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Road To You - MEWGULF AU (COMPLETE) by lemonjunkxx
Gulf Kanawut has been in love with his best friend, Mew Suppasit, since they were in high school. Sadly, Mew has a long time girlfriend and he told him that he is planni...
From Something To Everything (Bounprem)  by Mystical_twilight
From Something To Everything ( Scarlett Jewel
Some times things that are meant to be ours calls out to us, attracts us towards it till we end up owning it one day. Boun and Prem were attracted to each other from th...
He Doesn't Treat You Right (UNEDITED)(W.I.P) by KittyCanary
He Doesn't Treat You Right ( Kitty Canary
Type always uses his fists 👊 when riled up. Most of the time Tharn is on the receiving end of it. There is a limit #HittingIsntLove ------- P.S. Grammar and English...
The Bully. by bluewayda
The Sugarybitch
Win Metawin was the schools bad boy and bully. Bright Vachirawit, who was the introvert type, was the main victim to Win Metawins bullying. What happens when Bright f...
I do! (BrightWin) by NovemberXrayOscar
I do! (BrightWin)by Shriiii
Bright has always been a obedient child. He is a hardworking person, who invests all his time time to make his dad proud. He wants to gain his dad's trust, he wants to s...
Caged Slave (MewGulf AU) by Sun_Flower_Waanjai
Caged Slave (MewGulf AU)by Rain
COMPLETED Gulf Kanawut is a devoted secretary, performing above and beyond the call of duty. Way beyond the call of duty. Yes, Gulf has fallen into that time-honored tra...
FANFICTION When it just happens by Zuzoe80
FANFICTION When it just happensby Zahra Botorabi
Max and Nat have been series partners for three years. Although they haven't had any leading roles in their series so far, their chemistry charms fans worldwide. Nong N...
Taboo(Kim/Vegas) by Red-Chip
Taboo(Kim/Vegas)by Lavender Haze
Kim and Vegas ,two psychopaths fall in love in between their chaotic mafia life. Main couple - KimVegas Side couple - Jossluke, kinn Porsche,Macauchay,khunpete. This wor...
A secret we have to keep (Omegaverse) by kokongyo123
A secret we have to keep ( Kokong
Set during the first Sotus series. Kongpob and Arthit have been fated mates and married years before Kongpob's first day at SSU. The couple has a young daughter together...
Broken Heart  by Jelly_Charming12
Broken Heart by Mia
Ohm Pawat the handsome, rich, rude, cold mafia leader forcefully gets married to the Handsome, cute, adorable Nanon Korapat. Nanon lost his parents at young age, his unc...
𝙃𝙚𝙖𝙧𝙩 𝙤𝙛 𝘿𝙖𝙧𝙠𝙣𝙚𝙨𝙨 // ꜱᴀʀᴀᴡᴀᴛ  ✕ ᴛɪɴᴇ by ai_hateu_snakeu
𝙃𝙚𝙖𝙧𝙩 𝙤𝙛 𝘿𝙖𝙧𝙠𝙣𝙚𝙨𝙨 🐍 for Hobi
⚠️ 18+: Mature themes, sexual content and mature language⚠️ Tine works at a brothel, as a stock boy. However one day.. he is asked a bizarre request by his by the brothe...
Mafiosa | vegaspete by -etxereal
Mafiosa | vegaspeteby ―misa.
→pete a secretary/head bodyguard, works for vegas the ceo/mafia but the world is oblivious that they are already married. ©-etxereal 2023
Photograph||BrightWin  by jkookfics
Photograph||BrightWin by jkookfics
Bright loves to take pictures but never shows them to his best friend, Win. #3 brightwin (29/09/20) #1 brightvachirawit (04/10/20) #7 2gether (6/10/20)
Target (Still 2gether AU) (Completed) by lightlessboy
Target (Still 2gether AU) ( Darknessboy
Guntithanon, a name that could make everyone in Bangkok shiver like a leaf. Sarawat's grandfather and boss of the family will die soon and everyone cannot help but think...
"Sotus The Series" Fan Fiction - Part 1 by uner90
"Sotus The Series" Fan Fiction - uner90
Very much in tune with the original story from the series, SOTUS. Just added a few thoughts of my own of what the characters were thinking and some parts that were left...
TOXIC NO MORE by Aleja13051
TOXIC NO MOREby Aleja13051
Vee, it hurts to be with you, what hurts me the most is that you just play with me, with my feelings. You get upset and jealous when someone approaches me but I ha...
1438 | MewGulf ✔ by call_me_avi
1438 | MewGulf ✔by Avi
Even married couple have arguments and fights. Mew and Gulf are not an exception! |Short story| The story is a boyxboy story meaning this is a same sex relationship so i...
A Single Reason Why. by words_and_fantasies
A Single Reason Sharif Ahmed
Prapai×Sky When Sky was attacked but Prapai choose to leave, believing he cheated on him
Running Away With The Nemesis' Baby (ZeeNunew AU) by Sun_Flower_Waanjai
Running Away With The Nemesis' Rain
ONGOING He runs and he chases, he can't get away. The Omega slept with his nemesis Alpha and then ran away, only to find out soon after that he was pregnant. It was pure...
6 Years After • Completed by raisinggays
6 Years After • Completedby singto's bitch
3 years in their relationship, Arthit left Kongpob with no apparent reason. 6 years after, with Kongpob ready to settle down with his girlfriend, he receives a future l...