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Countin' on a Miracle by EvaDyke
Countin' on a Miracleby Eva Dyke
So uh, Patti is pregnant. Just go with it please. It was from a dream...
Our Daughter (Larry Stylinson/One Direction) by _allura
Our Daughter (Larry Stylinson/ Allura
❝I found love where it wasn't supposed to be. ❞ *cover credit to beautylieswithinu*
Consequence Of Having A Dream Love by JJwolf24
Consequence Of Having A Dream Loveby Jordan Mcfearin
Olivia Cathleen White is a normal seventeen and a half year old girl. Well excepted the fact she has movie star parents, and is super rich. All that is about to change w...
D day by Anwen_Fantasy
D dayby Anwen Fantasy
NaruSasu mpreg oneshot! Sasuke is home alone, heavily pregnant as the first snow starts to fall, he wasn't expecting to have to give birth to his first baby all alone. ...
Skyline Drive - Guzmán y Nadia by ssupreme2005
Skyline Drive - Guzmán y Nadiaby
Guzmán and Nadia are about to become parents to a little girl. It's been a really long journey for the both of them getting to this point and they both know they will be...
How The Hell?!  by Canon-Did-Us-Dirty
How The Hell?! by Mason [Nea/Allen Kinnie]
⚠ Warning ⚠ Contains MPREG and graphic labor and delivery Oneshots for Eddsworld Uhhh I'm a weirdo okay bye I was given cover art and I'm crying ;3; So there are no...
When You have a Child by writing-rainbow
When You have a Childby kenzie
Lexie and Mark had been trying to have a baby for over a year now. Deciding to stop they took it easy and let nature take over. After experiencing some pain, Lexie was t...
14 and pregnant by shann233
14 and pregnantby Shann
Jemma Johnson was a happy teenage girl with not a problem in the world she is very pretty and popular and was spoiled because she was an only child but on New Year's Eve...
Crazy nights  by superdream051067
Crazy nights by superdream051067
Shane goes into labor and some ghost tale advantage of him
They Don't Know About Us.♥ ∞Elounor∞ *FINISHED* by NiamIsMyBaby
They Don't Know About Us.♥ ∞ Holly
Louis Tomlinson, 1/5 of the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction. Eleanor Calder, Former Hollister floor model and student at the University of Manchester. Harry...
That hot sweaty day....(Gym teacher love story) (Undergoing MAJOR editing) by scream-for-me
That hot sweaty day....(Gym ♥VIXIIIXIV♥
So this is a story about a young girl seventeen years old girl named Ariana who fell in love with Mr.Williams her gym teacher...Will he love her back? Will they hide the...
his little treasure by juvgkook
his little treasureby <3
jack and y/n have been together for a while now however they both have tried many times for a baby and this time it worked. this is their journey iza made this :)
Birth Of My Son by Keeley_Greenleaf
Birth Of My Sonby Fangirl
So I showed my man labor for the first time so I'm writing a fake story if I ever give birth. Weeeee
Dream SMP Mpreg Requests (Closed) by Boensty
Dream SMP Mpreg Requests (Closed)by Bo
Dream SMP requests for mpreg works This is just going to be me (hopefully) taking requests for drabbles and probably one shots for the Dream SMP cast and also putting my...
Special Delivery by Newarski
Special Deliveryby Peter P. Newarski
A policeman finds himself confronted by a memorable medical emergency.
Waking up... pregnant?! by eroticpsychotic
Waking up... pregnant?!by Whore for smut
Different short stories of girls waking up pregnant. I do take requests.
The Not So Merry Christmas by SquishyMinMinMing
The Not So Merry Christmasby Raccoon Lover
Jimin and Jeongguk were your dream couple-perfect, flawless, although they had their fights every now and then, they loved each other-or at least that's what Jimin thoug...
Jughead's Family Secret by 1Rawrbork
Jughead's Family Secretby 1Rawrbork
Jughead gets pregnant, and turns out this is something that skips every other generation that Jughead's dad forgot to mention..
Beautiful Disaster- a Naruto fanfiction by Babywolf-Lover
Beautiful Disaster- a Naruto E.O Wolf
UNDER REWRITE WILL BE POSTED AS A NEW BOOK. 1/11/2022 During the chunin exams, Naru is raped by Orochimaru. After confirming she is pregnant, she, Jiraiya, Tsunade and S...