK (But I startrek007
First in the Promise series. AU from the end of PoA. When McGonagall finds out what Dumbledore condemned Harry to by leaving him with the Dursleys all those years ago, s...
Harmony Bond (Completed) by MarkyGalagate
Harmony Bond (Completed)by Eiyshen Kim
Harry is rescued from the Dursleys by the Grangers, but they first time they touch, both Harry and Hermione collapse unconscious.Harry is rescued from the Dursleys by th...
Soulmate Prophecy - Marauders by diamonddaydream
Soulmate Prophecy - Maraudersby diamonddaydream
What will it take for Lily Evans to accept James Potter as her soulmate? A prophecy she makes herself during an unplanned visit to his house during 7th year Christmas ho...
When The Heart Sings by CrystalScherer
When The Heart Singsby Crystal Scherer
Power and money didn't really interest Serena, instead she wished for a life of peace and safety. Barely able to afford a bus pass, it was mere chance that she saw a man...
snow and stars| jon snow  by sansa-skywalker
snow and stars| jon snow by cap’s girl
snow touching stars is a rare thing. a jon snow fanfiction| game of thrones A Targaryen and a Vela were always meant to be together. But when that Targaryen is a...
Soul Bound by H_Hobbs
Soul Boundby Holly Hobson
Book 1 || Soul Bound series || When Eva Greene is mortally wounded and has to take shelter in a cave during a storm, Arkon, an old and reclusive dragon, saves her life...
star-crossed soulmates || loki laufeyson [2] by kissmyscars_
star-crossed soulmates || loki kissmyscars_
"do you ever regret meeting me?", he asked quietly. "no, why would i?" "because now, our souls are intertwined, you're linked to me." "...
The Professor's Baby (Mpreg) by CopperKenzie
The Professor's Baby (Mpreg)by CopperKenzie
In his last year of attending Pine Academy, a boarding school for elves to learn to use their magical abilities, Evan is enamored by the new professor. The shy man has b...
beauty from pain | R.H by BrunetteMarionette
beauty from pain | R.Hby 𝕹𝖞𝖝
in which Rosalie finds her troubled mate in a red eyed French vampire called Geneviève. • " i'm sorry that i'm your soulmate " " i'm not. " • ...
Harry Potter and The Twisted Laws by HP_Always
Harry Potter and The Twisted Lawsby HP_Always
Harry and Ginny have got back together after the war and are returning back to Hogwarts along with Ron, Hermione and many others. Will their Eight Year at Hogwarts be no...
the ponder of fish / volturi kings. by mutevirgin
the ponder of fish / volturi ✧⁺˖ marie ˖⁺✧
"His fingers scraped like frostbite against your skin, frigid and chilling. You were almost tempted to look and see if the places he touched had gone black and blue...
Every Tear Falls Down For a Reason (But I Promise I Won't Cry For You) by startrek007
Every Tear Falls Down For a startrek007
Sequel to It's OK Not To Be OK. Second in the Promise series. Harry's fifth year. A growing threat looms, a war approaches. How will Harry and his friends prepare?
i won't let you leave me【Yandere!Sans x Reader】 by otomonmon
i won't let you leave me【Yandere! monmon
It wasn't fair. Sans had finally saved you, did it the right way without breaking any moral code. And yet, it wasn't enough. So, he decided to play by the rules the worl...
A Tale Of White clouds and Golden peonies  by mystery8826
A Tale Of White clouds and mystery
Lan wangji and Jin zixuan. Two boys who could not have been raised more differently, yet were similar in many ways. One in white and the other in gold. One was raised h...