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BoBoiBoy Reaction to the future by sakura_sakuroko
BoBoiBoy Reaction to the futureby Rawr
BoBoiBoy prepare himself to sleep. The fight earlier proof to be difficult. We can't blame him, he literally change to a coward because of Adu Du's emotionless ray. He w...
Boboiboy Headcanons by Draculaura8
Boboiboy Headcanonsby Saiko
According to fanlore: Headcanon (or head canon, head-canon) is a fan's personal, idiosyncratic interpretation of canon, such as habits of a character, the backstory of a...
Boboiboy Facts & Trivias by Draculaura8
Boboiboy Facts & Triviasby Saiko
This book contains a lot of facts that I found from Boboiboy Wikipedia and also from Anas Abdul Aziz, a chief content officer of AniMonsta Studios. DISCLAIMER: None of...
Innocent Love [Boboiboy x Reader] by Draculaura8
Innocent Love [Boboiboy x Reader]by Saiko
In Rintis Island, a part of Malaysia where superhero kids rule to save the earth from alien invaders. A place where a foreign individual had to live like normal kids, wh...
The Normal & Ordinary One? (Hiatus) by ShazrinaAishah
The Normal & Ordinary One? (Hiatus)by Shazrina Aishah (Hiatus)
Where one of seven Boboiboy elementals just watching from afar when Beliung comes out while others congrats him. Angst Duri!!! Because I want to read some of the good an...
Back to the Past by ShazrinaAishah
Back to the Pastby Shazrina Aishah (Hiatus)
Just a one-shot angst story about Boboiboy, Amato, and Tok Aba special for father's Day today. Boboiboy and other characters who are mentioned in this story are not min...
Boboiboy Galaxy : Adventure in Planet Zenith《Completed》  by FieryBlaze777
Boboiboy Galaxy : Adventure in Abby
What if Kaizo wasn't on time to save Boboiboy? Will he survive out in space? What will the others do without him? Read and find out. Takes place after Boboiboy Galaxy ep...
Fang x Reader: His True Intentions ( Under-Editing ) by QuackingQuackerzzz
Fang x Reader: His True Commando Lexie
You and Fang always had arguments and misunderstandings ever since you two met. You both like to tease and mock one another that can get out of hand from time to time. F...
The true me BoboiboyXejen Ali fanfiction by sonicthebi
The true me BoboiboyXejen Ali JEFF WARHOG
It's been two months since Ali joined the academy while accidentally activating I.R.I.S( Infinity retainal intelligence system) currently, he was training to be the best...
BoBoiBoy OneShots by shicmuon52
BoBoiBoy OneShotsby Shicy_muon
Short stories about Boboiboy shenanigans and havoc life. Other side characters are included in this chaos. NO ANGST NO ROMANCE NO READER POV This is my first book and fi...
Recruit Me? (Boboiboy Vigilante Story) by Andreena_UwU
Recruit Me? (Boboiboy Vigilante Siti_Andreena
Boboiboy is very nice and kind kid. He was very lucky to have a father that care of him, even if he didn't know what is his father work as. At his age 10, his father sen...
Boboiboy (and friends) saying random crap by Forestvegetable
Boboiboy (and friends) saying Forest_Vegetable
made from my stupid ass imagination, not canon, because this is random. all characters are by monsta not me :]
|| Falling In Love With My Bodyguard || Book 1 by Mebana16
|| Falling In Love With My 🌻 Estra 🌻
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• "Don't worry Yaya, I'll protect you..." ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Falling In Love...
Boboiboy Galaxy: Beyond Zenith by FieryBlaze777
Boboiboy Galaxy: Beyond Zenithby Abby
Boboiboy thought his adventures could end or atleast tune down a bit after his battle with Retak'ka. Oh how wrong he was! Watch/Read Boboiboy and his friends travel beyo...
[Mf i dont know ok?? dont ask why too] =BoyFang= oneshots! ❤ by JinLing05
[Mf i dont know ok?? dont ask ×_Jinling×Sizhui_×
I, author, have no crap about what I'm doing now! 😒😒😁, anyways- I have made another, in fact, USELESS story that can satisfy my needs, but I don't know if I'd do th...
The Septuplets  by yoonglrs
The Septuplets by Yoongs
It all started when the carefree and clumsy Angin opt for a tree climbing. Then, Api being a nuisance until Air had to comfort him. Nevertheless, this is nothing like th...
His little secret  // fangboi fan fiction{on hold} by Dristina_
His little secret // fangboi Dristina
warning boy x boy mpreg 00000.00000.0000.000000.0000000.0000000.0000 Boboiboy was hiding something from his family and friends and only ochobot knows about it. but the...
The secret elemental hero by itsmarshylol
The secret elemental heroby 𝚖𝚊𝚛𝚜𝚑𝚖𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚘𝚠ツ
this is just an au where boboiboy doesn't tell his powers to his new friends btw this is only season 1 in boboiboy also thanks to fangboi_shipper for giving me an idea t...
BoBoiBoy Galaxy Fanmade Season Three by seraphinalakmana
BoBoiBoy Galaxy Fanmade Season SeraTheWriter
The question remains. What happened after BoBoiBoy defeated Vargoba? Sure, they hung out at Tempur-A, but what happened after that? Did they return to TAPOPS? What adven...
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