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Be My Soulmate? | Wanda Maximoff x Reader by Mrs--Marvel
Be My Soulmate? | Wanda Maximoff That_One_Fangirl
You had known the Maximoff Twins since you signed up to do the experiments to help Sokovia. You also lived in a world where soulmates existed. The only problem was that...
Finding Her by acosmiccollision
Finding Herby acosmiccollision
Book One At the age of twenty five, the Mafia would be handed down to Valerius Armani from his father. Knowing what is soon to come.. he knows he has to finally admit hi...
Opposites Attract | Oliver Wood ✔ by pearlxxndrea
Opposites Attract | Oliver Wood ✔by - ` pearl `-
What it's like to love someone completely different. ... They tell you: "Don't go with the wrong mix." In potions, a rule exists that if two incompatible ingre...
Dear Cheating Husband, |✔️ by Strawberry_Queen_13
Dear Cheating Husband, |✔️by Lillyyyy
• Book 1 of the Cheating Husband Series • Audrey Moretti a married woman with a son and a baby on the way and a rich life style anyone would die for finds out her 'p...
A Witch Thing | Jasper Hale x Reader by Mrs--Marvel
A Witch Thing | Jasper Hale x That_One_Fangirl
What if witches existed and no one even knew? And what if a witch finds her One, who just so happens to be one of nature's biggest regrets? This is the first installment...
Zuko's Betrothed by Scriptwriter___
Zuko's Betrothedby ScriptWriter___
From a young age Honna had been betrothed to the Fire Nation prince. She was taught etiquette and how to be a queen from the moment Zuko and her were betrothed at the yo...
Epeolatry - ✔️ by b-irdie
Epeolatry - ✔️by b-irdie
Athene Atkinson had never been one to step into the limelight. She was quite content to sit in her little bookshop in Diagon Alley day in and day out without interruptio...
Forced Marriage To The Billionaire (Book 1) by YourPsychodreams
Forced Marriage To The Edna Bruce
[SLOWBURN SERIES BOOK 1] ~ "I need you to get the hell out of my presence!" Lorena screamed, her whole body trembling with rage. Makris chuckled. "You swe...
A Feudal Love [Koga X OC] Book 1 by CJ0340
A Feudal Love [Koga X OC] Book 1by CJ
"Happy birthday Kagome!" Hikari Okami was always interested in wolves since a young age. Little did she know she was partially one herself! What will happen wh...
THE GREAT WAR ( aaron warner ) by DeadBread26
THE GREAT WAR ( aaron warner )by heehee
"We will never go back to that Bloodshed, crimson clover Uh-huh, the worst was over My hand was the one you reached for All throughout the...
Billy x Stu x Reader (Book 1!) by Fandomofsimps
Billy x Stu x Reader (Book 1!)by Fandomofsimps
This series will take place in all of the Scream movies. This is book 1 and obviously takes place in 1996 where it all begins. The Reader is female! Sorry. Enjoy Scream...
The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw (George Weasley Love Story) by tooldtobehere
The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw ( erin
"The world was too loud. It had always been this way and was the first thought Lyra could ever remember having." Lyra Stone was a quiet girl, one who most peop...
Gothic Masquerade by 4maranthin3
Gothic Masqueradeby elysianamarantine
Valeria Isolde Vivienne Cordova, an original vampire from the 1600s, cleverly tricked her world into believing she had perished under a witch's curse. In reality, she es...
Draikan: The World of Dragons by sweet_Buttercup17
Draikan: The World of Dragonsby sweet_Buttercup17
"Women are sacred. And because they are so, men fight over them. Only the strongest are worthy to mate with." ~***~ Kaida Woods, a modern day woman, had someho...
Just Friends (Book 1) by areal_16
Just Friends (Book 1)by Amanda Michelle
"It's way too early for a lover's quarrel," Lacy mumbles as she approaches us with her sunglasses and coffee. She rests her head on my shoulder. "We're no...
Secrets... [Akabane Karma X OC] Book 1 by CJ0340
Secrets... [Akabane Karma X OC] CJ
Everyone has a secret or two. So does a girl named Kenda Kai, but her secrets are different than the average secret. Firstly, her new teacher is the octopus who blew up...
Secret Child by straight4zade
Secret Childby straight4zade
Book 3: The East Series Jada Brewster was kept a secret from her father's family David Brewster. She's been bouncing from one foster home to the next. Till one day she g...
Rogue and Alpha by alandra_01
Rogue and Alphaby Alandra
Lex is a rogue wolf by birth and her parents left her when she was fourteen in the capeable hands of one of her fathers friends. But he was killed when a pack looking fo...
  𝐼 𝐻𝐸𝒜𝑅 𝒴𝒪𝒰                         |AVATAR X READER| by Ms-Cosmoz
You are a leader of an ancient clan that's been hidden in the cave over 1,000 years, due to your clan having different skin color pigment and Eye colors, having the fear...
Of Beast and Beauty (Complete) by KrisBlack
Of Beast and Beauty (Complete)by KrisBlack
Alina is sold by her destitute father to a man he calls a monster. Unbelieving, she follows his directions to an enchanted castle where she soon finds out that there is...