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Transported: A Wings of Fire story by Random_Man88
Transported: A Wings of Fire storyby Nuh uh
Imagine reading your favorite book series when you're suddenly transported into it. That's what happend to Daniel Lorence when he is transported into the fictional world...
Winter: Ask or Dare! (CLOSED) by EmberTheStorian
Winter: Ask or Dare! (CLOSED)by EmberTheStorian
Leave dares and questions for everyone's favorite snobbish IceWing! (Will include harsh language) (FINISHED)
Silenced Voice by SusanneSaM
Silenced Voiceby S.Susanne
Illustrated story! Moonwatcher must admit to herself that she has not listened to her inner voice when making choices that affect her entire future. Where does she belon...
Wings of Fire as Humans! by abilenemeadow-
Wings of Fire as Humans!by ೃ⁀➷𝐀𝐁𝐈𝐋𝐄𝐍𝐄
Join the dragons you know and love into Dragon High! Expect... their humans? With no prophecy and no special powers? That's right! Just normal high school with... well...
Wings of Fire one shots by tsunamilion
Wings of Fire one shotsby Rosa
These are not my characters but I have some of my favourite Ships in the book and not my favourite requests are available unless i'm finished with this book. Then you ca...
Wings of Fire as Humans: Jade Preparatory Academy by apandask8r
Wings of Fire as Humans: Jade apandask8r
Clay Landslide, Tsunami Hurricane, Glory Paradise, Starflight Galaxy, Sunny Roadrunner, Peril Cinder, Riptide Whitewash, Deathbringer Moonslayer, and Fatespeaker Moonsla...
A Moonbli Story by tsunamilion
A Moonbli Storyby Rosa
It started off as a love triangle but when Moon chose Winter instead of Qibli, things have gone off the rails. Winter goes paranoid, thinking that Moonwatcher of the Nig...
Wings of Fire as Humans by Jessie_Parise
Wings of Fire as Humansby Jess <3
What would it be like if the Jade Winglet characters were (Human, I should specify) normal teenagers? No prophecies, or powers, or secrets or lies. Just... high school...
The Letters You Send Me by Skywing_heart4768
The Letters You Send Meby Skywing_Cloudjumper4768
Winter knows he's a disappointment. First, he falls in love with his sworn enemy, then he helps them to defeat a great evil before betraying their trust in the final bat...
Wings of Fire: One shots 2 by tsunamilion
Wings of Fire: One shots 2by Rosa
This is the sequel to the first book of One-shots. I hope you like it, anyway I take request. Although I may not do all of them. So, enjoy!
The Lost Outcast Book Three by Rangiewins
The Lost Outcast Book Threeby Whit Prior
Wings of Fire story! READ THE LOST OUTCAST BOOKS ONE AND TWO FIRST!!! This book is the third and final book of, "The Lost Outcast" series. Follow Jade, Jaguar...
Wings of Fire: Truth or Dare--BOOK 2 by HylianGuard
Wings of Fire: Truth or Silver the Nightwing
What's this?! The dragons of Pyrrhia are back for an all new and exciting book of Truth or Dare? What kind of shenanigans will the Winglet get themself into? How will th...
Moon, Winter, and Qibli's future by moonwatchersister
Moon, Winter, and Qibli's futureby moonwatchersister
What will happen to Moon, Winter, and Qibli's love life? Which one will win, Winterwatcher or Moonbli? Read on to find out! Includes LOTS of Turtlejou. Just an FYI, th...
Healed by Sandshadow9
Healedby Sand
Flame has a lot of issues and has been sent away to the healing center in the Sky Kingdom to deal with them. The last dragons he expected, or wanted, to see there were U...
Qinter: Arranged marriage by Qinter_fan1
Qinter: Arranged marriageby Qinter_fan1
When some Icewings are aggravated about losing out on land they were promised by Blaze, to prevent a war between Icewings and Sandwings Glacier and Thorn arrange two of...
Falling for you - Qinter Fic  by WarriorCats4Life62
Falling for you - Qinter Fic by 🍃Leafy/Capy🤎
A charming, easy-going SandWing and a 'cold', stuck-up IceWing. Soulmates, or no? Shipped off to Jade Mountain Academy, and stuck as roommates, Winter and Qibli will h...
Wings of Fire: Truth or Dare by tsunamilion
Wings of Fire: Truth or Dareby Rosa
basically truth or dare
"You're all I'll ever need" (Qibli x Winter) A Wings of Fire fanfiction by CresentMoonbean
"You're all I'll ever need" ( ♥ Illumine ♥
"He's so pretty ad shiny" went on Qibli's brain. "No, stop it" Qibli snapped at himself in his thoughts. "You can't be in love with a IceWing, e...
Shards: Moonwatcher Evil au Wof by Moonseabeam
Shards: Moonwatcher Evil au Wofby Moonsea
Moon was and is to perfect. She was able to handle all the voices in her head without going insane, she is shy, she is pretty, and so on. But what if Moon couldn't handl...
Peace and its Shadow by Glitched_Ghosty
Peace and its Shadowby Pancake404
Don't tell a soul... Peacemaker was never deemed ordinary compared to most other dragonets but one incident is all it took for him to fall down a rabbit hole of deceptio...