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Boboiboy Crossover: Meeting the BNHA by VarianSmith
Boboiboy Crossover: Meeting the BN...by Bellwort
⚠️I do not own Boboiboy, Izuku and/or any characters from this fan fiction whatsoever except for some to do the npc role ⚠️English is not my first language so the gramma...
Boboiboy was suck into a teleportal that suddenly appeared in front him when he was fighting with Retak'ka. He then was teleport into a world where everyone has their ow...
Boboiboy Meets My Hero Academia by H1NG3_G1RL
Boboiboy Meets My Hero Academiaby Taufan
[ ONGOING ] I did it.. I finally defeated him.. ... " BOBOIBOY! " was the last thing I heard before I fell into through ice and into the water.. Or was into a...
Element Ships UwU by ice_whale_plush
Element Ships UwUby ❄ice_polarbear❄
its a book were i ship all elements with eachother or your requests! Or the wheel who disides the ship. There is yaoi in it! Warninhs included for when the parts happen!
North Star by smidorii
North Starby s.
In the tranquil waters of Hawai'i, Hokulani and Nikau wonder if it's possible for a song to go on forever. ...
Between Worlds... by LxmonWTea
Between Worlds...by •LxmonYTea•
Nut, An Alien inventor. Wanted to invent a Teleportal, Which was supposed to only help travel, quicker without using Ochobot's power too much. Tho it took a turn when on...
Strongest,, BoBoiBoy by MRS-FUSHIGURO
Strongest,, BoBoiBoyby 𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐱𝐢𝐚
╰┈➤ ᴮᵒᴮᵒⁱᴮᵒʸ ˣ ᴳᵒʲᵒ!ᴿᵉᵃᵈᵉʳ    ╰┈➤ In which the younger sister of the strongest sorcerer meets Rintis Island's future hero, Boboiboy. 𝐒𝐋𝐎𝐖 𝐔𝐏𝐃𝐀𝐓𝐄𝐒 𝙎𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙤𝙣...
Oneshots, Memes & Short Stories | Boboiboy & Friends by lurreiaz
Oneshots, Memes & Short Stories |...by Lureias
!𝐉𝐔ST F𝐎𝐑 𝐅U𝐍! Just memes, incorrect quotes, oneshots and short stories with Boboiboy and friends.
BoBoiBoy OneShots by shicmuon52
BoBoiBoy OneShotsby Shicy_muon
Short stories about Boboiboy shenanigans and havoc life. Other side characters are included in this chaos. NO ANGST NO ROMANCE NO READER POV This is my first book and fi...
Hepta! Love | Boboiboy x Reader by TeamKaizo
Hepta! Love | Boboiboy x Readerby TeamKaizo
An alternate universe in which superpowers and extraterrestrials do not exist in this world; a universe in which each of Boboiboy's element is a separate person of his o...
Our little story: Boboiboy BlazeXIce by Zenuex
Our little story: Boboiboy BlazeXI...by Utential
To the end that I will fight Let you know that I am right We just blast the limits out of sight To your light that I must find Let that spark in us unite Blaze and Ice...
Twisted Summer (Being Rewritten) by zuyuchi
Twisted Summer (Being Rewritten)by Chino
"Let's have a nice summer holiday, my septuplets grandson~!" "WHAT?!" Who would expect to find out that their summer holiday had a magnificent twist...
regret.... by ice_whale_plush
regret....by ❄ice_polarbear❄
a story arround buluing, but! i own the plottwist. carackters are from monsta. contains: sad/angst fluff? and more. enjoy!
Boboiboy the superhero, the super brothers by Zenuex
Boboiboy the superhero, the super...by Utential
The boboiboy siblings have a new home. They love spending time with one another even though of several differences. This story will be mainly based on their daily lives...
past Boboiboy elemental reaction to new owner by OthmanDaud3
past Boboiboy elemental reaction t...by Erin_aka
inspiration : @froggycy1234 ================================ this story was taken when the elements was already in Boboiboy hands But they haven't changed to their form...
stuck in a Sleep by ice_whale_plush
stuck in a Sleepby ❄ice_polarbear❄
Wat if blaze dint wake up animore. Read the book for more info pr for fun cus im lost. Book has been end!
boboiboy elements brothers Oneshots :) by ice_whale_plush
boboiboy elements brothers Oneshot...by ❄ice_polarbear❄
Have fun! im not the owner of these caracters, im making my own stories! Dont wurry im still making new pages! hope you like them! The elements are brothers in my book.
Always be there for you: Boboiboy Thundclone by Zenuex
Always be there for you: Boboiboy...by Utential
Stranded together Beautiful now Looking back, what would you have done differently? The times we had together will never be forgotten. ~Thundclone
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Boboiboy Onshots/🖤🖤{slow Updates} by 0secretplotter0
Boboiboy Onshots/🖤🖤{slow Updates}by séçrēçt pløttēr
Hey Author here.... by the way some of the chapters may contain Angst romance bxb gxg genderbend by the way chapter request are open .... Started: 7 August 2022 Ended;...