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The Heir by Heartmoon36
The Heirby Scarlett Heart
" What if Solar had a sister ? " " What if Solar was the heir of his kingdom ? " " What if..... " Drip... Drip...... Drip............ "...
Boboiboy Crossover: Meeting the BNHA by VarianSmith
Boboiboy Crossover: Meeting the Bellwort
⚠️I do not own Boboiboy, Izuku and/or any characters from this fan fiction whatsoever except for some to do the npc role ⚠️English is not my first language so the gramma...
Between Worlds... by LxmonWTea
Between •LxmonYTea•
Nut, An Alien inventor. Wanted to invent a Teleportal, Which was supposed to only help travel, quicker without using Ochobot's power too much. Tho it took a turn when on...
Boboiboy was suck into a teleportal that suddenly appeared in front him when he was fighting with Retak'ka. He then was teleport into a world where everyone has their ow...
Our Little Brother by ejenfatini
Our Little Brotherby Tini
💙 [🅾🅽 🅶🅾🅸🅽🅶 / 🆂︎🅻︎🅾︎🆆︎ 🆄︎🅿︎🅳︎🅰︎🆃︎🅴︎] 💙 ⇛ sᴇᴠᴇɴᴛʜ ʙᴏᴏᴋ ⇚ Tanah and Petir were a happy family together with their parents. But, apparently their parents...
Boboiboy Septuplets One-Shots by MyWorld_stories
Boboiboy Septuplets One-Shotsby Human_521986
Just writing some random one shots I might get idea of time to time All elements are siblings here!!! Disclaimer: Monsta is rightful owner to all the characters, I would...
THE MULTIVERSE by cresentdream
" Who really are you? How did you know it was us so quickly?" " Ah, i'm afraid that i will not be saying personal information.. for now." "...
Photosynthesis Duo: A Duo Who Got Left Behind (discontinued sorry lol-) by LocalXela
Photosynthesis Duo: A Duo Who Xelain
The characters here used are none of my own, they all rightfully belong to Monsta !! Warning ! - Some mistakes in grammar - Broken English(prolly :') ) - Stiff and immat...
║⁠ㄏBBB Mafia Story乁⁠║ by chicaw-san03
║⁠ㄏBBB Mafia Story乁⁠║by ꒰Chicaw-san꒱
Mengisahkan Tujuh saudara yang terpisah, karena ada sebuah identitas yang tidak boleh diketahui oleh adik-adik nya, itu agar tidak membahayakan nyawa mereka, maka dari i...
My Newfound Family? by CaptainCrazy1603
My Newfound Family?by KaptenGila
This is a story inspired from Twisted Summer by @zuyuchi. That series is being rewritten. Parents are separated, so are the Kids. No powers AU. The way they're separated...
Boboiboy the superhero, the super brothers by Zenuex
Boboiboy the superhero, the Utential
The boboiboy siblings have a new home. They love spending time with one another even though of several differences. This story will be mainly based on their daily lives...
BoBoiBoy OneShots by shicmuon52
BoBoiBoy OneShotsby Shicy_muon
Short stories about Boboiboy shenanigans and havoc life. Other side characters are included in this chaos. NO ANGST NO ROMANCE NO READER POV This is my first book and fi...
The Light and the Dark by FlowerBloomIzzah
The Light and the Darkby Flower Girls
ONESHOT! Ever since the fight with Vargoba, something seems off about Boboiboy Cahaya. But when station TEMPUR-A suffers a blackout, it looks like the other elementals w...
Tidak Layak Dicintaimu by AliahSyuhada
Tidak Layak Dicintaimuby AliahSyuhada
Dosa masa silamnya, merogol seorang wanita hamil yang pernah dicintai. Entah di mana akalnya pada ketika itu. Hidup bergelumang dengan noda, buatkan dia menjadi rakus...
BoBoiBoy Galaxy Fanmade Season Three by seraphinalakmana
BoBoiBoy Galaxy Fanmade Season SeraTheWriter
The question remains. What happened after BoBoiBoy defeated Vargoba? Sure, they hung out at Tempur-A, but what happened after that? Did they return to TAPOPS? What adven...
Pembunuh Cahaya - Green Daylight  [ colorful of love ] Novel Edition by SanthyAgatha
Pembunuh Cahaya - Green SanthyAgatha
Colorful Of Love Enjoy The Series! Colorful of love adalah seri bertema romantis dengan kisah percintaan empat tokoh gadis yang memiliki kisah berbeda-beda. Ikuti kisah...
past Boboiboy elemental reaction to new owner by OthmanDaud3
past Boboiboy elemental reaction Erin_aka
inspiration : @froggycy1234 ================================ this story was taken when the elements was already in Boboiboy hands But they haven't changed to their form...
Boboiboy Elemental Siblings: The Begining (Book 1) by LarahRosario
Boboiboy Elemental Siblings: The Larah Rosario
This is just like the original show but this time its only the elements, no ori btw. Some of it may not be accurate since it's going to be different, hope you enjoy.
Fangirling Boboiboy Compilations ✔ by floatingheels
Fangirling Boboiboy Compilations ✔by Hiatus bby
literally and solely made for the purpose to lash out my fangirling and randomness that contain this precious human boi cuz WHO DON'T LOVE HIM?! and mostly full of rando...
Naruto : Kekuatan Elemental  by Kaza_Kamikaze
Naruto : Kekuatan Elemental by BULL
Saat Naruto pingsan di rumah sakit. tiba-tiba dia dipanggil ke alam bawah sadarnya dan bertemu Kyuubi, singkat pertemuan itu Kyuubi memberikan sebuah kekuatan yang diseb...