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Talk to us Brother II Eng ver by galaxiagacha_29
Talk to us Brother II Eng verby GalaxiaGacha_29
This is the story of two brother's who come from a family of 6 members, namely the Fusion Beliung Family. The two brother's are the fusion of the lightning element & lig...
Rivalry Wars [COMPLETED]  by BuRocks17
Rivalry Wars [COMPLETED] by ||Jolyn on HIATUS||
Once again, the two popular rivals namely, the most fearsome badboy, Halilintar- as well as the smartest and well-known alchemist, Solar of Stanford High are back! They...
Boboiboy: Elemental Tales by lolaeverye
Boboiboy: Elemental Talesby Lola Summer Everye
Seven boys with clashing personalities. Whoever would have thought that they were related, right? But they were - they were friends, they were family, they were brothers...
The Siblings AU by Unkn0wnTora
The Siblings AUby Yosaru Yuu
[Changed story title] Oldest - Thunderstorm 2nd Oldest - Cyclone 3rd Oldest - Earthquake Mid - Blaze 2nd Mid - Ice Younger - Thorn Youngest - Solar Most of the AU in thi...
Together??.. FOREVER!!  by Eriwhat_O-o
Together??.. FOREVER!! by Erika_fandom
"A world with No aliens, or power's. Chaos,danger. That's our world" "How about hewoe's, tho how do hewoe's save everyone when super powews are not w'eal...
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Verdade by NaradaKarias
Verdadeby NaradaKarias
*Who am I?" A teenager whose live is searching for an answer. An answer on why he is born. For what purpose does he live. And find himself in the conflict of the...
Boboiboy x reader Songfic Oneshot.        ╰(*'︶'*)╯♡qqqqqqqdge by SUPRAMA
Boboiboy x reader Songfic Boop
So basically you give me any songs and I'll try to make it into a short story! You can request anything but no OC's thoo sowwy( ◠‿◠ ) //I don't own you or Boboiboy. //
Boboiboy is not a demigod!! by diabeticperson
Boboiboy is not a demigod!!by Diabeticperson
All I wanted was to watch Boboiboy. Instead I got him into a world where Greek deities and monsters are real. #1 in #boboiboyxreader (21/07/2020) All the Boboiboy fanart...
Bbb Galaxy random pic by WinterFallNova
Bbb Galaxy random picby 月亮女王(Moon Queen)
Just some random pics of bbb and some editing pictures of Gacha that I edited
Boboiboy Elementals, Fusions, and Friends! Incorrect Quotes (My AUs) by Joe_Nathaniel
Boboiboy Elementals, Fusions, Joe_Nathaniel
Incorrect Quotes featuring characters from Boboiboy! Some Quotes might have ships, some might not. In the end, it all comes down to what AU is featured. Though mostly it...
Boboiboy Element & Fusion Shenanigans by Halloween_Neko
Boboiboy Element & Fusion Shichi
A bunch of headcanons and scenarios about Boboiboy Elements and Fusions. Maybe there will be one-shorts. Everything is mostly spoiler free. If a chapter has spoilers, I...
( INCORRECT ) mechamato by linagiri
( INCORRECT ) mechamatoby 󠀠‎‎‎‎‎sori's
❝𝐈𝐍𝐂𝐎𝐑𝐑𝐄𝐂𝐓❞ ↳ full of incorrect quotes and memes about mechamato DISCLAIMER ! ©Mechamato belongs to ©Monsta ©softl...
Boboiboy: The Superhero, the Superbrothers 3 ~ The Next Galaxy by Zenuex
Boboiboy: The Superhero, the Utential
Finally, the brothers are back home, refreshed and especially jovial with their enhanced relationships. Everyone was happy- dancing, sleeping and hugging! However, ju...
Day before the rehearsal  by WinterFallNova
Day before the rehearsal by 月亮女王(Moon Queen)
So wanna see what happened to the BBB's before the rehearsal? Well WATCH THIS BOOK AND YOU WILL FIND OUT!
boboiboy truth or dare  by GalaxyQueenAnn
boboiboy truth or dare by Queen Ann
Mia moonlight:Muahaha time for truth or dare give us some also my elements will be included Mia blaze:da heck Mia night mare and dark:... Enjoy?
A Fake Smile Never Lies (Reverse Fang x Reverse BBB) by WinterFallNova
A Fake Smile Never Lies (Reverse 月亮女王(Moon Queen)
'I'm torn into pieces......' 'I'm broken......' 'I'm depressed.....' 'I'm a psycho.....' 'I'm not worth or live.....'
BBB one-shot  by WinterFallNova
BBB one-shot by 月亮女王(Moon Queen)
My first time writing one-shot so go easy on me and request and open
BBB Galaxy Roleplaying  by WinterFallNova
BBB Galaxy Roleplaying by 月亮女王(Moon Queen)
Come come! Be together with you favourite characters!