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That time I failed as an Author and got reincarnated in Tensura by elite3532
That time I failed as an Author elite3532
Elite3532, an individual who can be considered as an icon among the Tensura fandom community failed in accomplishing my dream... As I regretted my choice in life, my eye...
Reincarnated as a Nymph ||TenSura|| by ladybird1864
Reincarnated as a Nymph ||TenSura||by Ladybird1864
(Reverse Harem: Souei, Benimaru, Veldora, Diablo, Guy Crimson, OC Male) Being reincarnated is rough. Being in charge of a whole ecosystem even more so. Having the attent...
The Slime and The Shade by SuperDarkGravity
The Slime and The Shadeby Dark
Shin Tanaka was just an ordinary teen, his family died when he was 6 years old and then he was sent to an orphanage. At the age of 16, Shin was now working as a successf...
Demon lords Voyage! (Tensura X OnePiece) by RenBowLTE
Demon lords Voyage! (Tensura X Chiharu
Milim who was a big fan of One Piece, decided ask rimuru to create the One Piece world and decided to go there with her fellow demon lords! How would octagram fit in in...
Our teacher is a Slime! by LunaUnderwood
Our teacher is a Slime!by LunaUnderwood
Our favorite and strongest slime finds himself in the world of super-powered heroes! Not really wanting to take on the role of a student, Rimuru takes the route of play...
The Psychopaths of Tensura by ElectroZGamerZ
The Psychopaths of Tensuraby ElectroZ GamerZ
A psychopath being sent to Tensura for the destruction of the world.
Dreadful Tempest by RenBowLTE
Dreadful Tempestby Chiharu
What if our beloved rimuru-sama visits the world of cultivation? the world where strength dictates everything!
Reincarnated as female Frieza by Alisiaxoxo1403
Reincarnated as female Friezaby A.T.
 just imagine being reincarnated as the female version of your favourite villain, and waking up in a fantasy world Just a random idea I had ;) I don't own frieza or tha...
So I'm A Divine Monster, So What? by GrayTs0
So I'm A Divine Monster, So What?by GrayTs
Sophie Sasaki was an ordinary high school student with dreams and aspirations before tragedy struck. One day, while sitting in her classroom with her classmates, a sudde...
Black Shadow | Souei by ThePurpleDragon
Black Shadow | Soueiby ThePurpleDragon
(Souei x OC) When Rimuru stumbled across Veldora for the first time in the cave, there was someone unexpected keeping Veldora company. A young, unnamed female ogre who w...
I Got Reincarnated In A Weird Crossover  by Thehollownight936
I Got Reincarnated In A Weird HollowKnight
??? is Reincarnated into a weird crossover as Harry's Twin sister This is a FanFiction I don't own anything
TTIGRAAS X Male Reader by runeightmiles
TTIGRAAS X Male Readerby runeightmiles
Your whole life you waited for a event to happen to you. You always thought the mediocrity Of life would fade once you died. The moment you start doubting it, Truck Kun...
Living In A Seemingly Familiar World With A Slime? (Dropped and Discounted) by AwayAnimal81
Living In A Seemingly Familiar Matsuri Schlaagen
A fifteen year old boy coming home from school goes through a series of specifically unfortunate events that lead to him dying within a matter of minutes. Granted "...
The Archbishop of the Jura Tempest Federation by filip1500
The Archbishop of the Jura Echidnabestgirl
After meeting your end, caused by an....."unfortunate accident" you reincarnate in one of your favorite animes. That time i got reincarnated as a slime. #1 in...
That Time I Got Reincarnated as Ghost Rider by MenacingR
That Time I Got Reincarnated as Menacing
A man dies and was reborn in a fantasy world. When he woke up he saw a blue slime next to him.
Y/N Slimey Adventure(Male Reader x Slime Datta Ken) by NEROSAMADA
Y/N Slimey Adventure(Male Reader Nero
Y/N got reincarneted in a new world! But nothing changed for him! What? That's not part of the deal WAI-!
If the master wishes it. It will be done. by Ondrusa19
If the master wishes it. It will Fafnir F3
Tensura x reader A wealthy businessman is completely overwhelmed with the work he had to do in his last couple of years. His company is very controversial which doesn't...
true god in another world (tensura x tabte) by Tempest_king_20
true god in another world ( Tempest_king_20
After seeing her master slowly losing his feelings, Ciel proposes to her master to reincarnate in another world. A King Without Feelings With A God Without Feelings Will...
The Reincarnated Shade by Black-On1
The Reincarnated Shadeby Black-On1
A young man is met with a sudden and unexpected death however that was not the end for him. Suddenly reincarnated into another world as Shade, the young man must navigat...
That time I got reincarnated as a slime,no, a DRAGON? by Azatoth14
That time I got reincarnated as --
This story follows the life of rimuru tempest but his past life will be different. After dying fighting for humanity 'Azatoth' perishes. When Azatoth believes that his l...