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Sliver Fang: Found ✔ by josie321
Sliver Fang: Found ✔by Book worm
The only family member Imani had was her mother. After the death of her mother, Imani's whole world is turned upside down. In hopes found a family and uncovers the secre...
Shadow and Stars by eternalfelicity
Shadow and Starsby 𝙵𝚎𝚕𝚒𝚌𝚒𝚝𝚢 𝚅𝚊𝚞𝚐𝚑𝚗
|2021 WATTY'S SHORTLIST| Face your dark side before it comes looking for you. When Camryn Young's boyfriend insists he's caught her cheating, that's just the first in a...
Lonely Hearts Won't Break by porshams
Lonely Hearts Won't Breakby porshams
It's simple. If you're alone, you avoid heartbreak. At least that is what newly eligible bachelor, Dallas Grant, believed. He had no intentions of finding love again, b...
Until Dusk by hypergraphik
Until Duskby adwoa
Events following the arrival of ancient artefacts from Egypt have Art Historian Laila Cann questioning reality. ⋆⋆⋆ For avi...
non-stop [v.h] by jellyfxsh
non-stop [v.h]by R.S
"You make me feel good. Good about myself, good about life." "Cringe." in which a young woman with slight social media success finds herself drawn t...
Own It by LazySuperhero
Own Itby Thandazile
As I witnessed the his humiliation and shame, I felt this heavy feeling in my chest, no matter how much I tried to look away, I could still see the defeat and pain in hi...
The Challenge by JessCStories
The Challengeby Jess Catherine R.
Lexi Lynn is often overlooked working for famous social media influencer London, her older sister. But what happens when famous influencer Sebastian Martinez, London's g...
The Evil Inside Me by BECKYAHSAVAGE
The Evil Inside Meby Xavier
I'm different and that's how it will always be
Cóviel: The Book Of Three Seals  by GHCamri
Cóviel: The Book Of Three Seals by Genevive Camri
"Books, stories, tales and legends. They all have two things in common. A beginning, and an end. However, some myths and secrets have no origins, let alone a fore...
Ipsos (Book 1)  by TheBookIpsos
Ipsos (Book 1) by Hailey
Description: A teenage girl loves reading novels even when she was on her death bed. But this one book is called "Two people from a Different World". It was a...
I am beautiful by Story_writter8
I am beautifulby Lumity fan
I am beautiful, I am magic, I am a woman
Nimbus by Sabrina461123
Nimbusby Sabrina461123
21 year old Izar is ecstatic when she finds out she has been awarded a scholarship to study at the illustrious Astra Academy in New York. With all expenses paid for her...
A Mad Man's Clause by EddyWina
A Mad Man's Clauseby Wina D.
A man from the past escapes the past but finds he never got far. A girl attempts to escape her life but finds she can never get far. Not until the Mad Man is gone A c...
Sunrise and Snowflakes  by violetstar48
Sunrise and Snowflakes by violetstar48
In the beginning, before even the universe existed. There was war. **** Two friends, two girls, drawn apart by a war and separate fates. One fated to be the light while...
terrafirma by niftyexits
terrafirmaby Justiny
Private investigators Dash Grisby and Allana Meyers dive into the case of a suspicious magic-related death that unveils the rise of a powerful wizard known as The Orbite...
Yemaya, Goddess of the Sea by HitujinoHiun
Yemaya, Goddess of the Seaby Black Sheep
She woke up in a strange place where humans no longer lived in the sea, but on the land. And she woke up in modern day Japan. The Sea Goddess Yemaya came to live among h...
Living like royalty by josie321
Living like royaltyby Book worm
Imani is now leaving North Carolina to live with her grandfather, The Alpha King. Will she live up to his expectations and follow in his footsteps in becoming next in li...
Descendant Of The Cursed Pirate Treasure by Hexica2
Descendant Of The Cursed Pirate Hexica
Khalida is a barmaid with several mysteries. All she did was struggle to assist her family who detested her, mourn over her older brother which she murdered, and try to...
What A Wonderful World  by dopaminemagic
What A Wonderful World by Lola-Angel
"And finally, Earth can have peace. We will all know at the same time, what happens after death." "I want everything covered, my plans, everything I want...