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Naruto: The 'Dead' Uchiha And The Deadlast Prodigy (Book 1) (Slow Updates) by Speedbird01
Naruto: The 'Dead' Uchiha And Speedbird01
Naruto Uzumaki, the 7th Hokage of Konohakagure, is a happily married man who has the perfect family with Hinata Hyuga. But that's not the case. He is so busy with his wo...
Boruto(The series boruto) x male uchiha reader by Weeb25678
Boruto(The series boruto) x male Weeb25678
This is a uchiha malereader story in thr Boruto timeline and this is thr first time i write a story so sorry for wrong grammars i don't own the boruto and naruto series...
Kawaki / Reader = You adopted Kawaki [One shots]: by KenziWhitt
Kawaki / Reader = You adopted KenziWhitt
Simple: You adopted Kawaki as a mother, and now you have to deal with him.
Veneno de Tres Dias by YuukoHolic
Veneno de Tres Diasby YuukoHolic
Sasuke sufre un ataque en el Bosque y Naruto debe ir a rescatarlo. ¿Que hará el Hokage cuando deba cuidar de su mejor amigo que ha sido envenenado con un extraño veneno?
iron heart / shinkixaraya by birb_boi
iron heart / shinkixarayaby birb_boi
Au! After kankuros death two of the sand siblings have been living in misery, especially his younger brother. Shinki can't bear with how helpless his father is from tim...
Boruto Naruto next generations child scenario by IHaveNoMotivationX
Boruto Naruto next generations A person
Yeah I suck at descriptions but in this you will be the child of the naruto characters but it takes place in the boruto time line, this was made because I thought about...
Mitsusara fanfics and art by RogueTemptress
Mitsusara fanfics and artby Mink Hozuki
I will be posting my fan art of mitsusara and will write some oneshots and mini stories.
Heaven's Adventure by Starlina_Luv
Heaven's Adventureby Mysterious_Spirit
Now that the peaceful times come, a new adventure begins... A mysterious girl appears upon Kohana's rebuilt village. The girl was brought to the 7th Hokage to be quest...
\\ Will you love me? // by lazybitch_chan
\\ Will you love me? //by lazybitch_chan
Asteria, a child who was showered with lots of love ever since she was born. But it all ended when it was defied by a "God" "I'M SORRY I- "YOU'RE A M...
jailbird-kakanaru by birb_boi
jailbird-kakanaruby birb_boi
Jail au. Some character personality might be different. Naruto, a silly guy, did a silly little crime.
The Colors Of Dawn | SARUTO PROLOGUE by banne_2003
The Colors Of Dawn | SARUTO B. Anne
As Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha count down the days till their wedding, they are suddenly summoned to Mount Myoboku. There learn of a prophecy that will define the f...
The Day After by KuriQuinn
The Day Afterby KuriQuinn
Is it weird that I'm getting used to interpreting 'Papa-Speak' after only one day?
Boruto Next Generations ((Alternate Story)) by NotAceMarshall
Boruto Next Generations (( NotAce Marshall
Witness the story of Boruto Next Generations! But in an Alternate Story the plot is different and will progress! Boruto still does have the mystery Dojutsu and everythin...
Surprises by KuriQuinn
Surprisesby KuriQuinn
There is something in Papa's eyes too as he studies her, something like surprise. That makes no sense to her, because obviously he knew either she or Mama would open the...
Boruto: Naruto The Last Generation by Daniel_the_writer
Boruto: Naruto The Last Generationby aidan_the_writer
100 years after Boruto defeated Kawaki and the village has been rebuilt, it is now the Era of the 12th Hokage and a new batch of Ninja are being trained at the Ninja aca...
Are You Afraid of the Dark- or Your Feelings? by Kaminarimonster
Are You Afraid of the Dark- or
All Denki wanted was to have a fun Halloween night. Being ignored by Iwabe spoils it all.
Voici mon oncle Neji! by melodysmiles1
Voici mon oncle Neji!by yurt
Neji Hyuuga was cleaning the library in the Main Branch house when suddenly, he feels a hand drag him through a portal. Now his cousin is in her 30s and there is an ann...
The Stars That Connect The Sun and The Moon by TailedBeastLover
The Stars That Connect The Sun @ me next time
It started out small. A fleck. It was hardly noticeable, and the only reason Mitsuki was aware of it at all was because his own skin was so pale and, admittedly, flawles...
List of my favourite Anime and Game Crushes by Beyblade_Burst_Gal
List of my favourite Anime and 👺Kanjiro🗡
Just a bunch of my anime/game crushes and their info! All rights of the characters belong to their creators! I also do not own any of the pictures used!
Baton Road by melodysmiles1
Baton Roadby yurt
Ichigo Inoue is many things. An Academy student who transferred from Suna, an average kunoichi, a naturally resourceful girl and one with many secrets. Staying in Konoh...