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Wings of Fire as Humans: Jade Preparatory Academy by apandask8r
Wings of Fire as Humans: Jade apandask8r
Clay Landslide, Tsunami Hurricane, Glory Paradise, Starflight Galaxy, Sunny Roadrunner, Peril Cinder, Riptide Whitewash, Deathbringer Moonslayer, and Fatespeaker Moonsla...
Wings of Fire as Humans by Jessie_Parise
Wings of Fire as Humansby Jess <3
What would it be like if the Jade Winglet characters were (Human, I should specify) normal teenagers? No prophecies, or powers, or secrets or lies. Just... high school...
Wings Of Fire: As Humans by AngelPhoenixWOF
Wings Of Fire: As Humansby AngelPhoenix
Other amazing authors have inspired me to write a story about Wing Of Fire. Except... this time they're humans... I've written this book once before, but, as you may kno...
Pantala High School by WatsonPhia
Pantala High Schoolby WatsonPhia
If the Wings of Fire Pantalan MCs went to high school! If you love Sunlow, Blicket, and Wings of Fire AUs, this one might be for you.
The True Dragonet Prophecy - Wings Of Fire AU/Fanfic by ANBpokeball1
The True Dragonet Prophecy - ANBpokeball1
What would have happened if the Dragonet Prophecy were a real prophecy? Born into the lives they would have had without the Talons Of Peace, watch as Clay, Tsunami, Glor...
Alternate Destinies - A Wings of Fire AU by Vulomkaaz
Alternate Destinies - A Wings of Not Very Active
(This is a role swap AU, where the roles of different characters/tribes are switched around) Fatespeaker, Flame, Viper, Squid, and Ochre have lived under the mountain fo...
Destiny Breach (WoF & FNaF SB AU) by Blue_Shadow_Moon
Destiny Breach (WoF & FNaF SB AU)by Awwfur
We at Destiny Entertainment are here to formally invite you to the grand opening of our new, and improved, Clay's Mega Pizza-Plex! With animatronic shows starring the Dr...
WHAT IF: Umber moved to possibility and fell in love? An Umber WoF AU! by Flufgirl52
WHAT IF: Umber moved to TremendousTheRainwing
EDIT: I seem to have lost the rest of the story to somewhere... I've been trying to hunt it down, hence the lack of updates, also I have been lazy... Hopefully more to c...
Talons of Decent (WoF AU)by Staryia Foxx
This Is A "Wings of Fire" AU following the babies of the characters (Neptune, Poisonfruit, Abyss, Etc...)
Wings of Fire as Humans AU - The Jade Mountain Chronicals by KnoxTheHunter
Wings of Fire as Humans AU - The Knoxy (Less Active)
An entire new continent was sending their children to Jade Mountain. Right here!! Even if it meant having to meet new people, Lark was happy. From what he had heard abo...
Wings of Evolution (short stories) by Repeat932
Wings of Evolution (short stories)by Dianne Goble
After the fall of Soulseer, Pyrrhia still has a lot of problems. Orca is still out there, the SandWing queens absolutely refuse to coexist, and the soldiers that survive...
Embers and Ashes- An Empires S1 Wings of Fire AU by A_Fanfic_Queen
Embers and Ashes- An Empires S1 Kiara :>
When FWhip started at Jade Mountain Academy, he'd never exactly expected to be chasing a friend (not really, but you know) turned madman across the continent with most o...
Headcanon scenes for The Flames of Hope by FelineStorm
Headcanon scenes for The Flames FelineStorm
In here I'm going to put scenes/chapters that I strongly feel should have been in the book, or revamped original scenes. I'm sticking to the original storyline, but I'm...
Fly high by Skyvolt_the_skywing
Fly highby Welcome
My whole life I've trained to kill them, to defend my kingdom, to protect my queen. They're monsters, heartless dragons who will try to kill you on sight. Or are they? (...
Dragons Demise Book 1: The Dark Evil by PotatoANDCosmoLORD
Dragons Demise Book 1: The Dark hi
A Wings of Fire AU just because it's fun, made between me (PotatoANDCosmoLORD) and my friend (COSMICpotatos820). It's about like a group of dragons taking revenge with t...
The Cure to Blindness - Anemarin AU by Misfit_Raven
The Cure to Blindness - Anemarin AUby Riv !!⚡️🍉
(The current cover is a placeholder!) Welcome to my second written AU! This time I'm hoping to slowly but surely work on and finish it. In this Au, Tamarin is 8 and Anem...
Desire of Evil by aphideos
Desire of Evilby 𝗮𝗽𝗵𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗼𝘀
WHERE ARE ALL THEW VIEWS FROM?? This is a horror AU of book 15, do not read if you are squeamish, or whatever. ie: possession, death, animal death, disturbing character...