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Why Am I Like This? by Ilyasmentalbreakdown
Why Am I Like This?by Ilyas breakdown
Adventure, Angst and fluff. Zane loves Cole and Cole loves Zane..... But Zane hates himself. Bottling up his feeling everyone starts to worry. The overlord is back and w...
Secret Snowflake (Ninjago: Glacier) by NinjagoZane2
Secret Snowflake (Ninjago: Glacier)by Charlie :)
After keeping their relationship secret from the public, how would the citizens of Ninjago react?
Fire wings by personally-meVA
Fire wingsby Kai
Kai, master of fire, was born with wings or fire. After his parents went missing, he had to take care of his younger sister, whom had no powers. He joined the rest of th...
тнe laѕт oғ тнe real oneѕ [GreenWisp] by RyanAkagi
тнe laѕт oғ тнe real oneѕ [ —Grug moment
"I'm here in search of your glory, There's been a million before me, That ultra-kind of love, You never walk away from, You're just the last of the real ones."...
Heart Beats:  Glacier Ship (Cole x Zane) - Ninjago by FandomCrazy22
Heart Beats: Glacier Ship (Cole Vi Sauce
⚠️WARNING!! CONTAINS BAD LANGUAGE AND KISSES AND MOST LIKELY MAKEOUTS!! ⚠️ Wowowowwowow I'm making another one!?!?! Hi, sorry that I haven't updated the others. Reason...
Blast to the Past | Ninjago AU| SHORTSTORY|FINISHED by DontFallAsleep250
Blast to the Past | Ninjago AU| AGlacierShipper
Nya worries about Cole's behavior. Cole being the stubborn brute that he is refuses to comply and talk to the others about his problems. She sought help from Wu hoping h...
•Our hands intertwined• by urabottom69
•Our hands intertwined•by urabottom69
Cole is the cool kid, Zane is the bullied kid Cole slightly begins to fall for him but will zane feel the same? Will zane become a cool kid? Or will Cole become a bulli...
Hybrid Au One-Shots (Ninjago) by Ellis_Paperwork
Hybrid Au One-Shots (Ninjago)by Ellis
The humans of NInjago have never approved of hybrids. Even if they look mostly human and could think and speak just like one, they were not to be trusted. Their animal i...
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A Time To Remember [GreenFlame/boyxboy] by Jessicahehe
A Time To Remember [GreenFlame/ Jess (Virgil) {|They/Them|}
"Lloyd?" "Go a-away!" The 17 year old ninja yelled. "I know there's something wrong... Please... just know that I'm here if you need to talk...
What's Wrong...|Cole x Zane|Glacier Ninjago|FINISHED by DontFallAsleep250
What's Wrong...|Cole x Zane| AGlacierShipper
WARNING THIS IS AN OLD BOOK/FIRST BOOK. THE REMAKE IS ON MY ACCOUNT :D Cole paid a lot of attention to the quiet boy, Zane. He never talked often and was very secretive...
Boboiboy x Reader | Scenarios by takagine
Boboiboy x Reader | Scenariosby タカギネ
My first 'X Reader' book,so please go easy on me. Status: [ Requests: Closed ] [ Update: N/A ] [ Book Status: Completed ] ♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡ I love you,We love you. We will...
What's Wrong....|Glacier|DISCONTINUED by DontFallAsleep250
What's Wrong....|Glacier| AGlacierShipper
This story has been discontinued to the fact that I dislike how I remade it. Everything is explained on the final chapter of this book. Although for others enjoyment it...
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[On A Break] Boboiboy oneshots & incorrect quotes by boboipoke
[On A Break] Boboiboy oneshots & FoxSumi
There will be some scary, comedy, there will also be a lot of incorrect quotes etc boboiboy stories. I am not a good writer but I hope you will like it!
Together, Missions! (BoBoiBoy Fanfic) by Naisu_nana
Together, Missions! (BoBoiBoy naisunanamisu
BoBoiBoy and his friends were given a mission to Laskar Station and were ordered to follow an Admiral on his mission. Who is this Admiral? And, what kind of mission they...
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Recruit Male Reader x R6 by UrMomGae420691337
Recruit Male Reader x R6by UrMomGae420691337
Y/N, or 'Subzero' (Not MK) is a new recruit joining Rainbow. The operators treat him as if he's a normal recruit, but he's not. He's much too skilled to be a recruit.
Free rp book by SupDip
Free rp bookby Kamiku
like the title, also this is mainly an Rp book for people I tag or friends
Kids Again (Ninjago Fanfiction) by Ellis_Paperwork
Kids Again (Ninjago Fanfiction)by Ellis
Set during the ultimate golden weapon arc. Garmadon makes a wish to leave the ninja completely defenseless. Unfortunately it only hit Two of the ninja, but it should be...
Permata [ BBB ]  by tantancokro
Permata [ BBB ] by tantancokro
[ Fanfiction 📚 ] [+14] Bukan keluarga Boboiboys namanya jika tidak menyimpan sebuah rahasia. "Guru di sekolah kita, mah, gak pernah bener." Menjalankan ruti...
The Creature Underneath|Glacier Story| by -GlacierStar-
The Creature Underneath|Glacier ❄️GlacierStar🖤
|Collaboration Story| Cole was afraid. Afraid of what his teammates would think of him. He hides his wings in his hoodie or Ninja Gi everyday never getting free time to...
Ninjago Stuff by EverdayWeird0
Ninjago Stuffby Zinc (HIATUS)
I tried to put some of these in my GreenFlame story, but I had way too many ideas- as you can tell- so i'm making them their own book This will have incorrect quotes, he...