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Monkey king x MDemon reader x Macaque (DISCONTINUED) by Simpingrnbrb
Monkey king x MDemon reader x ✨Corrupt wukong✨
This just came out of the blue but I thought "Hey this seems like something original- maybe?" Also just something to pass the time when doing the Yin and Jin r...
War For Your Heart (Red Son x Reader) by tea_beehive
War For Your Heart (Red Son x Aries
Y/N is a close friend of MK, and decides one night to go hang out with him and Mei. What they didn't expect, was to find out that a potential enemy...maybe even friend...
Mating Season  (Wukong x Reader) (Macaque x Reader)  Fanfiction  by mentTee
Mating Season (Wukong x Reader) ( Aiyannah
(It's my first story so please don't judge.) It's a fanfiction storey's there both bast on mating season one on the six eared macaque and Sun Wukong. PS: I LOVE BOTH OF...
"My Own Stupid Loverboy." || Shadowpeach, Shadowpeaches by tangmybeloved
"My Own Stupid Loverboy." || tangmybeloved
macaque (the emo /j), travels far from home, in hopes of finally getting a friend. but oh does that bring bad luck .. but in the end, it turns out... (this is a whole li...
The New Master of Spinjitzu [Elemental Ninja Male Reader X Ninjago] by stevethealbino
The New Master of Spinjitzu [ stevethealbino
We all know the tale of the group of Ninja, the Masters of Spinjitzu, who protect the world of Ninjago from Skeletons, Serpentine, and the evil Lord Garmadon. Together t...
{A sight to behold} (LMK x Oc) (Redson x Oc) by zeezee0-0
{A sight to behold} (LMK x Oc) ( Zeezee
Ying is just any ordinary girl or so she thought...? Taking care of herself and her friends MK,Mei,Pigsy and Tang just like any best friend would. But this day was just...
Twilight In Agrabah by gothemocat
Twilight In Agrabahby gothemocat
COMPLETED Yes, this is a story of you and Sun Wukong in an Aladdin AU. There are too many edits of that monkey with that soundtrack so I needed to make it a reality. Ju...
'I found you!' [ Lloyd x reader ] Ninjago red string Au. by actuallyabiscuit0602
'I found you!' [ Lloyd x reader ] Actually A Biscuit
Everyone is born with a red string attached to their finger that links them to their soulmate once you meet it disappears. As a children you and your soulmate learnt Mor...
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Familiar Tales, New Adventures by mewterra1316
Familiar Tales, New Adventuresby Megan Mckenzie
"Hey kid, are you ok? Whats with your hands?" ~~~~~~~~~ "What wrong peasant, never seen a demon before? Actually, what even are you?! You give off the aur...
!!MONKIE KID ONESHOTS!! by Lettucecat99
!!MONKIE KID ONESHOTS!!by ^_Kas_Cali_^
Oneshots for the Series MONKIE KID
The Temple Helper (Male Reader x Ninjago) by Popsum649
The Temple Helper (Male Reader x Popsum649
Helper: A relatively unskilled individual who assists a skilled individual usually by manual labor. That would certainly describe my family's history well, as we quite l...
Lego Monkie Kid: The Spirited Eight by perky103
Lego Monkie Kid: The Spirited Eightby perky103
After defeating the Lady Bone demon alongside M.K and his friends, Wukong decides to go and visits the one person that he hasn't seen in a long time...his wife! During h...
Ninjago Oneshots, Headcanons, and Other Ninjago Nonsense (Taking Requests) by VaNayNay1
Ninjago Oneshots, Headcanons, Nicole Charger
(Requests Open) A collection of my Oneshots, Theories, Headcanons, and everything else Ninjago related.
Two Kings by ForeveranEnigma
Two Kingsby ForeveranEnigma
"The hero and the warrior were like the Sun and the Moon. Their light, a protective glow, shining upon the world. Together, there was nothing that could stop the tw...
/:/Golden Flower/:/ Lmk Fanfiction by dragonshardtales101
/:/Golden Flower/:/ Lmk Fanfictionby Bodhi-Senpai
Most group of friends have trios, like two boys and one girl. So what if Wukong and Macaque had another friend. Another that just wanted to break the chains from her res...
One bowl of Spicy Noodles by RoxyRay28
One bowl of Spicy Noodlesby RoxyRay28
It's a fluffy SpicyNoodleshipping fic! Yes, it's Red Son x MK. I'll be posting it to AO3 so more people can enjoy it soon! Cover made by colesmonkies on instagram at. ht...
1:11 by ThatNinjagoWriter
1:11by 𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖝
❝lloyd garmadon sent you a friend request❞ 「 accept 」 「 decline 」 in which lloyd messages y/n everyday at 1:11 ✓ lowercase intended ✓ lloyd montgome...
I think I luv you!?! (Spicynoodles lmk)  by Tobbyyyyy_King
I think I luv you!?! ( Toby_King
Hii :] So I have never written things outside of school work so is prob gonna be bad.....but i don't care >:0 This is happening like after spider queen is defeated a...
Ninjago: Ninja Life by RockinNinjaJay
Ninjago: Ninja Lifeby RockinNinjaJay
Join our six favourite Ninja as they go throughout their lives as Ninja and High School students, they must face down Lord Garmadon who is their green leaders father! Wh...
ninjago smut but its just kai by devil-fish
ninjago smut but its just kaiby mentally tormented bastard
y'all already know - Greenflamers Please Fuck Off this is not for you !!!!! - I'm part of the small section of the smut community that can use proper grammar ;) - This w...