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Tbate: Starting Anew by TheSaltyOne3
Tbate: Starting Anewby TheSaltyOne
After the war no more than a handful of survivors remain in a destroyed world. After going back in time to where it began, can they prevent another tragedy and live a ha...
TBATE: Mirage  by jdinjz1
TBATE: Mirage by lagerz
I was chosen to be great. I was chosen to rise up in this world. For I was the child of prophecy. But I wasn't the only one a part of that said prophecy. Watch Liam as...
sunshine // joel miller by sxnshineharryx
sunshine // joel millerby mel
"You can do anything you want. Where are you going? What are you doing?" "I don't know." - The Last Of Us HBO Joel Miller x fem!oc Season 1 complete...
The Call to War by Azazel0886
The Call to Warby Azazel0886
It's been over two years since Summer Break, since Arthur's friends saw him leave to be trained by the Asura. With an Alacryan fleet approaching to invade Dicathen, it's...
𝐎𝐖𝐍 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐒𝐓 𝐄𝐍𝐄𝐌𝐘. ❝I'd go to hell and back for you, Joel Miller. Don't you ever forget that.❞ In which Kathy Williams is determined to keep her niece safe du...
Tbate reacts??  by Ashiya_Triscan
Tbate reacts?? by Ashiya_Triscan
Do I even need to say anything? *NOTE* **-The story and characters used don't belong to me all credit to the original author. I am just using his work for entertainment...
PSY (Yandere S/R&C/JD Girls x Child) by Unidentified562
PSY (Yandere S/R&C/JD Girls x Chil...by Unidentified562
You are a very friendly 4-year-old boy that loves to play, cuddle fluffy and soft things burry yourself in said soft things like your mountain of stuffed animals, blanke...
Grey reaction by Weak_2101
Grey reactionby A7M
What if Tbate's characters teleport to a theater and discover unfamiliar people and a mysterious existence, only to discover that they will react to a young man named Gr...
All credits go author of The Beginning After The End Novel's TurtleMe. All pictures are not mine credits go to people making them. Main cast react to Artur life and powe...
WAYFARING STRANGER | joel miller by wckdtlou
WAYFARING STRANGER | joel millerby ➶ cindi➶
❝I'm just a poor, wayfaring stranger Traveling through this world of woes. ❞ ❝ WAYFARING STRANGER❞ in which a stranger with a very thick texan accent is hired to smuggl...
Kiss on my list (Joel Miller x reader) by thatoneguy052
Kiss on my list (Joel Miller x rea...by thatoneguy052
Y/n Rodriguez and Joel Miller had been friends since 4th grade when it came down to y/n and Joel's high school sweetheart, Joel chose his girlfriend.. leading to Joel an...
LOSE YOUR ILLUSION, the last of us ¹ by tommysmiller
LOSE YOUR ILLUSION, the last of us...by 𝖅𝖔𝖊
❝ let go of the illusion that it could have been any different... ❞ ( story by tommysmiller ) ( the last of us show x oc ) ...
Tbate reaction by Weak_2101
Tbate reactionby A7M
Reacting to arthur vs nico and cadell Completing where @Aryan0987654321 left his tbate react story English is not my first language so sorry for mistakes I do not own...
TBATE | The Fall of Alacrya by lasershock_
TBATE | The Fall of Alacryaby Lasershock
This is a Grey x Seris fanfic with King Grey reborn as an Alacryan...enjoy There isn't a clear update schedule...I will just post a new chapter whenever I feel like it l...
Selena Miller: Camp Rock Fanfiction ♪COMPLETED & Wattys2016♪ by Believe4Ever14
Selena Miller: Camp Rock Fanfictio...by Savanna
#20 in Wattys2016Fanfiction Selena Miller goes to a camp for Summer Break called Camp Rock. Her friend Mitchell is there, and Selena keeps Mitchy's secret safe, 'she's t...
The New Avenger by Supermaxywaxy
The New Avengerby Cheshire Cat
Natasha introduces her childhood friend, y/n to the rest of the avengers and when they see her powers they was her on the team. And the speedster fall in love.
❀ Disventure Camp Oneshots ❀ by Alis__Angel
❀ Disventure Camp Oneshots ❀by ✩Alis__Angel★
Some short stories of Disventure Camp! (Canon i think) The main ship is Jaiden, as my OTP if you have requests you can write in the first chapter <3
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Unexpected Love (Nia and Tess// Raven's home) by StoryInsideMyMind
Unexpected Love (Nia and Tess// Ra...by Im a Daydreamer
Nia is crushing on that Miles guy. But does she knows that her best friend, Tess, is in love with her.