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Jehan Writes Poetry by usernamedotexee
Jehan Writes Poetryby names are hard
mostly sad poems about character deaths---- from les miserables *READ THE BOOK FIRST!* DO NOT READ THIS WITHOUT HAVING READ/WATCHED LES MIS no valvert ew no no noncanon...
Liberté, Égalité, Felicité by WifeOfEnjolras
Liberté, Égalité, Felicitéby GryffindorPadmeEnjolras
Felicité Pontmercy is Marius Pontmercy's younger sister by one year. Marius has become gradually more and more distant, sneaking out of the house multiple times without...
Little Lily by WifeOfEnjolras
Little Lilyby GryffindorPadmeEnjolras
Little Lily - Feuilly's daughter in all but blood - Tip, Ariana, and Lexis' sister biologically (Tip and Lexis lovingly) - Kay's daughter figure - Courf and AJ's adopted...
Les Miserables 2: The Untold Story by WifeOfEnjolras
Les Miserables 2: The Untold Storyby GryffindorPadmeEnjolras
Basically all of the Les Amis who died are in Heaven along with @Grantairecourfeyracx and me. What happens in their lives? Could some of them find love? Could they recov...
The Musain Academy by WifeofCourfeyrac
The Musain Academyby AJ
The Musain Academy. The best school in France. But when Elena Grantaire comes in her final year, everything goes off target. Her older sister is deadly sick. Her older...