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Morning Dove (Hawks x Reader) by Matthias_Denmark
Morning Dove (Hawks x Reader)by Matthias_Denmark
(y/n) is the number 1 hero in the northern section of America/Canada. Every year all top three heros get together to meet and learn new skills. At the end of the week CE...
I Am Here For You (IzuOcha) by Kenlair
I Am Here For You (IzuOcha)by Kenlair
*Characters and Settings all owned and created by Kohei Horikoshi, this is a non profit fanfiction* Edited by NimishWankhade and khoury112 ARC 1: Ochaco is worried abou...
The Great Warlock War - Bakugo x OC Femreader by Lady_Sophia_Gray
The Great Warlock War - Bakugo x Lady Gray
Tsuki Ryoshi is a hunter like her father, she's spent her whole life happily traipsing around the Beast's Forest with her best friend Izuku Midoriya, never really wishin...
Curse of the Snow by hediy_li
Curse of the Snowby Shu Chun
همه چی از یه کلبه شروع شد.. چقدر گذشته؟...یک ماه؟!...انگار سالهاست که باهمیم.. کی فکرشو میکرد از یه طوفان ساده به اینجا برسیم؟.. کی فکرشو میکرد یه زندگی کامل طول بکشه تا...
La unión hace la fuerza by Papacosmica27
La unión hace la fuerzaby TheCosmic27
En un mundo de héroes y super poderes, Izuku Midoriya no contaba con ninguna super habilidad nombrada como "quirks". Humillado por no contar con un poder y con...
Love Above All- IzuOcha Fanfiction. by Atom226
Love Above All- IzuOcha AtomBooks
Izuku Midoriya, who has recently received a scholarship to U.A. High, begins his high school experience as he seeks to gain more knowledge. In his search for a higher GP...
Suffering is Enough  by hediy_li
Suffering is Enough by Shu Chun
"زجر کشیدن کافیه" داستان پسر بی کوسه ای که زیادی آسیب دیده بود تا جایی که از زخمای روحش شکوفه های انتقام بیرون زدن.. انتقام از نه تنها هشتاد درصد کوسه دار جها...
My Maid {todobaku} by Tamaki_PlusUltra
My Maid {todobaku}by TT
todoroki ran away from his home well I don't even think he could call it that. because of the amount of abuse he got a day was not right all of his brothers left that ho...
My hero {Tamaki Amajiki X fem Reader} by simpingforcurls
My hero {Tamaki Amajiki X fem simpingforcurls
COMPLETED!! 🏆1 #bha Y/n is a girl with a traumatic present. Abducted by Overhaul at an early age and used for her quirk. She manages to run away and she is saved by Tam...
•Chica Extraña• - (BNHA X T/n) by Saraimitu
•Chica Extraña• - (BNHA X T/n)by • Sora-Chan •
•Eres T/n una chica de 15 años inteligente de un carácter fuerte que no se deja pisotear por los demás eres algo fría luego de algo que te ocurrió tus padres murieron cu...
Different (Izuku x Ochako) by Author-kun77
Different (Izuku x Ochako)by Author-kun
Deku is the #1 hero. He has fame and money, but he doesn't care much for either. He wants something more but doesn't know what. That is until he meets a very interesting...
Singer Deku bakudeku mpreg ~ Completed ~ by IDKwhatintheworldCAT
Singer Deku bakudeku mpreg ~ Katzumi Bakugo Midoriya
Deku secretly has a band that includes him ,Denki, Tsu, and Tokoyami . But one day class 1A finds out. what will happen when they find out? What will Deku choose to be...
Enji Todoroki  Headcannons  by Nyx_kashi_18
Enji Todoroki Headcannons by Takashi/Nyx
This is just some headcannons I made for the one and only Enji Todoroki
The hero of ninjas by AlpHa__KeNNy__BODYXV
The hero of ninjasby putoelquelolea
This tale will be about Izuku Midoriya he awaken his quirk called All in One and then he teleported to a world where he had a purpose in his new world were he was chose...
Love beat (Jiro x male reader)  by EtyStories
Love beat (Jiro x male reader) by Etyrobot
(Y/N), the young talented teenager with an amazing quirk, finally found his true love...
Someone to Stay (ShigaDabi) by sun_flower_1
Someone to Stay (ShigaDabi)by 🤍Isaac🖤
Howdy, be warned in these parts there will be angst. This is almost like they took a normal citizen route instead of being villains. Trauma will always stick. This will...
Fresh Out The Multiverse [FreshxBnha] (Slow Updates) by Alkeii
Fresh Out The Multiverse [ Alkeii
Fresh x Bnha In one of Fresh's adventures he found a.... well more like It found him... He was sucked in a portal to another universe! Oddly enough he already had the...
Toga's Sister (Dabi×Oc) by Kayla_Uchiha
Toga's Sister (Dabi×Oc)by Katsuki
Layla doesn't like many people knowing her real name, so she goes by Sol now. Leaving her past behind her she refuses to remember those who mattered. She always wanted t...
The fairy Tale Hero: Armor Dragon ( Fariytale x reader x Mha ) by Ionniewolf23
The fairy Tale Hero: Armor Ionniewolf23
you are Y/N Y/L, but what happens when she goes to another world. None of the pictures are mine unless I say so and I do not own mha or fariytale.
PHOENIX | BNHA by CrescentNightZ
Phoenix, a quirk that granted him eternal life, and unaging, which he is "not permitted to die or get injured" no matter what the circumstances. Kiryu, who's t...