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Natasha Romanoff x Reader - One-shot Collection (PG) by abimess_
Natasha Romanoff x Reader - abimess_
Collection of one-shots of Natasha Romanoff x Reader stories from my Tumblr @abimess
Saving Nat - Avengers Endgame alternate ending by shining_jewel
Saving Nat - Avengers Endgame Shining_Jewel
"Wait." Little did they know that that one word would have so much impact. Little golden lines were moving from their original position, time moving along its...
Streams Of Danger by grxwingstrxng
Streams Of Dangerby » Čøtë. «✨
3 am written fanfiction, Natasha Romanoff x reader as you might have noticed. There's a multi-part story and some one shots, you can also find them on my Tumblr @/sing4p...
Web of lies by lokiisaliveandgay
Web of liesby lokiisaliveandgay
When you finally escape the red room with the help of a fiery haired assassin what will happen next?