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Dragon Tamer by H_Hobbs
Dragon Tamerby Holly Hobson
《Paperback available on Amazon》 || Book 1 of Adventures of Wala series || Kali Dracino is a born-and-raised dragon tamer. There hasn't been a single dragon in the valley...
Black Sheep Rodrick X Reader Fan Fiction by TeeLooLove
Black Sheep Rodrick X Reader Fan 🌱Britta🌱
"I give you permission to ruin me, [Y/N]" You move to Plainview to reconnect with your estranged aunt your senior year of high school. You meet the boy next do...
Neeyum Naanum...💙💜 by Poojayohs
Neeyum Naanum...💙💜by Imperfect one
Once again with a Rom-Com series....😇 A love tale ❤️🧡 with a Dramatic, sudden feelings of attraction and respect. A fleeting emotion of care, affection, and like🫂 A...
Shades of Gray by LovelyCatPaws
Shades of Grayby LovelyCatPaws
The last thing Graham Calloway remembers is being shot with the crackle rod by a brain-washed Carmen Sandiego. He wakes up in a hospital, where the Chief of A.C.M.E. let...
Black Sheep | Robin Buckley  by onyxsnowbird
Black Sheep | Robin Buckley by Onyx
I, y/n Harrington, am the black sheep in the family. I don't party, don't have many friends and definitely do not talk to boys. My big brother was always there for me th...
Rules | Gabe Duncan by whoarewereally1
Rules | Gabe Duncanby 2004
"There are rules in our friendship that we live by, that we need. We can't break those rules. And I'm not going to be the first one to break them." {Oc×Gabe Du...
Black Sheep by sadloveletterssigned
Black Sheepby ni
LèRue True Morgan is a Plus Size black girl that is a bad girl. She is the the black sheep of School, society, in her family and in Life. She doesn't follows anyone's r...
The red thread of fate by Unwritten_Angel
The red thread of fateby Nushie
United by fate and separated by destiny, will Kyo and Yami be united again? Or Would she be enchanted by someone else who happens to take a keen interest in her?
online friends. [player x reader oneshots] by whitehat_
online friends. [player x reader whitehat_
For all the player simps like me // A series of player x reader oneshots, I take requests! // Original characters from Netflix series, Carmen Sandiego
Carmen Sandiego Chaos by DeadlyNadderRider
Carmen Sandiego Chaosby Kate Bishop
What my weird ass braincells came up with :D
Supposably funny Carmen Sandiego stuff by Confuzd_chaos
Supposably funny Carmen Sandiego Confuzd_chaos
I feel like the title explains it well enough... Just some short (supposably funny) scenes with the Carmen Sandiego crew. Okaaay... so, this is packed full of CS goodnes...
Little Black Sheep by 00000runner00000
Little Black Sheepby Runner Night
Carmen as a four-year-old and her adventures on the island
I guess I am by 00000runner00000
I guess I amby Runner Night
What if Black Sheep said yes, what if Black Sheep said, I guess I am accusing you of cheating, on that fateful day
𝓛𝓞𝓥𝓔(ON HOLD +MAJOR EDITING) by catzarekindacool
𝓛𝓞𝓥𝓔(ON HOLD +MAJOR EDITING)by elliewillamslut
playerxreader she/her pronouns are used in this story:) Stolen by 𝓿𝓲𝓵𝓮 at a young age brainwashed, and tortured, this girl has been through hell. He never felt this...
Unexpected Comfort (A Carmen X Tigress Fanfic) (Discontinued) by KneecapInfant
Unexpected Comfort (A Carmen X KneecapInfant
This started as a collection of random one shots, but evolved into an overarching story. It'll start out messy, but will hopefully become better as more chapters come ou...
Worth by SeventyMurphy
Worthby Stephanie Murphy
When an eccentric old neighbour dies and names Violet March in his will, she is even more surprised than his estranged and spoiled family. To make matters stranger, she...
Becoming a Scott by thisaintworkin
Becoming a Scottby thisaintworkin
Christina Scott is the oldest daughter of the black sheep of the family, but she's arrived back to the home he left behind ready to claim her spot in the hierarchy of th...
One-Shot Collection by Adana1007
One-Shot Collectionby Iris
As the title says, this is a collection of One-Shots. I'll take all your suggestions but also ideas of my own. I'll only post when I have a finished chapter, the one-sho...
Carmen Sandiego Funny Scenarios & Other Random Stuff by AthenianOwlLover
Carmen Sandiego Funny September
This is my collection of pure Carmen Sandiego themed madness and fun, with several explosions thrown in. Funny slice-of-life stories and scenarios, etc. Probably a bit o...
The Reason (Westlife) //Completed by EnigmaticFanGirl
The Reason (Westlife) //Completedby Mia Hall
"I can't take this act anymore. I'm...quitting," I mutter almost inaudibly earning a shocked expression from a certain person I need not to mention who. Call i...