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Under the Radar // Devin Booker by imimani
Under the Radar // Devin Bookerby imimani
Nimali Persad liked to view the world from the outside in. She tended to stay to herself for the most part aside from a few of her closest friends. She is awarded a full...
hoop dreams | nba imagines by taylerr02
hoop dreams | nba imaginesby Tayler :))
nba/ncaa imagines imagines to fulfill your personal desires of the finest basketball players :)) Cover: @kingsmaria
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highschool drama ( Completed ) by fanfics123gurl
highschool drama ( Completed )by fanfics123gurl
the gang leaves home for highschool to live in dorms . what happens if two people fall in love but some people.get in the way how will the couple get thru the hard times
Unexpected Love (Nia and Tess// Raven's home) by StoryInsideMyMind
Unexpected Love (Nia and Tess// Im a Daydreamer
Nia is crushing on that Miles guy. But does she knows that her best friend, Tess, is falling in love with her.
Pre-wrap and Tape//Kelly Oubre Jr by KLHFave
Pre-wrap and Tape//Kelly Oubre Jrby Kara💕
"It all started with pre-wrap and tape."
Devin Booker Imagines (COMPLETED) by twincitycc
Devin Booker Imagines (COMPLETED)by Miya 🧚🏾
Devin Booker imagines by yours truly...
The Great War,   J. Maybank by marsreputation
The Great War, J. Maybankby 𝑚𝑎𝑟.
my hand was the one you reached for. fem!oc / jj maybank OBX, seasons 1&2
Zee's Book of Imagines for the Sexually Frustrated by those2misfits
Zee's Book of Imagines for the Kayllani and Zee
Are you sexually frustrated? Can you not get that orgasm off because you cannot picture the perfect scenario? Are you thinking of someone hot and need a good fantasy? If...
The old guard one-shots by Lisedanie
The old guard one-shotsby Lisedanie
I have a TOG fan account on Instagram where I write one-shots on requests. I thought it would be a fun idea to put them on Wattpad as well, since there is little TOG con...
The Old Guard(Andy x oc) by _avorquemraa
The Old Guard(Andy x oc)by Marie Aguilar
One shots 🗡Request are open💬 (I don't own old guard.i only own Alexandra)
King of My Heart,   J. Routledge by marsreputation
King of My Heart, J. Routledgeby 𝑚𝑎𝑟.
you're all i want, i'll never let go. fem!oc / john b. routledge OBX, seasons 1&2
21 Jump Street Shorts by mermaidbyheart
21 Jump Street Shortsby mermaidbyheart
This is a collection of '21 Jump Street' oneshots/drabbles. These 'shorts' are anything and everything. They range from alternate beginnings/endings of episodes, differe...
I Like-Like You by shutupandfanfic
I Like-Like Youby ~mely~
Booker has a vision that Tess confesses her crush on a Baxter- but which one? | Everyone thinks Tess has a crush on Booker, but in reality, she's liked her best friend N...
NBA IMAGINES  ✧ CLOSED by trilogycurry
requests closed until further notice.
Chelsea's Secret  by Sophie17471
Chelsea's Secret by Sophie747
Chelsea has a secret lover. Who is it? What will everyone think? How will she tell anyone? I own the character honey but the others are from Disney Raven's Home Ps this...
Tess and Booker by lincolnmelcherlover
Tess and Bookerby Your Local Writer
You know when you love someone and want to spend the rest of your life with them? What if there was a slight chance that could happen, that would be great right? Nope! N...
Sticks and Stones (Mouth Imagines) by LOVESTODOODLE
Sticks and Stones (Mouth Imagines)by Ashley
Apparently that guy Mouth needs some appreciation around here so I'm going to give it to him! 🥰
A Ravens Home Story ( On Hold )  by fanfics123gurl
A Ravens Home Story ( On Hold ) by fanfics123gurl
When nia , tess , levi, and Booker move in a house together things turn upside down . come on the journey with the baxters and friends where its a lot of sex, partying...
The girl living in the ocean| A Bioshock fanfic by TwentyOneEndings
The girl living in the ocean| A WE ALL NEED GEESUS
Subject Zeta was a fifteen year old girl, living in a city called rapture. Although, this city was a run down, with buildings broken, water flowing through them, splice...