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When Lightning Strikes the Night Sky by SofiTheWriter
When Lightning Strikes the Night SofiTheWriter
Glory knew her relationship with Deathbringer wasn't going to be easy. After all, he was simply too arrogant, good-looking, and smug to tolerate. Yet somehow, they weird...
The Dragon's Seer (Wings of Fire fan fic) by DragonTyper10
The Dragon's Seer (Wings of Fire Dragon Typer
James is just a regular 13 year old- until something else happens. He gets transported into the world of Wings of Fire world before the first book. Using his knowledge o...
Wings of Fire: A Human in a Dragonet's Prophecy. by Microfirethe1st
Wings of Fire: A Human in a Microfire
When a story is corrupted and prophecy needs a helping hand; How can a simple person help guide the actions of the destined dragonets? This story takes our human protago...
Moonwatcher's Sister (Qibli x OC) by kaitlynn-bush
Moonwatcher's Sister (Qibli x OC)by sourcherry
What if Moon wasn't the only dragonet in that egg on that one fateful night? What if there was another..? I OWN NOTHING EXCEPT FOR MY OC!! Everything else goes to they'r...
𝐖𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 𝐎𝐅 𝐅𝐈𝐑𝐄: The dragonet of two tribes | ✔️ by Angelbreeze-
When the war lasted twenty years... The Dragonets will come. When the land is soaked in blood and tears... The dragonets will come. Find the seaWing egg if deepest blue...
King of The Dragons (Wings of Fire X Monster Hunter) by boomboomabc
King of The Dragons (Wings of not_bakugo
The Wyvern of Destiny, The Wyvern of Destruction, The Black Flame, The Dark Demise, The King of Monsters, The King of Dragons. He is called Fatalis, The Black Dragon. Fa...
Wings of Fire: Revenant by VexVamp
Wings of Fire: Revenantby Vex
Not all secrets stay buried ... Peacemaker has never done anything remarkable - at least as far as he's concerned. With no magical abilities or heroic destiny, he worri...
Silenced Voice by SusanneSaM
Silenced Voiceby S.Susanne
Illustrated story! Moonwatcher realizes that her choices, which affect her entire future, have not been what she wants and longs for. Where does she belong? Will she alw...
Once in Three Moons by Darkness_Phoenix
Once in Three Moonsby no knockback!
A SpaceWing egg accidentally gets launched out into the vast lands of Space. It's journey through the black world seemed long, like a few years. But of course that is fa...
Wings Of Sky by DragonTrainer1983
Wings Of Skyby DragonTrainer1983
The Skywing egg was smashed, and they needed a replacment. One guardian left to go find said replacment, unknown to them another option was presented to them. The story...
Wings of Fire-TRUTH or DARE! by HylianGuard
Wings of Fire-TRUTH or DARE!by Silver the Nightwing
Truth or dare! It's just a harmless little game you play with the occasional event that is incredibly stupid, but it's not that crazy, right? Well, not until dragons sta...
Unshattered  by Person16782661728
Unshattered by Person16782661728
'The largest egg in mountain high, will give to you the wings of sky.' We all know how the SkyWing egg was lost right? Well, in this world, what if the SkyWing egg didn'...
WOF scavenger short stories by TheSaxxyODST
WOF scavenger short storiesby F/A 18
A collection of short wings of fire stories about scavengers in wings of fire. These story's take place after book 15, and follow the either happy or sorrowful stories o...
A Beautiful Nightmare {Book1-} by Person16782661728
A Beautiful Nightmare {Book1-}by Person16782661728
"PATHETIC," is all Moondrift has been called her whole life. She never wanted this...she never wanted to be an assassin, she just wanted to prove herself that...
A human in Wings of Fire by Raskzak
A human in Wings of Fireby Raskzak 1216
Ashley is just a guy, a random person that lives a normal life and likes reading books. There is nothing particular to him, except for that part where he got teleported...
Wings of Fire As Humans  by M0rb1d-
Wings of Fire As Humans by defnot_M0rb1d-
Moon is starting a new year in private school, just like everyone else. This school only opened a month ago, so no one knows anyone. Moon hoped she wouldn't need to caus...
Wings of Fire: Nova Flare by jademythriil
Wings of Fire: Nova Flareby Jade Mythriil
//On Hiatus// Dragons have come to take Nova away but for what reason it is not yet known to her. As she runs away from her home in the midst of a civil war, she stumble...
Percy Jackson wings of fire crossover by fluffy123467890
Percy Jackson wings of fire Fluffy
I noticed there aren't any of these so I made one i hope you enjoy, this is my first Fanfiction. I also make these up as I go so it takes a while from when I start to up...
Wings of Fire: The Forbidden Dragonet | ✔️ by AppleCinnamonCandles
Wings of Fire: The Forbidden Kip 😻
"IT CANNOT STAY." _____________________ Hare was never supposed to be born. Her existence is forbidden. Her grandmother stated that many years ago. But yet sh...
Wings of Fire as Humans: Jade Preparatory Academy by apandask8r
Wings of Fire as Humans: Jade apandask8r
Clay Landslide, Tsunami Hurricane, Glory Paradise, Starflight Galaxy, Sunny Roadrunner, Peril Cinder, Riptide Whitewash, Deathbringer Moonslayer, and Fatespeaker Moonsla...