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𖤓ཌ【 ☪︎ ꜰɪxɪɴɢ ᴀ ᴍɪꜱᴛᴀᴋᴇ ☪︎ 】ད𖤓 by Azuki_95
𖤓ཌ【 ☪︎ ꜰɪxɪɴɢ ᴀ ᴍɪꜱᴛᴀᴋᴇ ☪︎ 】ད𖤓by Azuki_95
"I'll make sure to do the right things....... this time. " Rewind AU. Ever thought of traveling back in time, just to correct things? Solar made a mistake th...
[Our Beloved Brother] | elemental siblings | 💖 by AngelCercan
[Our Beloved Brother] | AngelCercan
It was a day like any other the 7 elemental brothers we're doing what they usual do Ice sleeping in his room while the trio troublemaker goes and pranks the other's sol...
Untold Truth (Boboiboy Fanfiction) [COMPLETED} by Ayas_AnimeLover
Untold Truth (Boboiboy Fanfiction) ❤️💞💗💝Ayas💝💗💞❤️
(A / N : This story takes place after 1 year after Retak'ka / Boboiboy Galaxy Movie 2 incident. ) What if Boboiboy had a painfull yet sad memory? What if he had a trauma...
HELPING HANDS (Boboiboy with Elementals) by solarhood
HELPING HANDS (Boboiboy with solarhood
The fight with Retakka leads boboiboy into a serious injuries but with a little help from his elements and spending some time with them will also lead to problems or cha...
Collection of short stories, AUs, and random stuff. Mainly about BBB!
My Chubby Princess {OG} by Author_Runi-chan
My Chubby Princess {OG}by ᴋʜᴀɪʀᴜɴɴɪꜱᴀ
Malay Fanfic! "Isk..Kenapa...kenapa hanya aku berbadan besar, aku dibuli sampai macam ni?Isk.." Gempa, seorang gadis malang berbadan besar sering dibuli dan...
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BNHA x Boboiboy crossover: When worlds collide [HIATUS UP UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!] by maker_849
BNHA x Boboiboy crossover: When Nix_Fandom_hops_
(Takes place after the Retak'ka fight in Boboiboy movie 2) This is it. His reign ends. Retak'ka, is now defeated. Boboiboy got his elementals back, who were happy to see...
My Prettiest Wife ♥︎ by LxvenderIcy
My Prettiest Wife ♥︎by ivy
Having to protect a power sphere was not easy, especially when you were alone in the world with nothing you can trust except your power sphere. But you still had friends...
BoBoiBoy Reaction to the future by sakura_sakuroko
BoBoiBoy Reaction to the futureby Rawr
BoBoiBoy prepare himself to sleep. The fight earlier proof to be difficult. We can't blame him, he literally change to a coward because of Adu Du's emotionless ray. He w...
Together??.. FOREVER!!  by Eriwhat_O-o
Together??.. FOREVER!! by Erika_fandom
"A world with No aliens, or power's. Chaos,danger. That's our world" "How about hewoe's, tho how do hewoe's save everyone when super powews are not w'eal...
| Boboiboy | Dậy thôi! Tới giờ học rồi! by irena1567
| Boboiboy | Dậy thôi! Tới giờ họ Aergia
Warning OOC!! ⚠️⚠️ Thiết lập nhân vật có thể chưa rõ ràng, về sau sẽ ổn định hơn! Thể loại: BL, GL, học đường, hài hước. Xin hãy cân nhắc trước khi nhảy hố vì tình trạng...
Heroes From Far Away (Bbb x Mha crossover) by Elizyx_04
Heroes From Far Away (Bbb x Mha Elizyx_04
Boboiboy, Fang, Yaya, Ying and Gopal got caught in another problem. Their fight with a power spheres hunter have brought them into a planet that similar to Earth. The di...
boboiboy shitpost by YExARion
boboiboy shitpostby YexARIon
The title says it all :v cover by sk_skto Disclaimer : boboiboy belongs to animonsta/monsta Another disclaimer : all incorrect quotes came from the internet , i do not...
<Boboiboy Oneshot> by FroggyCy1234
by Hamster-!
This Is My World [High School AU] by _Amethyx_
This Is My World [High School AU]by emotional damaged
❝I don't know what's going on. I was just a nobody, but then Tanah came along and my world turned upside down.❞ -Api, 15 years old
DESTINIES COLLIDE  (A Boboiboy & Mechamato Fanfiction) by _Cosmic_Butterfly
DESTINIES COLLIDE (A Boboiboy & _Cosmic_Butterfly
A Boboiboy and Mechamato fanfiction. *Time period - After BBB movie 2* A new villain is after the legendary twin pendants of Creation and Destruction, which if brought t...
From Me To You [✅✔✅] by HarruTsubasa05
From Me To You [✅✔✅]by SHUT UP!!
Credit cover: new_divaanis@instagram [COMPLETE!] Fem! Gempa Fem! Taufan Fem! Ais Fem! Thorn Siblings! Halilintar/Blaze/Solar Gempa, merupakan satu-satunya adik kembar Ta...
This book is mainly about side stories from my BOBOIBOY X BNHA main book. Also, this will be filled with various stories related to Boboiboy's life in the hero world. ...
Oneshot Boboiboy by fantasticlemon
Oneshot Boboiboyby Lemon
Đây là những oneshot mình viết về các Boboiboy, là kiểu tuỳ hứng nên có thể không ra thường xuyên đâu P/s: Những oneshot có tên nhân vật trong () là nhân vật chính của...
a cold version of blaze 👀 by loves_kats_
a cold version of blaze 👀by loves_katss_
idea from @justina_chan223 Thank you so much for the asume!! Im trying my best for this page just like ani other books.