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TBATE Duality by Delta7906
TBATE Dualityby Delta
So, here I am, I got reincarnated in tbate as Arthur Leywin's twin brother, Jade; one moment I'm in my office pulling through (another) all nighter, next thing I know I'...
true god in another world (tensura x tabte) by Tempest_king_20
true god in another world (tensura...by Tempest_king_20
After seeing her master slowly losing his feelings, Ciel proposes to her master to reincarnate in another world. A King Without Feelings With A God Without Feelings Will...
TBATE - Havaca Rises by -Havaca-
TBATE - Havaca Risesby Havaca
After becoming addicted to TBATE, Havaca wishes to join the world of magic, tradegy, and adventure. Follow Havaca on his journey as he tries to avoid all the mistake...
My Beginning After the End by Slowcky
My Beginning After the Endby Slowcky
(Could have spoilers from Light Novel) (Some things are changed for the purpose of the story) At the age of eight Luke was diagnosed with a heart disease. After being se...
A Swordsman's Oath by jhlnlul
A Swordsman's Oathby what
Honour, Knowledge, Power, and Motivation. Those were the things that fuelled him to do the things he had to do. After Vergil was killed by his brother, he was given a se...
Neglected | TBATE by Night_108
Neglected | TBATEby Night_108
MC is born as Arthur's twin brother, but is neglected by his parents who favor is talented twin. The Beginning After The End belongs to the author not me.
TBATE : Reborn Scientist  by Doy6328
TBATE : Reborn Scientist by Doy6328
Due to Agrona's negligence and the unpredictable nature of aether, a scientist's soul from Earth slipped into Dicathen without anyone's knowledge. Follow him on his jour...
Tbate | A clash between times | The beginning after the end by Ironswordsman
Tbate | A clash between times | Th...by Ironswordsman
Grey, Caera and Regis get sent to the past during Arthur's time at Xyrus academy, but Arthur is still there along with everyone else! This story takes place at the start...
TBATE - Any means necessary by KuuroS
TBATE - Any means necessaryby Kuuro
After Alea's death Arthur desires to protect everyone he cares for by any means necessary.
King of Monsters | tbate by Night_108
King of Monsters | tbateby Night_108
A boy who escaped hell gained the interest of a God and was reincarnated into the world of The Beginning After The End with a few wishes. I don't own tbate it belongs t...
Arthur's Will by utopicbell
Arthur's Willby suzri
what if sylvia's will was stronger for arthur and he unlocked more abilities at the start what would change
The Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light, the former Shadow Monarch and King of the Dead... Ashborn. He merely wanted serenity during his entire life and when he eventua...
Ayanokouji, once known as the Demon of the White Room, has been reincarnated and raised by modern Djinn. As he navigates this new life, Ayanokouji must find a balance be...
Never understand by lesbian_lover_2007
Never understandby Doesn’t_have_a_soul
i do not own any of these characters🛑 Arthur Leywin was described as a mature and bright but also very intimidating and scary at times. But what if Arthur wasn't what...
TBATE reactions by Ace0421
TBATE reactionsby Ace
Exactly what the name says. People from the tbate world will be reacting to events in their future timeline. I've seen other Authors do this as well, So I decided to giv...
What if Anos was in TBATE? by AverageTeenager1706
What if Anos was in TBATE?by 変人
Anos reincarnates into the world of The Beginning After The End, where the power system here is.. a little different from the one he was used to. He was always referred...
Grey reaction by Weak_2101
Grey reactionby A7M
What if Tbate's characters teleport to a theater and discover unfamiliar people and a mysterious existence, only to discover that they will react to a young man named Gr...
The chosen one has awakened. Once blinded by light, he decided to close his eyes and stay in darkness. He was in hypnosis, and after much anguish from following the dar...
TBATE - Fated To Rule Together by Amber_Degen_Simp
TBATE - Fated To Rule Togetherby Amber_Degen_Simp
Queen Julie, the person who stood beside King Grey. She was his beloved and he was hers. He was her world and she was his. Those happy moments ended the moment he died...