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Tbate | A clash between times | The beginning after the end by Ironswordsman
Tbate | A clash between times | Ironswordsman
Grey, Caera and Regis get sent to the past during Arthur's time at Xyrus academy, but Arthur is still there along with everyone else! This story takes place at the start...
TBATE - Knowledge is power by KuuroS
TBATE - Knowledge is powerby Kuuro
Arthur leywin a reincarnated being. Can he protect those he cares for and can he mend past relationships?
TBATE - Fated to Rule Together by Fahin4514
TBATE - Fated to Rule Togetherby
What if Arthur wasn't alone alone in his past life. What if he had someone by his side who he could trust with his life. What if he had his other half, someone who loved...
TBATE-More than a will by iXiLeF
TBATE-More than a willby F M
In this fanfiction Arthur gets more from Sylvia then just her will. How much will the changes help him? Can he get stronger than before? The Beginning after the End is f...
TBATE: Born as a god by fucku69696969
TBATE: Born as a godby egg
Arthur Leywin - A king, reincarnated into a child's body. He soon finds out, however, that the power of an asura courses through him. How will this change the course of...
TBATE:System by Mr_Diode
TBATE:Systemby Mr_Diode
After gaining the power of true gods Arthur fought Cecelia and in the end killed her but in that fight everything was destroyed and no one was left except Arthur. Arthur...
I'll Always Find You *TBATE x F!Reader [ArthurxReader] by ilobe_you
I'll Always Find You *TBATE x F! Seakitty
When two souls fall in love, theres nothing else but the yearning to be close to the other. Soulmates do not have Calendars or clocks, nor do they understand the notion...
Never understand by lesbian_lover_2007
Never understandby Space_Sniper440
i do not own any of these characters🛑 Arthur Leywin was described as a mature and bright but also very intimidating and scary at times. But what if Arthur wasn't what...
The perfect TBATE by harvier_
The perfect TBATEby Javier
Kiyotaka ayanokouji, the fourth generation demon and the perfect human. He went by many names, and some admired him while others despised him, but no one could deny his...
TBATE our sweet love story (HIATUS) by HighElf3
TBATE our sweet love story (HIATUS)by highelf3
What if Alcarya wasn't hostile but neutral and what if Asuras were neutral? What if Arthur gained his Asuran body from Sylvia and what if his relationship with Tess bega...
TBATE REACTS by divineL20
TBATE REACTSby divineL20
This is how Arthurs family, friends and others react to his life. All credits go to the author of The Beginning after the end Novel TURTLEME. This is my first fanfic so...
You not her.  Nicoxarthur by lesbian_lover_2007
You not her. Nicoxarthurby Space_Sniper440
Nico is in love with Grey he always have been now that he has his memories back after the attack on Xyrus he's nothing but flustered on what do. Will he tell Arthur who...
Counter Attack - A TBATE FanFic by Chunky18
Counter Attack - A TBATE FanFicby chunky
Arthur Leywin, surviving through many ordeals and achieving enough power to stand against the odds that crushed him and his loved ones before. Setting out to realize his...
TBATE - Ice Cold - by WrathfulBread
TBATE - Ice Cold -by Bread
Arthur, Regis, Sylvie, and Caera go back in time to change their fate. As they travel back in time Arthur is cursed by a god to become as cold as he was as King Grey. Ca...
The Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light, the former Shadow Monarch and King of the Dead... Ashborn. He merely wanted serenity during his entire life and when he eventua...
TBATE novel reaction by Cutiegizmoanime
TBATE novel reactionby Cutiegizmoanime
I haven't seen anyone do this so I hope you enjoy Grey, Kalon, Ada, Ezra, Riah and Caera are all teleported to a cinema where they are told by a mysterious person that t...
Plasma Butterfly~  by KawaiiRayy
Plasma Butterfly~ by Rayy Nohara
| Arthur x fem¡Reader | A bit different plot 👾 A crackfic 💀 It's still good tho~💕🔪
A new life by Daovenerable
A new lifeby Daovenerable
"What will you do now, Shadow Monarch" asked the envoy of the rulers "Travel" replied the only monarch left in existence A story in which Sung Jin-wo...
TBATE: Time Leap by Mr_Diode
TBATE: Time Leapby Mr_Diode
Ongoing. :) Note this is a Fanfic of The original tbate series . Arthur while exploring relictomb finds a strange portal and after entering the portal he finds a big ro...