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Bound To You (Gravity Falls Fanfiction) by unbound-imagination
Bound To You (Gravity Falls gabriel cipher
(DISCONTINUED) Dipper and Mabel Pines, both now seventeen, have been allowed by their parents to live in Gravity Falls with Stanley and Stanford Pines for their last yea...
Forgotten Falls. (Gravity Falls AU) {Complete} by MidnightViolex
Forgotten Falls. (Gravity Falls Marcus
"Humans are dangerous and cruel. They'll hurt you Pine-Tree. I'm the only one you can trust." - Bill Mabel and Dipper Pines. The two mystery twins are sent to...
A Demon of the Sea - Gravity Falls by Moonchild3701
A Demon of the Sea - Gravity Fallsby Moonchild3701
Dipper is an aspiring author looking for work on the sea for something to write about. He is going around a port city asking around on different ships one night when he...
Unnoticed by DeathGale
Unnoticedby Sky Dawn
What if nobody really liked Dipper. Not Mabel, Stan, Ford, Soos, Wendy, Pacifica, no one. Except Bill, the only person, well Demon, to show any genuine interest in Dippe...
Bride of Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls BillDip Fanfic) by Camp_Gravity
Bride of Bill Cipher (Gravity Bell <3
Not long ago, an evil dream demon, of the name Bill Cipher, attempted to rule all of reality and existence. A first attempt to stop him was with the Cipher wheel, but it...
The God and the Thief by Nephilim_Writes
The God and the Thiefby Ben
Cipher is the "God" of the forest around Gravity Falls and it's his job to protect it and it's creatures. He does his job well until two young twins wonder int...
His Beloved Pinetree by thechamberoftime
His Beloved Pinetreeby Lux
Bill will do anything for his pinetree. And pinetree would do anything for him. Ok I suck at descriptions just read the story.
You are not a freak (BillDip) by TheBlueWhale54321
You are not a freak (BillDip)by TheBlueWhale54321
Dipper Pines is a strange kid. He has something that seems impossible for any human to have. He has animal ears and a tail, an Alolan Raichu's to be exact. he always ge...
All or Nothing by Cipher4Life
All or Nothingby Cipher4Life
BillDip X Werewolf Dipper was an Omega. In modern society that meant nothing. Alpha's, and sometimes Beta's, ruled while Omega's went about their miserable lives quietly...
The Last One (BillDip=Bill x Dipper) by SarahSmith821
The Last One (BillDip=Bill x SarahSmith821
This is the first time I'm gonna show or tell people what I think about from day to day. So please tell me when I misspelled something or used the wrong word so I can fi...
My chosen bride by KatherineEwing7
My chosen brideby Katherine Ewing
A place called Gravity Falls is ruled by a powerful king name Bill Cipher. Bill has been looking for a bride for centuries. Bill wasn't a happy king and when he isn't ha...
My Alpha, My Omega by sakuralove15
My Alpha, My Omegaby Kyleigh Delancey
Dipper- a lonely omega who is abuses and scarred for life Bill- an alpha who needs to find his mate before the second full moon When these two meet, all hell breaks loos...
Yaoi Paradise by -BookyWorm-
Yaoi Paradiseby Torikku
To satisfy your fujoshi needs Yaoi pics to warm the heart and make you squeal Requests are opened but if I can't find the ship then I'm sorry but I can't post it.
Dipper Lost by WatchfulCooldued2111
Dipper Lostby WatchfulCooldued 2111
Dipper has always been bullied by everyone. Bullied by his sister, bullied by his parents, bullied by his classmates and bullied by the people he once trusted. Its been...
The Special Omega  by Another_Human3
The Special Omega by Another_Human3
Dipper pines desperately wants to find his mate but knows that won't happen till he's eighteen. Dipper is a kind,smart, beautiful and special omega.He was blessed with t...
9 Month Deal // Billdip by golden_eyes13
9 Month Deal // Billdipby golden_eyes13
The word "baby" has been thrown around several times after they married. Mostly by Mabel. Of course, it's not humanly possible for Dipper to conceive but Bill...
Howling (billdip) by AliceCipher26
Howling (billdip)by Alice Cipher
Contains Mpreg (males getting pregnant) swearing and little violence and lemon/smut. Don't like *points to the front door* THEN GET THE FUCK OUT! I don't own any pictu...
Hello, Little Liar by _AllMight_Smile
Hello, Little Liarby Super_Freak
What if Dipper and Bill always had known each other, what if they grew up together. What if Dipper wasn't related to the Pines family at all... What if he was just a pla...