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Twelve Little Brothers by Scarlet-Periwinkle
Twelve Little Brothersby Just Me ♥
"I love my new family, trust me. But you're having another one?!" Kim Minseo. Her Mother was married to an abusive drunk and was the sister of Choi Seungcheol...
In love with a gangster | SVT Yoon Jeonghan by KRE1D3PR1NZ
In love with a gangster | SVT Yoon...by ♡
"So this is what they call love at first sight" You move in a town with not much people and you don't know why, when you found out there was a gang that was k...
Quiet Romance || Xu Minghao by xutaytay
Quiet Romance || Xu Minghaoby XuTayTay
Taylor just got her heart broken and decided to move to Korea to live with her best friend. She didn't know that her best friend is working with one of the biggest boy...
Chance || DK  by xutaytay
Chance || DK by XuTayTay
A drunk night might have bring something good into DK life. Sunhee it's a girl with a big personality and big dreams , she just needs someone to share with. Will they b...
Bet on Me by xutaytay
Bet on Meby XuTayTay
Ari is a typical quiet girl, only focusing on her studies after a boy plays with her. After that, no boy has been capable of getting near her. One day, one of the popul...
I Wish // Yoon Jeonghan FF by KnowReignJane
I Wish // Yoon Jeonghan FFby KnowReignJane
This is a story about the girl who is secretly married to a member of a famous Kpop boygroup called, SEVENTEEN.
our princess | svt ✔️ by c4ilyy
our princess | svt ✔️by 💟
" Let us please, The First Princess of Korea.." - 2020 under editing process . . .
Mr. Ex by uwayabee
Mr. Exby uwayabee
Working with a famous idol group is probably every fan's dream job. Except when you find out one of the members turns out to be your ex-boyfriend from years ago. The one...
Draw My Heart || Dino by xutaytay
Draw My Heart || Dinoby XuTayTay
Dino has finally found a girl that he's interested in, his members are all in but... Hayun is healing from a past relationship and isn't trying to find love. Will Dino...
My Protector (Seventeen JunHao) by Canadian_Kpop
My Protector (Seventeen JunHao)by ♢ Julia ♢
After an accident that causes The8 a lot of problems, Jun becomes very protective of him. After awhile, The8 starts to question why Jun is acting this way. What happens...
The Devil's Deal ✔️ by taejunbubs
The Devil's Deal ✔️by taejunbubs
A stranger have your lace underwear... nah even worst, he saw you in naked... ⚠️ Caution ⚠️ : This story contains 18+, sexuality, harsh words, please read at your own r...
SEVENTEEN imagines/oneshots, reactions, mtl, drabbles, and others are all here in English. I strictly do not write any smut, only lime (make out sessions), fluff, angst...
Destined to You by LIGHT__SHADOW
Destined to Youby LIGHT__SHADOW
IDOL SERIES #1 SEVENTEEN or SVT is a well-rounded self-producing idol and famous group. LOVE is a rookie girl group who recently debuted and gained popularity because of...
SVT BOYXBOY IMAGINES by vernonslotion
Seventeen one-shots; imagines HIGHEST RANKING: #1 seventeenoneshots
Cinderhao (Junhao Story) by ahlovejoshua
Cinderhao (Junhao Story)by rere
Minghao's mother passed of cancer so his dad remarried to someone who was two-faced. He then had one step-sister and one step-brother who treated him like trash. The Pri...
Uninvited Trouble (Seventeen Mafia FF) by DoieBunnyz
Uninvited Trouble (Seventeen Mafia...by ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
。+.。゚:;。+゚+。::゚。:.゚。+。。+.。゚:;。+゚+。::゚。:.゚。+。 The enemy of our enemy is our friend. The friend of our enemy is not to be trusted Or maybe there can be exceptions 。+.。゚:;。...
[ Asexuality ] by _Carat_World
[ Asexuality ]by Thanks_Carat
Chan is a boy who has no sexual desire for his boyfriend... His boyfriend soon abandons him and starts gossiping about him... Chan, who was surrounded by friends, finds...
Tally Marks- soulmate au by CelestialAquarian
Tally Marks- soulmate auby .
Everyone lives a normal life till the age of 18. After that, you stop aging. You only gain the ability to age again once you've found your soulmate. Wen Junhui was b...
Lost & Found || Jeonghan  by xutaytay
Lost & Found || Jeonghan by XuTayTay
An unexpected encounter in Paris with a girl that caught his attention but.... Turns out she works at HYBE and doesn't remember Jeonghan. How's that possible? Their re...
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Arranged || Dino ff by strawberry_moondust
Arranged || Dino ffby strawberry_moondust
They got engaged for the sake of business. As they slowly as they got to know each other over time, their relationship bloomed from a business-based arrangement into a g...