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A Chosen Mate. by SapphireFox
A Chosen SapphireFox
Every fifty years a girl from her village is chosen to be the mate of a werewolf. Myah goes to her friend's house during "The Night Of The Chosen One". Her fri...
Childe Giving Birth! (CGB) |Wholesome and Smutty by Valousitie
Childe Giving Birth! (CGB) | Valousitie
Childe is finally giving birth
birthfics  by GHOSTIEoALEX
birthfics by Alex
(requests are open) stories about different people in different scenarios getting pregnant and giving birth
Dark On Me by ViscousVixen
Dark On Meby Fallen-Angel-007
~Reign AU/Modern Oneshot~ Mary moaned incoherantly as the pain started to die down a little. "Is it easing?" Catherine asked. Mary nodded and Catherine reached...
When You have a Child by writing-rainbow
When You have a Childby kenzie
Lexie and Mark had been trying to have a baby for over a year now. Deciding to stop they took it easy and let nature take over. After experiencing some pain, Lexie was t...
Josh Hyland Imagine: You Give Birth by dmsugar
Josh Hyland Imagine: You Give Birthby dmsugar
You and your fiancé josh hyland are so close to your baby's due date and you are so excited! You can't wait.... But when labour does come , you realise it's nothing like...
Then There Were Three by loshibay
Then There Were Threeby megan
Join in on a glimpse into what labor is like for Lilly in this short story..and maybe, just maybe, see the stone-cold rock we all know and love's heart get that much big...
Heartbreaks Heal (Larry Mpreg)  by CaramelCreamCoffee
Heartbreaks Heal (Larry Mpreg) by CaramelCreamCoffee
Louis has been a paramedic for five years now ... seen and experienced things you'd never believe. Yet not once has he ever been thrown into a situation he couldn't hand...
Crazy nights  by superdream051067
Crazy nights by superdream051067
Shane goes into labor and some ghost tale advantage of him
God of War has joined the luxury run with the ball package (MTL) by NanaYuuki8
God of War has joined the luxury Nana Yuuki
God of War has joined the luxury run with the ball package (MTL) Author: Su Changtian Category: BL doujin Release time: 2021-11-03 Latest: Chapter 83 The Last Ball BL fi...
Mpreg one shots by Camogirl211018
Mpreg one shotsby Sebastian
The name is pretty self explanatory, this will be an mpreg one shot fic of ships from different fandoms. I will happily take requests. This will contain bxb, mpreg, and...
OC mpreg oneshots by Camogirl211018
OC mpreg oneshotsby Sebastian
This is a series of oneshots about my OC's. I hope you all enjoy. All of the characters were created by me, but any reference pictures used for them were not because I c...
Cut Ties (Paultryck Mpreg) by Colatum
Cut Ties (Paultryck Mpreg)by Colatum
Patryck knew the rules of Tord's army. He knew that no one could let love get in the way of work, but here he was - His relationship with Paul threatening to ruin his ca...
I'll Be There (larry mpreg one-shot) by happilyxdirectioner
I'll Be There (larry mpreg n ♡
Harry and Louis become parents at 17. (this story contains mpreg, if you don't like it, don't read this. thank you)
Alpha's Babies by NorthenLights
Alpha's Babiesby NorthenLights
When you wake up on your 18th birthday, your last thought is usually 'oh, maybe my best friend and boyfriend of three years are gonna get caught together by me' or it ma...
D day by Anwen_Fantasy
D dayby Anwen Fantasy
NaruSasu mpreg oneshot! Sasuke is home alone, heavily pregnant as the first snow starts to fall, he wasn't expecting to have to give birth to his first baby all alone. ...
Harsh Birth Sex by L0V3ST0R13S
Harsh Birth Sexby L0V3ST0R13S
A male gets pregnant by his boyfriend. This one stalker boy falls in love with him from his sexy body. He follows him around and tries to change his love story. The preg...
birth stories  by RyleighNelson4
birth stories by Ryleigh Nelson
These are stories of people giving birth -multiple stories-
Birth Of My Son by Keeley_Greenleaf
Birth Of My Sonby Fangirl
So I showed my man labor for the first time so I'm writing a fake story if I ever give birth. Weeeee